4 Perfect Places To Meet Your Perfect Someone in College

by Liping Huang

1. Clubs

You love salsa dancing. You’re passionate about The Walking Dead. You can’t live without a daily dose of volleyball…

So join a club you’re absolutely passionate about. 

Inside, there’s an instant pool of people who already have something in common with you. Like Tinder (without the exclusive superficiality).

Don’t like the guy that smells a little too much like the cafeteria nacho cheese? Sidestep, spin and turn to the left.

Now you’re learning to dance and doing the Tinder equivalent of swiping a finger. Keep doing that until you find the perfect someone.

Maybe that perfect someone is rockin’ salsa dancing physique. Or someone who will debate season finale endings of TWD with you over a latte. Or maybe even someone who will play pick up volleyball with you after you bomb an exam.

Join a club…actually join 5! Try to spread your reach! There’s nothing wrong with having too many crushes.


Depending on the club you’re in, you should have a clear list of questions to ask your future love. Salsa dancing club? Ask what’s his/her favorite move. Volleyball club? Ask future bae to teach you his/her signature move…as a matter of fact, always ask for advice. It makes people feel good about their knowledge 🙂

2. Cafeteria

You can tell a lot about someone based on what types of food they eat. Line up at the dining center and check out what that future bae is eating without seeming creepy.

  • Cereal and pasta with some chocolate cake? Sounds like this person has commitment issues.
  • Fried chicken wings with a salad and iced tea? This person knows how to balance work and play.
  • Salad without dressing or croutons, and water? Beware of the party pooper.

There’s a perfect somebody for everybody on your campus.

And once you find someone you fancy, you’ll have an idea about where you guys should go for the first date.


Try to compliment your future love’s food choices, or ask what they recommend. They’d be more than glad to share their love of chicken tenders. Then try to casually see if you can sit with him/her. Ideally, you should only ask if it looks like future bae is going to be sitting alone.

3. Dorms

They’re living in the same building as you. Chances are, like in all the romantic comedies, they might have been there all along.

Living with someone forces you to become closer, or the opposite. It makes you hate every single thing about that person. Hopefully with the former, it will really bring you closer to the person you like.

Passed by your future soulmate while walking to the bathroom? Say something nice, but try to keep off mentioning anything about your bowels. Having an intense rivalry with your roommate? If you’re lucky, your crush might also think your roommate is irritating. This will be an awesome conversation topic.


Co-ed bathrooms are usually more terrifying than classes that don’t curve your grades. It’s an awesome conversation starter.

Got a super cool way to carry your bathroom kit? Sharing is caring. Share this information with others…and if you’re feeling really awesome, get an extra set for your future love on Amazon (free delivery right?!).

4. Library

The library is the perfect place to scout for your future love. You don’t want someone who is only in college just to party, but you also don’t want someone who’s in college just to study.

Try to have a scouting mission to check out potential baes. Who’s ALWAYS in the library? Who’s ALWAYS in the library SLEEPING?

You want to get rid of these two extremes and find the perfect someone who has a nice balance of an A-student with a little bit of that D-student party side.


Sit next to your crush and study for a bit. Then politely ask if he or she can look after your stuff while you “go get a snack.”

This will help break the ice and once you come back from your fake (or real) snack trip, you can start a light conversation about what classes they’re studying for, and share your food with them.

But of course, try not to be too distracting. At the end, try to close the deal and ask if they want to be study buddies. You might want to delay closing the “deal” until after 2 or 3 more encounters.

5. StudySoup

Thousands of top students are using StudySoup to post & find their notes daily. Maybe you can find the perfect (nerdy) friend right here…let us know if you do!

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