6 Awesome Summer Jobs for College Students

Summer is right around the corner, and we know that you’re thinking about your future – so we’ve put together a list of 6 awesome summer jobs that you can do this summer!

We’ve broken our list into three main sections:

Money: The amount of money you could make throughout the summer.

Effort: This is a factor of time, and work that you have to put-in for this job.

Long-term payoff: The question we will answer with this category is: “How’s this going to look on your resume to future employers?”

So without further ado, here are the coolest 6 jobs you can have this summer:

1. Learn to Lifeguard

Everyone’s at the pool during the summer anyways, so why not get paid to hangout there as well? You will need to get your First Aid and CPR certification to do this job, but there’s a good chance that the lifeguarding office will pay you to take these classes. Being a lifeguard shows that you are responsible, and a diligent worker to future employers. So check-in with your college campus pool, and kick-off a summer by the pool.

Money: $2,000-4,000

Effort: Low

Long-Term Payoff: B

2. Become a Server

We all love food right? If you can land a job as a server for the summer, then you will be on your way to summer days that are full of hard work and good pay. If you have no previous experience then most restaurants will start you off as a bus-boy/girl or perhaps a host/hostess. The trick here is not to just apply online; Take time out of your day to walk into the restaurant with your resume, and speak with the manager to express your interest in the position. They get a TON of resumes online, and you will definitely stand-out if you show up at their door.

Most employers love to hire people who have serving experience. It shows that you have a great attitude, and can provide quality customer service to anybody!

Money: $3,000-5,000

Effort: High

Long-Term Payoff: B+


3. Get an Internship

This is a sure way of positioning yourself for future employment at a company, especially if you already know what you love to do. Companies love to work with college interns! If you’re looking for opportunities, then check-out YouTern. They make it their business to ensure quality internships for your summer.

Big companies can offer cool training opportunities, and a good pay, but you’ll find that the work can be a bit boring. Start-ups on the other hand require you to wear a lot of hats, and work hard while learning a ton. Each one has their benefits for your future.

Money: $2,000+

Effort: Medium to High

Long-Term Payoff: A

4. Be Your Own Boss

Start your company, and make some money! Easier said than done right? Our advice is to take some small steps in entrepreneurship this summer. Other companies give you the opportunity to run your own shop, or sell your own materials online to make money. This is highly entrepreneurial and doesn’t require you to start an entire business from scratch.

For example, you can sell jewelry or other things that you make on the Etsy.com, or buy and re-sell goods to make a living.

Better yet, you can become a StudySoup.com Elite Notetaker and make $300-500 per class if you’re in summer school! Employers are going to love to hear how you were entrepreneurial with your mini-business and it will make for great stories of success and failure.

Money: $300-10,000

Effort: Up to You

Long-Term Payoff: A+

5. A Guide in…Anything

Be a tour guide for your city, or campus. Or, better yet, become a rafting or adventure summer guide. You will get to spend a lot of time outdoors, doing an activity that you love. Employers will see that you are both responsible, and likely to have a great attitude with customers.

Money: $1,000-3,000

Effort: Medium

Long-Term Payoff: A-

6. Intern for a Politician in DC

Your country needs your help! Every summer thousands of college interns flock to Washington DC to help Senators, Congressmen and more. You likely won’t get paid, and your labor will be fairly menial – but it looks great on your resume, and you’ll get to hangout with hundreds of other interns in a really cool city.

Money: $0

Effort: Medium

Long-Term Payoff: A-


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