How to Become a Youtube Star

This week we interviewed Gabby, better known as Makeupwarrior1 to her Youtube fans. She has over 4,300 fans on Youtube, and some of her video have seen over 50,000 views. WOW!! We wanted to know “How do you become a Youtube star?” and “How can we take awesome notes (and hair) like her!” Hi there! My name is Gabby, I’m currently a Junior in college studying Human Biology. I enjoy playing Lacrosse, hanging out with my friends and going to get frozen yogurt, watching YouTube videos, and collecting makeup. So if you like any of those things, then we could be friends!

So Gabby, your Youtube channel has a TON of followers. How did you get started? How did you build such a HUGE following? Do you have any advice for people who want to start their own Youtube Channel?

At first I started making videos that were more beauty related because I have always had an interest in makeup and what new products to try. I then decided to upload a video about college just for the heck of it and I realized I also enjoy talking about school and studying. So ever since then I make videos teaching other students how I study for certain classes and occasionally I will still upload makeup related videos. I think people do recognize that I want to help others with studying and they appreciate the extra push I give them to start working harder in school. My advice to those who want to make YouTube videos is to be yourself. I think people respond the best when they see people being genuine and enjoying themselves. So make videos about things you love and discuss about what inspires you.

What do you want to do when you graduate? How do your studies support that? How does running a Youtube channel help with that?

I plan on attending med school (if I get in of course) and become a dermatologist. Since I am majoring in human biology I think its the perfect major to reflect a field in medicine. I’m not sure how having a YouTube channel supports my future career goals haha. My channel is more of a hobby for me to ironically escape school work and the stress that comes along with it and connect with people to see how we can better improve ourselves and see if I can help others with any advice I have. I really do enjoy helping others to the best of my ability and my YouTube channel has provided me with that opportunity.

Can you walk us through the preparation and execution of creating a video? 

First it starts with an idea. The idea for a video either comes from my personal experiences or a request that I’ve received and that I can connect with. Then I plan out what I want to talk about in my video and see if I can add any visuals to help enhance the learning experience. Then I turn on the camera and thats where the magic happens. Editing the video is probably what takes the most time and patience.

Why do you decide to talk about StudySoup in your video?

I think StudySoup is a great idea because its a place where students can find the help they need in their specific classes since the website is sectioned by college, which makes it so convenient. In addition, the notes are coming from a students perspective which can be useful because students can explain subjects in a way that a student can understand instead of a professor who has so much knowledge that sometimes they assume you already know things that you don’t. I also enjoy the fact that students are able to make money from their notes. So they are both studying and earning money at the same time which is great… I mean who wouldn’t love making money off of work that they are already doing!

What advice do you have for college students?

To not lose your motivation. Being motivated will get you through anything you want to accomplish. For many college students our grades are very important and sometimes we get a bad grade that brings our spirits down and causes us to give up hope of doing better. Learn from your mistakes and let it encourage you to do better in your next opportunity. Don’t lose track of your goals and with hard work and your motivation you can accomplish anything you want.


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