My Lab Partner Won a Grammy: The Top Ten Schools Grammy Winners Have Come From

With the 58th Annual Grammy Awards coming up on Monday, February 15th fans and music lovers around the world are excited to see who will take home the most Grammys. The Grammy count after the awards ceremony is one of the best parts of the night, seeing which artists were the powerhouses for the year and how skilled they are at balancing five heavy Grammy’s in their arms for a picture.

While many of these artists are now superstars, many of them started out just like us; young, aspiring college students. So where do Grammy winners go to college? Since the first Grammy Awards in 1959 there have been 10 Colleges and Universities that historically have had their own Grammy count for producing winners.

So have you ever wonder who you are sitting next to in lecture? Could that person sleeping in the back row drooling really be the best new artist? Well if you go to these top ten schools it just might be!


Rank College/University Winners
1 Mount Temple Comprehensive School 9
2 Queens College 9
3 University College London 6
4 Berklee College of Music 6
5 University of California, Los Angeles 6
6 University of Southern California 5
7 Brooklyn Law School 5
8 Juilliard School of Music 5
9 Liverpool College of Art 4
10 Tuskegee Institute 4


These 10 schools have had the most Grammy winners in the categories of song of year, album of year, best new artist, record of the year from the 60’s until now.

If you went to Berklee School of Music you may have crossed paths with Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks or John Mayer. Maybe these were the students in the front row taking naps, or writing their next hit on their note paper in the back.

If you went to Mount Temple Comprehensive School you may have seen present day U2 compete in battle of the bands or perform on the quad, with all of members of the band attending college there.

So what about this year?

Here are some of 2016 nominees and the schools they went to:


  • Sam HuntNominated for Best New Artist. Went to University of Alabama and Birmingham and Middle Tennessee State University.
  • Meghan TrainorNominated for Best New Artist. Went to Berklee College of Music.
  • Charlie PuthFeatured for Song of the Year. Went to Berklee College of Music.
  • Ellie GouldingNominated for Best Pop Solo Performance. Went to College of Kent.


So will your next lab partner be holding a Grammy someday?


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