The Pros and Cons of Attending a Large, Public University

Guest post from our friends at AroundCampus.
pros and cons of attending a big university


  • A wide range of experiences
    • A larger student body will yield a more diverse range of interests. There are often expansive ranges of clubs, intramural sports, and social groups. At some schools, if you can’t find a club that fits your interests, you can make your own, and there will surely be others who have been looking for a club like yours.
  • Always able to meet new people  –  or avoid those you don’t want to see
    • No matter how long you’ve been at school, you will still manage to come across people you haven’t met yet. Your friend group will always be growing and your experiences will be broadening with each new person you meet. On the opposite end, if you meet some people you’d rather not see again, the odds of coming across them or meeting other people who know them are much lower when your student body consists of thousands rather than hundreds.
  • Sporting events are phenomenal
    • There’s nothing quite seeing your team score and then hearing the roar of a stadium full of students. Student sections at sporting events are always the most energetic part of the stadium, and when you go to a large school, it will usually be packed. There’s no better way to experience a game than being there in the front row, cheering along with hundreds of your classmates.


  • Long walks across campus
    • Your first few weeks at school will be a struggle, mainly because carrying a book bag full of $200 books across a huge campus in the summer heat will always result in one thing:  back sweat. As if the walk itself isn’t bad enough, when you finally get to class and take off your book bag, your whole back will be drenched. You can avoid this by wearing dark colored shirts so it’s less visible, or hopefully, your campus will have a bus system nice enough that you can avoid the walk altogether.
  • Big classes
    • Those 300+ person classes you’ve seen in the movies are actually real, but thankfully some larger universities counteract the massive class size by breaking the class into smaller groups certain days of the week for a more intimate meeting where it is easier to discuss any questions with your professor or their assistant. This can also be a pro because many people enjoy larger classes because there is less pressure to be engaged, which can be helpful in classes that are a little more difficult to understand.
  • Small fish in a big pond
    • It can be hard to move to a large college, especially if you went to a small high school or transferred from a small college. It can be overwhelming at first to suddenly be surrounded by so many people and having to compete against so many other students. You can still find your niche in a large school, and it can be intimidating at first, but the big pond can yield many rewarding friendships and opportunities.

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