Where Students Dream In Gold: The Top Ten Schools with Oscar Winners

The stage has been set for this year’s 86th Annual Oscars, held on February 28th. This year’s nominees will face steep competition to take home the gold they all have been dreaming of.

Some big questions of the year include: How will the new addition to the Star Wars movies compare to past ones? How did Mad Max get ten nominations? Is The Martian a comedy? and most importantly will Leo finally win an Oscar?

While these questions won’t be answered until the 28th we do have some answers for you if these are the questions you are asking: Where do these screenwriters, actors, composers and producers come from? Is there a secret training camp for Oscar nominees? Is there Oscar winners in my midst?

Well here’s the answer folks- these top ten schools have historically produced the most Oscar winners. Is there gold in the drinking fountains?

The University of Southern California system clearly stands out as a powerhouse from this research. With a total of 34 winners broken down between the general campus programs and more specifically the USC School of Cinematic Arts , USC takes the lead in most Oscar winners to walk its campus.

Not surprisingly New York University (NYU) ranks high overall in Oscar winners. It is known for its star producing qualities with 25 Oscar winners having graced its hallowed halls. While many of these schools making it on the top ten are commonly known for the stars they produce, lesser known Colleges or Universities include the University of Vienna, located in Austria and City College of New York.

Its a tight competition between the top three schools of NYU, UC Berkeley and USC. Who knows what the 2016 awards will bring, only time will tell who will stay on top.

Fingers crossed for all the nominees this year. We might even see a new university rise to the top!

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