Where to Find Business Documents Now That Docstoc Closed

Docstoc officially closed on December 1, 2015. For 8 years, the site served as one of the Internet’s most trusted resources for business owners. Users could browse over 20 million documents to find business plans, contracts, marketing and sales tips, tax documents, and other essentials. But, now that it’s closed – where can entrepreneurs and small business owners turn for help?

Spoiler alert: StudySoup now has thousands business documents.

What Happened to Docstoc?

Docstoc launched in 2007 and quickly gained popularity among the small business community. In addition to providing helpful documents and examples for small business owners, the site allowed companies to store important files online – before the rise of the cloud.

The site grew to over 25 million registered users and became on of the top 500 most visited websites. If that weren’t enough, Docstoc launched the now closed License123 to help users navigate difficult the process of getting proper business licenses and permits. Docstoc was positioned for growth.

By 2013, Intuit (best known for it’s TurboTax, Quicken, and Quickbooks platforms) purchased Docstoc for upwards to $50 million. Meanwhile, LinkedIn purchased Docstoc competitors Scribd and Slideshare for $119 in cash and stock. Apparently, it was not enough.

Earlier this year, Intuit announced plans to divest its businesses. And, in September, Docstoc announced that it would be shutting down telling customers:

“Thank you for being a valued Docstoc.com user. We regret to inform you that Docstoc will be closing down effective December 1, 2015. At that time, we will automatically be closing all accounts.

If applicable to your account, please make sure to visit the site no later than November 30th, 2015 to retrieve copies of any documents you previously uploaded to your account. If you have any questions between now and November 30th, please email us at support@docstoc.com.”

Business critics have cited the rise of cloud-storage companies including Dropbox, Amazon, and Google as a contributing factor to Docstoc’s closing. They argue these companies lured Docstoc  account-holders who utilized the website for data storage and not the professional document examples.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that Intuit shut down the site on December 1 leaving users scrambling for somewhere else to turn.  

Where Can You Find Business Documents Now that Docstoc is Closed?

To support the small business community, StudySoup has launched an extensive library of professional-quality resources covering everything from creating startup business plans to formulating employee stock plan agreements. The directory features thousands of documents filling the void left by Docstoc’s closure and is growing rapidly.

Our curated a collection of documents will assist new graduates, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners as they plan for the next phase of their career. These resources provide users with the knowledge they need to do everything from launching a nonprofit to applying for S Corp status and everything in between.

Need a marketing plan? There’s a template for that. Creating a sock plan for employees? Download a real-world example to ensure you take the steps necessary. Our materials cover everything you need to manage a business.  

Why Does StudySoup Care About Business Documents?

We believe that great education never ends and wish to support lifelong learners.

Many students graduate without this skills necessary to excel in the workforce. A recent study by the Council for Aid to Education found that roughly 40% of students lack critical thinking, analytical reasoning, document literacy, and communication skills meeting the demands of professionals. It’s no wonder that half of college graduates are working jobs that don’t need a degree.

It’s not just college students that are struggling. Almost 50% of small businesses have reported that they received no qualified applicants for available positions. They cite a lack of “hard skills” related to technical proficiency as well as “soft skills” including communication and teamwork. Furthermore, few centralized resources exist for working professionals to advance their careers.

Our documents have been created by working professionals who have overcome the challenges of growing a career. It’s just another way people can use StudySoup’s peer-to-peer network to get the support they need to excel.

Visit our business directory and jumpstart your career today.

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