How College Students Can Make Extra Money Taking Notes

Student debt grows faster than credit card, mortgage, auto loan, or revolving debt each year. But, did you know that students can actually get paid to go class and take great notes?

That’s right – over 120,000 students nationwide use StudySoup to buy and sell class notes, study guides, flashcards, and other course materials. Here’s how students at over 80 campuses are making extra money for being great students.

How Does it Work?

Students have been sharing notes as long as they have been taking them. Fraternities and sororities maintain extensive libraries of old tests, papers, and notes for their members to reference. Some entrepreneurial students have been know to sell their notes to classmates to get ahead. But, these networks and opportunities only extend to a select few students.

StudySoup enables students to buy and sell course materials at campuses everywhere and do what others have done for years. To get setup, students must apply to be a notetaker and set up an account. Once they have done so, they can upload course materials to the site where other students can purchase them via the peer-to-peer marketplace.

How Do Students Earn Money?

Students get paid a commission for each set of course materials their classmates buy. StudySoup also offers a bonus to students when they provide content for select high-demand courses, which the company announces at the beginning of each semester. 

Any student can upload and sell their notes at their convenience. However, if selected as an Elite Notetaker, students make a guaranteed base pay just for posting their course materials. That’s in addition to the commission for any notes sold. That’s something that CourseHero, Chegg, and other student marketplace websites don’t offer.

Additionally, Students make extra money when they refer friends who signup as notetakers as well a portion of their sales. 

That adds up to a lot of earning potential. The average student actively using the site make between $300-500 per course, but top-performing elite notetakers have exceeded $2,000 in profit. One student, Elizabeth Gruber, got paid a jaw-dropping $600 for the notes she sold in a single month at George Washington University! Think that could help offset some loans?

What Does It Take to be Successful?

We asked Elizabeth Gruber to share her tips for creating great notes that sell. She boiled it down to one simple acronym to consider: STUDY

    • Students are your customers. Think about what you would find most useful and deliver that to others.
    • Timing is everything. Post your notes at the same time after each class. It will keep you accountable and let classmates know when to expect materials.
    • Understand the material before you post your notes. If you are struggling with a concept, it will show in your notes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a TA or professor before uploading to get your peers the right information.
    • Diligence will prevent you from getting behind. Be consistent and upload after every class or you’ll get buried under a mountain of notes.
    • You are the key to your own success. Inject your own insights to give clarity to examples. Hustle and let students know they can buy your notes.

Ready, Set, Go!

Do friends ask to borrow your study guides? Want to get paid to pay attention in class? Apply today and start selling your notes, study guides, and flashcards. You’ll earn extra cash while helping your classmates succeed.

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