Project “SoupBowl”

This Spring quarter 2013,  a group of awesome students at UC Santa Barbara worked on spreading the message about StudySoup’s student friendly features. A campus group, SB Media group, worked with StudySoup on the coolest, fun-est (is that a word?) way to get students involved with making better choices for their education tools. Here’s our interview with the head of SB Media group, Mike Schnell:  

This project must have taken a bit of research on the tools and methods available for providing course content. What were some of the difficulties you identified about the education space?

We did some research amongst the student body and found 2 main problems: First, there are great resources out there such as StudySoup, but faculty and students are having trouble discovering them. Also, a lot of the solutions provide either a useful tool for faculty, or for students – but fail to provide the full package.

So what was your mission with “Project SoupBowl”?

We wanted to educate both students and faculty, about the unique capabilities of StudySoup as well as how the company provides a perfect blend of studying ingredients for all parties.

Sounds awesome! Tell us about it.

We built a life size SoupBowl, and canvased it with the StudySoup logo. It was big enough for anybody to stand in it, to show that the StudySoup education solution was meant for anybody. We placed the bowl around campus during finals, and handed out much needed goodies to the student body during these tough weeks of school.

Well Michael, sounds like you had a lot of fun – we love to see fellow students getting creative and spreading the word about StudySoup! Thank you!

Thank you!

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