StudySoup Presents: Flashcards!

StudySoup has become your one stop shop for all things notes and study guides, but now we are rolling out a new feature I think you’re gonna like: FLASHCARDS (beta)!

Now you can create study materials on StudySoup, and access them on the go to help yourself study. Not only that, but StudySoup is the first marketplace that lets you sell the hard work you put into your flashcards!

Students are already making $200+ per week just by creating flashcards and sharing them with their peers. It is a fun, easy way to make money while learning the material as you go. StudySoup is always looking for the best way to help you prepare for your classes and this new flashcard feature is included in your StudySoup package.

It is a fun and simple process to create your own!

Why is this the coolest thing since Miley Cyrus?

Countless nerdy, scientific studies prove that flashcards, both physical and digital, can be an extremely effective tool in memory. Flashcards have been proven to help in 5 main areas.

#1 Active recall

Flashcards help you to remember or memorize something from scratch. Although this is harder it strengthens your active recall and has been demonstrated to be more useful than simply reading a textbook.

#2 Spaces out learning

It is commonly known you should take study break every hour or so to help internalize the material, but even this may not be enough. Flashcards help space out what you need to learn. 10 well done flashcards may be more helpful than reading 5 chapters in your textbook straight. Sometimes it’s quality over quantity.

#3 Engage our metacognition

In short flash cards make us think about how we think. Having a question and answer type memorizing system makes you think about how you are remembering the facts or answers, and in turn help the answers to stick around longer

#4 Self directed study experience

It can be frustrating to be told to read chapters 1-5 and memorize everything. Many times we are stubborn and don’t like being told what to do. Flashcards help eliminate this problem by making them a personal choice and study habit. Flashcards can help boost your self motivation

#5 Help gauge progress

It is satisfying to be able to separate flash cards into piles of what you got right and what needs work. Whats even more satisfying is watching the pile of needs work get smaller as the pile of which ones you got right grow. It is a physical gauge of how your memory is increasing and the closer you are getting to acing your test!

So enjoy your new flashcards found on StudySoup, and let the A’s start coming!

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