5 Ways to Organize Your Life

Guest post from our friends at AroundCampus.

Staying organized during the school year can feel like a full-time job, but being unorganized can feel even worse! As college students, we always have class assignments, extracurriculars, appointments, club meetings, and more throughout the year. Don’t stress. Organize your life and it will no longer feel like one big task.

If you can do just a few things each day, you can organize your life in no time:

Utilize Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an excellent resource for staying organized during the school year. You’re able to input events, activities, and reminders easily. By downloading the Google Calendar app, you are able to use the notification feature and have event reminders sent directly to your phone!

Creating a Digital To-do List

It’s easy to forget simple tasks to do when you have so many other responsibilities to be concerned with. Remembering chores you have like doing laundry and taking out the trash can get lost in everything else you have to do. Making a to-do list on your phone helps you to remember the simple tasks. Evernote is a great resource for making lists.

Have separate notebooks/binders depending on your schedule

Instead of having individual notebooks for each class/activity, dedicate one binder or a larger notebook to certain classes depending on your schedule. For example, use a 5-subject notebook for your Monday-Wednesday-Friday classes, and a separate notebook for your Tuesday-Thursday classes.

Using a written Calendar

As old-fashioned, as it sounds, writing things down really, does help you remember them better. It also can help you to organize your schedule with a visual representation.You can find cheap calendars at Target!

Reduce clutter in your room every night before bed.

Typically, a bedroom doesn’t get messy in one day. It tends to be a collection of clutter over time. Although this is easier said than done, making an attempt to reduce clutter on a daily basis will prevent your room from looking like it was hit by a tornado.

Dedicating a little time to staying organized each day can prevent you from feeling lost in the chaos. Try using a method of organization that you can apply to your everyday life!

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