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ARH107 Notes

by: Danielle Garner

ARH107 Notes

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Danielle Garner
GPA 3.9

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About this Document

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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Danielle Garner on Monday February 2, 2015. The Bundle belongs to a course at University of Miami taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views.

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Date Created: 02/02/15
Danielle Garner History of Photography Professor Tomas Lopez ARH107 Batch 4 Notes The PhotoSecession Movement 0 Rejected the point and shoot approach and embraced labor intensive processes 0 Emphasized the role of the photographer as a craftsman 0 Organized by Alfred Stieglitz 0 Alfred Stieglitz organized the Photosecession movement among the rst to introduce the art of the European and American avantgarde to the American public one of the rst photographers to take pictures in rain snow and mist quotThe Terminalquot quotWinter on Fifth Avenuequot quotThe Steeragequot quotFrom the BackWindow 39291 quot quotRebecca Strandquot he was obsessed with and lived with Georgia O Keefe openly even though he had a wife she was a painter quotHands and Thimblequot quotGeorgia O Keefequot equivalence oz Stieglitz s coud series oz Based on the belief that abstract forms lines and colors could represent inner states emotions and ideas quotCamera Workquot was a quarterly photographic journal established by Stieglitz 393 featured who Stieglitz thought were the best photographers of the day oz 1st to showcase modern art in the US 0 Edward Steichen pictorialist 1st curator of photographs at the Museum of Modern Art make sure you know the process of quot atiron gum bichromatic over platinumquot quotMoonlight The Pondquot bonus info for test this was the 1st photograph that broke the million dollar barrier at an auction quotMilk Bottlesquot quotMatches and Match Boxesquot quotConde Nastequot fashion magazine that Steichen worked as chief photographer for quotGloria Swansonquot bonus her last movies was quotSunset Boulevardquot quotGreta Garboquot quotMartha Grahamquot quotNoel Cowardquot Paul Strand selfemployed commercial photographer used asymmetrical composition advocate of quotstraight photographyquot quotWall Streetquot quotThe White Fencequot New York street portraits took candid pictures of people in NY without them knowing quotBlindquot Gertrude Kasebier a painter her background in painting allowed her to produce photographs that had a drawingpainting quality to them quotBlessed Art Though Among Womenquot quotPortrait of 39Miss N quot Fred Holland Day used the subjects before his camera to raise issues dealing with sex religion and race created a lot of controversy with his pictures quotNubian Chiefquot quotThe Seven Last Words of Christquot a series of photos of himself as Christ oz scenes from the Passion of the Christ 393 hung himself on a cross with fake nails JacquesHenri Lartigue greatest achievement was his set of 120 huge photograph albums which compose the nest visual autobiography ever produced got his 1st camera when he was 7 photographed motion quotMy Hydroglider with Propellerquot quotZissou Rouzatquot Avenue du Bois de Bolognequot took pictures for his own pleasure rather than for craft quotPapa at 80km per hourquot bonus focal plane shutter makes the wheels in the picture oval quotGrand Prix de Circuit de la Seinequot quotRenee Perlequot quotFlorettequot Andre Kertesz created images of ordinary life in a style without pretension pioneer in small format photography quotSixth Avenuequot quotSatiric Dancerquot quotDistortion Number 40quot quotChez Mondrianquot quotMeudonquot quotRue des Ursinsquot quotThe White Horsequot Eugene Atget Brassai pioneer in social documentary photography images of Paris are perhaps the most vivid record of a city ever made quotThe Drumquot quotThe Corner of the Dockquot quotFontaine du Passagequot quotNotre Damequot quotAvenue des Goblensquot real name Guyula Halasz took photos of Paris and in uenced surrealism photos were of risqu Paris night life that revealed the subconscious quotsocial fantasticquot quotParis de Nuitquot his book of night pictures quotBackstage at the FoilesBergerequot quotLovers in a Small Caf quot quotAt Suzy s Woman with a Sashquot quotOne Suit for Twoquot Bijou quotTwo Thugs From Big Albert s Gangquot


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