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by: Mason Lutterbach

ss Hist 1020

Mason Lutterbach

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About this Document

World History II
Michael B. Smith
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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Mason Lutterbach on Wednesday April 6, 2016. The Bundle belongs to Hist 1020 at Auburn University taught by Michael B. Smith in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views.


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Date Created: 04/06/16
Exam 3 Review D-Day – June 6, 1944 when the Western Allies invaded France and the liberation of Western Europe Eisenhower – Supreme Allied commander, made the decision to go through with D-Day Yalta – Meeting between the big three, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin met on the black sea and discussed what they were going to do with redrawing the borders of Europe Iron Curtain – Winston Churchill said in a famous speech that an iron curtain has descended between Western Europe and Communism Marshall Plan – Provided Economic and Food aid to help rebuild NATO – A military alliance of Western Europe and the United States Truman Doctrine – First expression of helping places that were vulnerable to going under communist rule, this was first used on Greece and Turkey Containment – The idea of holding the line of communism, and after time it would self-destruct. Berlin Air Lift – Very tense time, could have been the moment when the Cold War became violent. Eastern Germany citizens wanted to go to West Germany because they could see how great it was. Germany surrounded Western Germany, cutting off western Germany’s supply line, so the Allies flew over Korean War – Started when North Korea crossed the 38th parallel Douglas MacArthur – Thought it was his time to take over Korea and then overthrow China, but when Truman found out about this he said no, and when MacArthur refused he was fired. McCarthyism – The paranoia that engulfed the U.S. The fact that there were communist spies amongst the U.S. citizens. Said he had a list of 250 names of communist sympathizers within the American Government. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg – The people who committed espionage, and gave details about how to make the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union. Los Alamos – Place in New Mexico where the atomic bomb was created Sputnik – Sparked an education revolution, schools upped the intellectual quotient. This also led to the creation of NASA. Yuri Gagarin – First man in space, he also made an orbit around the Earth while he was out there. NASA – Alan Shepard – First American to go to Space. John Glenn – First American to complete and orbit around Earth Bay of Pigs – A plan carried out by JFK, that was first put into place when Eisenhower was still in office, this attempt to overthrow Castro failed miserably. Cuban Missile Crisis – When Soviet Union placed Berlin Wall – A wall built by Russia overnight Kennedy – Khrushchev – Gandhi – Very devout Hindu, practiced non violent resistance. He would no longer obey British law. 2 Indian National Congress – Initial objective was to just have a say in their government, but as time went on they became much more radical. Muhammed Ali Jinnah – Dr. Sun Yat-Sen – Nationalist, prominent in the revolution that saw an end to the Manchu dynasty. Elected someone else to become President of the KMT. Chaing Kai-shek – He’s an Anti-Communist, so he carries out purges on communist people who are in China. KMT – Were in a war with the Warlords Li Dazhao – The Professor who made Mao believe in Marxist ideas Long March – Communist march to North China, who lived through the march became aristocracy. The Great Leap Forward – Mao’s version of the Five Year Plan. Wanted to industrialize China, from the backbone of the peasants. This was a disaster, and led to a great famine. Cultural Revolution – Pragmatists – Believed in yield product incentives. Mao thought of these people as capitalist Deng Xiaoping – Leader of the Pragmatists, when Mao dies he takes over. In the 80’s he led China to the ideas they have now. Limited free enterprise, but Red Guard – Tianamen Square – Ho Chi Minh – The great communist leader of North Vietnam. He was responsible for leading the war against the French Battle of Dienbienphu – A battle against Vietnam and the French, and Vietnam surprisingly won. This casued the French to drop out of the war 3 Ngo Dinh Diem – Very unpopular with his own people because he was very Catholic, look at as being corrupt, and he became so unpopular that even the US helped with the assassination of him Gulf of Tonkin – A Gulf of Tonkin Resolution – Tet Offensive – A North Vietnamese offensive against South Vietnamese offensive Kent State – 4 college student were killed by the ohio state guard Gouglas MacArthur – Emperor Hirohito – Went from having all power to becoming merely a figure head Japanese Miracle Hundayi To learn more and get OneNote, visit 4


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