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Final Course Retrospective Project, Cultural Analysis Proposal, Formal Research Report, & Lived Experiences Report

by: Jacob Decker

Final Course Retrospective Project, Cultural Analysis Proposal, Formal Research Report, & Lived Experiences Report WRA 110

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Writing > WRA 110 > Final Course Retrospective Project Cultural Analysis Proposal Formal Research Report Lived Experiences Report
Jacob Decker
GPA 3.71
Writing: Science & Technology
Christie Daniels

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About this Document

My complete bundle for this course for reference! Includes the Final Course Retrospective Project, Cultural Analysis Proposal, Formal Research Report, and the Lived Experiences Report! I put in a l...
Writing: Science & Technology
Christie Daniels
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This 35 page Bundle was uploaded by Jacob Decker on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The Bundle belongs to WRA 110 at Michigan State University taught by Christie Daniels in Spring2013. Since its upload, it has received 81 views. For similar materials see Writing: Science & Technology in Writing at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 02/03/15
Course Retrospective Project Course Retrospective Project By Yours Truly VVRAllO for C Daniels Ap 62013 Course Retrospective Proiect Course Retrospective Project 2 Being able to express things correctly in today s world is a critical skill that every college student must obtain WRA 110 is a great course that taught me how to properly research while looking for the right information It also taught me how to pay attention to different aspects of something that I may be observing because those aspects could have some signi cance Not only did I learn how to correctly format a variety of document designs I also developed a skill of writing my documents for a speci c purpose and focus WRA 110 will certainly bene t you as long as you are willing and happy to learn about the course material Lived Experiences Report The rst project that was assigned to me in this class was the quotLived Experiences Reportquot We were required by our instructor to identify a professional career track for ourselves and my career was anesthesiology We also were told to choose a piece of technology that has led us to our eld and then describe it I then chose an interesting experience that I had previously experienced with technology relating to anesthesiology As I said I chose the career of an anesthesiologist I also described my experience with anesthetics when l was a younger while getting my teeth extracted I went into detail by explaining that my interest with chemistry began prior to college science related subjects especially drew my attention That experience with anesthetics at the hospital and my interest in science related subjects are what caused me to choose the career path of an anesthesiologist Course Retrospective Project 3 There was little to no research done for this report and it wasn t very dif cult to construct either The problem I had with this project was maintaining a great focus throughout the entire paper I was not very good at arranging reports and I honestly should have written an outline before writing my nal draft I believe that I jumped around in the paper and started to talk about other things besides the purpose of the paper Cultural Analysis Pronosl Our second project was the quotCultural Analysis Proposalquot The teacher required me to identify an artifact analyze what social issue it represents today and propose a solution for the issue I chose the lm Taken I chose this lm because I thought it was a great example of how dangerous human traf cking can be I don t think I did the best on choosing my solution to the problem of human traf cking I proposed that the United States should bring the corrupt government of cials out of of ce in foreign countries as a start By doing so we could focus on bringing down the human traf cking industry with ease because there would be no government allowing it to continue Bringing down the human traf cking industry is obviously a very practical solution to this issue but I should have taken more time to think about a more creative solution I also should have tried to keep the reader interested in my report by making the solution to the human traf cking issue much more creative and unpractical Course Retrospective Project Regarding the development of the Cultural Analysis Proposal I could have used better evidence to support my purpose The problem with the development is I didn t choose the most thoughtout solution to my issue I did go online to nd a lot of evidence to support my argument that human trafficking is an issue in many countries though I do recall doing a substantial amount of research to support my argument which helped me critically Where I lost the most points towards this paper is the audience category l have gone back and reread my paper and after learning a lot about writing for your audience I realize now that I had awful connections with my audience My paper was very boring and hard to stay interested in while reading I should have written this paper with my audience in mind to remind myself to include things that will keep the readers attracted My solution once again didn t help my audience stay interested either I chose a very general and practical solution that anyone could have thought of If I would have been more creative in thinking of other ways to stop human trafficking I believe that the paper would be much more bearable to read What I learned the most about this project is that I need to keep my audience in mind when writing When you keep the audience in mind when writing you will remember to try to keep the project interesting to make people want to read it You shouldn t be predictable in what you will write about because the reader will become bored with the writing and stop 4 Course Retrospective Project reading Try to be creative in your work for when you write with your own ideas people may not suspect something and stay attracted to reading it Formal Research Report The third project assigned in WRA 110 is the Formal Research Report Even though this was my least favorite assignment in the course it honestly improved my writing skills dramatically Not only was my report thirteen pages long but the report required extensive research and even interviews The Formal Research Report required you to choose one discipline and explore how reading writing and research operate within it I chose anesthesiology as my discipline because that s what I want to be in the future Choosing a discipline that interests you is the rst big step in completing this report in my opinion If you choose something that doesn t interest you then you won t be as enthusiastic to write about it thus resulting in your work suffering While being consistent with a certain APA or MLA format you must know how to design a formal and professional document Formatting the document to be professional was the easiest part of this assignment because I chose APA formatting and stayed consistent throughout my whole report Also because this paper requires extensive research you must know how to correctly cite the source you get your information from Not only is this a legal obligation but citing your information and sources makes the information you provided much more believable and trustworthy 5 Course Retrospective Project 6 Including graphics in your formal research report is not a bad thing at all In fact it may help your audience understand and obtain the information you are providing them In my opinion I should have been looking for more graphs to help visualize parts of my report only included one bar graph that I actually designed myself from the information obtained online To make my report look more formal I should have made another chart to represent the quotGolden Rules of Anesthesiologyquot I mentioned in my report This report also required me to analyze a scholarly article and a trade publication which I ve never heard of before By going to a professional website that provided scholarly articles and trade publications nding information about anesthesiology was much easier This taught me that I need to look for these types of documents when doing research because not only is it more formal but it also is more reliable information than any other search engine I also was required to conduct two separate interviews with people that were related to anesthesiology Because an anesthesiologist is hard to get in contact with and willing to interview I settled with my biology professor and a family friend who is a registered nurse Finding the people that were related to my discipline wasn t difficult and they were more than willing to be interviewed asked them questions about their college careers and their current careers I also thought of some questions that I thought could relate their careers to the career of an anesthesiologist One lesson learned was Course Retrospective Project 7 that I should have started making phone calls to interview an anesthesiologist as soon as l was assigned the formal research report Formal research reports are not going to be a quick project that you can nish in only a few hours Using different sources for information make your document look much more professional and believable You must be willing to spend quite a bit of time on your document to make it look formal and de nitely revise before you submit it Remix Project One of the last projects that were assigned was the Remix Project This was de nitely a nice transition from the Formal Research Report mainly because it was a group project l was put in a group with three other students in my class and we had to choose somebody s document from a previous project to produce a documentary about We chose one of my group member s cultural analysis reports with the topic 39How rap music promotes drug abuse I believe we planned out our documentary very well but I know that we could have done better preparation For future students I would suggest sitting down with the whole group to brainstorm many ideas of how to make the documentary not only look good but making the audience feel how you want them to feel about the topic The documentary should be designed the best possible way to make the people watching it believe the information you are feeding them Course Retrospective Project 8 We conducted two interviews on video and l was the one who provided the questions to ask the interviewees I wouldn t wait until the last minute to try to nd somebody to interview You should make some appointments with people that way you are guaranteed some time out of their day to interview them We interviewed two college students but we wanted to interview a police of cer because that would have supported our argument greatly I think we waited too long to try to contact a police of cer so we were never able to make an appointment with one Don t interview just anybody you see you should think of some people who may have more experience or knowledge with your topic One of my other group members was responsible for editing the video on his computer and the other two members were responsible for gathering information for the documentary It was nice to be able to split up the work with other people to lighten your load but it can also be dangerous I didn t automatically trust my group members to get their responsibilities done I contacted them quite frequently to get an update on how their work was coming along My group members were very good at getting their work done and I didn t have to worry about my grade being affected because of them but this isn t always the case and you want to make sure that the project is being done The growing need to STOP Human Traf cking 1 The growing need to STOP Human Trafficking Yours Truly Michigan State University Writing Science amp Technology Professor Daniels February 11 2013 The growing need to STOP Human Traf cking 2 The growing need to STOP Human Traf cking Executive summ y At any given moment an estimated 25 million people are victims of human trafficking As a result people are being forced into labor which may also include sexual exploitation This report begins with an explanation as to What human trafficking is how the film Taken is based on the subject of human trafficking and a proposal of a solution to this problem Human trafficking the trading of human beings illegally for either sexual exploitation of forced labor is a growing issue in today s world because of how increasingly dangerous it has become to travel to foreign countries or it could very well be happening in your own countries Human trafficking is a very severe problem today that needs to be addressed A majority of the population today will tend to agree that human trafficking is morally wrong and most feel as though one should not feel in danger of being abducted then be a part of human trafficking when traveling to a foreign country The film Taken is an example of the psychological toll human trafficking can take on a person My proposed solution is to bring down corrupt government officials in foreign countries and then focus on directly shutting down the human trafficking organizations to bring this worldwide industry to a screeching halt By first preventing these officials from allowing human trafficking organizations from operating we can be more assured that people will not continue to become victims after this immoral industry is shut down The growing need to STOP Human Traf cking 3 Introduction Human trafficking is a growing and severe issue in today s world This problem tends to be overlooked and needs to be addressed more assertively To represent human trafficking the film Taken is being analyzed This film shows many great examples of human trafficking and an example of how the industry is operated With millions of people being affected by human trafficking each year we need to focus our attention on the countries and corrupt governments that allow this morally wrong crime to continue There are many countries in the world that have high rates of human trafficking still today and just because it is not common news does not mean it doesn t happen on a regular basis Background analysis I have chosen the film Taken as my cultural artifact to analyze I chose this film because even though fictional it is a great example as to how dangerous and unpredictable human trafficking can be The film was produced in 2008 by Luc Besson as a French action thriller Starring in the film is Liam Neeson who plays as Bryan Mills and Maggie Grace who plays as Bryan s daughter Kim The movie begins as Bryan Mills is retiring from the CIA because he wants to spend more time with his daughter Kim In the beginning Bryan doesn t seem like the ideal father because his daughter lives with her mother and her wealthy stepfather Due to working for the The growing need to STOP Human Traf cking 4 CIA he didn t get much of an opportunity to spend as much time with his daughter as he would have liked to The stepfather Stuart seems to be treating Kim better than her own father due to his ability to spend more time with her and buy her anything she wants At lunch with her father one day Kim asks for permission to travel to Paris with her older friend Amanda At first Bryan refused to allow her to go but then he changes his mind when her mother says that he wasn t there for most of her life and he seems to be acting too overprotective Once they arrive at the airport in Paris a man named Peter offers to share a cab with them to their destination This is how human traffickers learn where the tourists are residing in Paris After a little while Kim is talking to her father on the phone and she witnesses two men kidnapping her friend Amanda and she knows they are coming to abduct her also Brian assures her that no matter what he will come for her Stuart lends of his private jets to Bryan to y to Paris where he begins to uncover many clues as to where his daughter is being held captive He eventually finds the place where girls are being auctioned off and watches as his daughter is auctioned off to the highest bidder After being caught then finding a way to escape Bryan is finally able to catch up to the yacht of the person who purchased his daughter and where she is being held While on the yacht guards try to deter Bryan from getting to his daughter and the person who purchased her Eventually Bryan is able to get to the room where his daughter and two other young girls are being held and is able to rescue them Dargis 2009 I chose the film Taken as a cultural artifact to analyze because I believe that this is a great modern piece of work that exemplifies human trafficking This film provides the viewers with information on how random and unsuspecting this crime can be The daughter in this movie was The growing need to STOP Human Traf cking 5 completely unaware that she and her friend would become victims of human trafficking for they were only innocent tourists looking to have fun in Paris This film also shows how big these human trafficking organizations can be even while being completely incognito This industry is well guarded and can be very difficult to get information about due to being very skilled at keeping their organization secret and hidden from the general public The movie is also a great example as to how secret these organizations are for in the movie the father must contact many people to get information as to where the human trafficking organization is Descriptjon of the issue Human trafficking is an extremely serious multinational issue Millions of people are unwillingly becoming victims of forced labor or sexual exploitation There have been many actions by organizations to stop the crime but it is obviously still being committed There are however human beings that willingly go into sexual exploitation or labor because it can either be a debt repayment or seem to be a more financially wise situation than what they re currently in One way that human trafficking occurs is the luring of a person to another location in promises of luxury or financial gain The victims will then be forced into a position that may seem nearly impossible to escape because of the dangers People can also be involved in bonded labor which is an example of a person being in debt to an organization When in bonded labor the labor produced by the person in debt may seem more valuable than the money itself Many of these cases of human trafficking involve the threat of violence which keeps the victim in compliance Also because the sexual exploitation puts them at a higher value on the market women tend to be at higher risk than men for human trafficking Once people become The growing need to STOP Human Traf cking 6 victims of this horrible crime it is nearly impossible to escape it and could very well spend the rest of their lives involved in human trafficking These victims are also in danger of death for they can either be murdered for attempting to escape overdose on drugs that aren t an option or any of the other life threatening situations possible There are almost two hundred countries in the world today but only thirtythree of these countries have governments in which completely abide by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act s minimum requirements Many of these countries do not even attempt to make these requirements and these are the countries that we need to be focusing our attention on Human Trafficking nd Proposed solution I know that there have been many actions to prevent human trafficking all over the world but I don t believe it is being addressed appropriately I firmly believe that this is a major world wide issue that needs to be taken care of If the governments of those countries that do not abide by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act they are then contributing to the problem of human trafficking One way to prevent human trafficking is offer better protection for travelers in any given country Offering protection to travelers will ensure a more safe state of mind for the individual and prevent trafficking organizations of luring the person into an unsafe situation The only problem is that the governments and police forces of many countries are corrupt and may assist these human trafficking organizations to commit these awful crimes Human trafficking may be illegal in a country but some officials may assist or act as if they don t see it happening This is The growing need to STOP Human Traf cking 7 why this multibillion dollar industry is still around today because there is not enough being done to prevent it from happening I believe that in order to bring human trafficking to a stop we must first address the corrupt governments of many countries My proposed solution to this problem is to analyze the government of every country that has a high percentage of human trafficking cases By doing this we will bring down the officials in those countries that are involved in the corruption of those governments Once all the corrupt people are out of office we can begin to focus on the human trafficking organization We can then shut down the organizations without worrying about the corrupted government trying to save them Anticipated resultseffectg As a result of taking the corrupt officials out of other country s governments there won t be any illegal acts being ignored Then by shutting down the human trafficking organizations all over the world we can be more assured that they won t easily begin business again This may take some time to accomplish though It will be anything but a fast process to identify the corrupted officials and anything but an easy task of bringing them out of office The human trafficking organizations will also be a hassle to take care of I believe that these organizations all over the world will not be willing to give up their wealthy business I can see this process being messy because these criminals will more than likely become hostile and dangerous if we attempt to interfere with their business We may even have to resort to armed forces to accomplish this task and it may even be quite expensive to finance this operation with trained professionals and ammunition Conclusion The growing need to STOP Human Traf cking 8 There is a transnational crisis in this world that is affecting millions of people every day and this crisis is human trafficking This is an overlooked problem in society and needs to be more seriously addressed The film Taken is a great example how scary human trafficking can be and how anybody can be an unsuspecting victim of it I have proposed a solution to identify the corrupt government officials in the countries that have high rates of human trafficking and take them out of office Once this has been accomplished we can focus on shutting down the human trafficking organizations to bring the industry to a halt This process might take a while to complete and could be financially devastating but I believe we will all appreciate the fact we can live in piece in the end The growing need to STOP Human Traf cking 9 References Dargis M 2009 January 29 Vigilante daddy avenges kidnapping The New York Times Retrieved February 10 2013 from httpmoviesnytimescom20090130m0VieS30takehtm1 r0 Human Traf cking nd In Wikipedia Retrieved February 11 2013 from httpenwikipediaorgwikiHumantraf cking Anesthesiology in Today39s World 1 Anesthesiology in Today s World Yours Truly Michigan State University Writing Science amp Technology Professor Daniels March 24 2013 Anesthesiology in Today39s World 2 Anesthesiology in Today s World Executjve Summ y The career of an anesthesiologist can be very stressful but at the same time very rewarding The process to become an anesthesiologist can also take a considerable amount more time than most other careers This report entails what an anesthesiologist is how to become an anesthesiologist and discusses many aspects of the discipline of an anesthesiologist After conducting two interviews one with a professor who teaches major courses related to this discipline and the second person who practices in a field related to anesthesiology there will be a summary of each interview There will also be an analysis of two articles related to anesthesiology An anesthesiologist is a medical doctor that administers anesthetics and pain medication to their patients The career itself depends on what the person trained in either pain management or surgical anesthesia Anesthesiologists that specialize in pain management tend to work in an officebased atmosphere resulting in more patient interaction The other type of an anesthesiologist is the more traditional doctor and who specializes in surgical anesthesia These doctors will have minimal patient interaction due to the fact that the patient is generally unconscious during surgery The career of an anesthesiologist is not as easy as what some make it out to be There are many risks that come along with this discipline for they are essentially in charge of keeping their patient alive during surgery or administering the right dosage of drugs There are also many required years of college in order to become an anesthesiologist including four years of Anesthesiology in Today s World 3 undergraduate school four years of graduate school and four additional years of residential training The process to become and have a career of an anesthesiologist requires ongoing research possible hectic way of life and a challenge both physically and mentally to even the most driven person Introduction The career of an anesthesiologist is anything but easy but there are numerous benefits that come along with it An anesthesiologist is a medical doctor that specializes in pain medication but they can also practice other lifesaving operations ranging from insurgery care for patients in critical condition to infection control It is a lengthy process to become a certified anesthesiologist due to the amount of schooling required This career can also be stressful and time consuming because of all of the risks involved The word anesthesiologist is a broad description of these doctors for there are many different specializations of anesthesiology This report will be defining an anesthesiologist and use multiple references to help the reader understand Interviews After a brief interview with Dr Ron Patterson a biology professor at Michigan State University information has been gathered about his experience with graduate school and his career Dr Patterson went to a small university and because it was allowed when he was in school he enrolled as a premedical major Although he wanted to become a medical doctor he never was accepted in to medical school After asking him about postbachelor s education Dr Patterson said that he went to work at NIH the National Institutes of Health for about one year before going to graduate school It took Dr Patterson four years to earn his PhD and then to Anesthesiology in Today39s World 4 deepen his expertise in biology he did a postdoctoral research in biology Further questioning led to him explaining that not only was he a biology professor but he also does research While earning his PhD he performed research on tuberculosis to be able to understand exactly why it caused disease Patterson 2013 Dr Patterson s PhD is in microbiology when he isn t lecturing students he does research in RNA splicing The reason that he decided to become a professor is because he wanted to be able to do research and this career was the only option for him to be able to do research In fact his career consists of about 80 research and 20 lecturing This career is not all that easy because of the difficulty in being able to find funding from some national agency for his research After questioning Dr Patterson on how he thinks biology relates to anesthesiology his reply was Without biology there wouldn t be any medicine everything you learn in bioscience relates to the medical field Because he doesn t know much about anesthesiology or human anatomy he doesn t have much to say on how it relates but to become an anesthesiologist he said you would have to study physiology Patterson 2013 Dr Patterson was also questioned on how his career affects his life at home He replied by saying that his career as a professor and researcher takes up a big portion of his week working sixty to seventy hours a week on average Comparing his career to that of a medical career he assumed that the career of an anesthesiologist would not consist of any less time than his Patterson 2013 There has also been an interview conducted with Alison Levy a registered nurse at Allegiance Health Alison works in the post anesthesia unit where she helps patients recover right after they come out of surgery Her major is in nursing with no minor because the nursing Anesthesiology in Today s World 5 program at the University of Michigan did not allow time for any other courses with eighteen credits a semester When asked about her schooling Alison said that the studying itself wasn t difficult only the clinical by having to learn how to deal with patients She explained the clinical as being a practice to take care of patients and making assessments Even while working post anesthesia Alison didn t have to attend medical school unlike anesthesiologists Levy 2013 When questioned about her average day at work Alison explained that she will take control of a patient post surgery whether it is a child or an adult First she checks the patient s airway to make sure they are breathing correctly and on their own She then assesses whatever body part had surgery on and then administers pain medication or antinausea medication if needed Alison also draws blood cleans the patient and even performs EKG s on patients which monitors the patient s heart for anything abnormal While having no aids to help Alison has two patients at a time and once the patient is cleared she will send them on their way after thirty to sixty minutes On a rare occasion the anesthesiologist will have to come back to the patient to deliver anesthetics Levy 2013 Alison said that her job is constantly busy for she always has two patients at a time She also said that it is challenging and mentally exhausting for her It can be challenging to get a patient s pain under control and mentally tough because she sees young people with incurable cancer At the hospital where Alison works the registered nurses are on call every third weekend alternating between AM and RM calls There are risks involved in this career for in the case of a combative patient there may be an accidental needle stick or a blood borne pathogen Levy 2013 Anesthesiology in Today s World 6 All the college work was worth it to Alison though because even though they may be the last person to hold a patients hand they also have the opportunity to bring people into the world With a nursing degree she said you can go anywhere and work in any department She mentioned that she is not nearly qualified to do the work of an anesthesiologist though A registered nurse is related to an anesthesiologist she said because they are constantly in contact and the registered nurse is who takes care of the patient post surgery Levy 2013 Articles The scholarly article titled Demand in Pediatric Dentistry for Sedation and General Anesthesia by Dentist Anesthesiologists A Survey of Directors of Dentist Anesthesiologist and Pediatric Dentistry Residencies is an interesting survey that was conducted in 2012 The study that was conducted was for the purpose of explaining the future needs of anesthesia services in pediatric dentistry and how the pediatric dentistry and dental anesthesiology training programs are meeting these requirements Fear of dental work in young children was the motive behind this survey because there were more children that were afraid of having dental work done and preferred to be sedated In this article the author sent a survey to seventynine anesthesia directors and pediatric dentistry directors online One of the questions asked was Compared to 2 5 and 10 years ago have you seen an increase decrease or no change in the request for dentist anesthesiologist services by pediatric dentists Of the people that replied 44 reported an increase in the past 2 years 60 in the past 5 years and 71 in the past 10 years Hicks 2011 This results in an obvious increase in the requests for anesthesia or other sedatives by these children The Anesthesiology in Today39s World 7 following chart will put the requests from both anesthesia directors and pediatric dentistry directors in perspective 1m l innrnann Dncmnsn 33 Bill i39i l EU 55 m I H in it an EU 21339 iii Q Li ii in Years 5 quotrears 2 fears in team 5 team 2 ream Futn re ghts Aggn Ann Ann Ann Agni Anesthesia Directan Pediatric IZiianitiEiirgir I 39irnntnrs The reason for analyzing this article is to show an example of how the career of an anesthesiologist is becoming more critical in today s world The chart itself explains how anesthesiologists are becoming more and more needed as time progresses The directors that completed the surveys in this report were obviously aware of the need for these doctors and the further back in time you go with the experienced directors there was a dramatic increase in the percentage of them could see this Hicks 2011 There has also been an analysis of the trade journal Anesthesiology Scientists at Cincinnati Children s Hospital target anesthesiology The purpose of this analysis is to emphasize how anesthesiology in today s world is a continually expanding and developing career This publication includes information about studies that are reporting negative effects that some anesthetics have on children and animals Anonymous 2009 GK Istaphanous and colleagues mentioned in an interview that there may be a relationship between animals and children with anesthesia There have been studies performed Anesthesiology in Today s World 8 that suggest that all of the sedatives that were studied spark a massive neuronal degeneration of cells which effects learning disabilities in animals Neurodegeneration following exposure to anesthetics and sedatives has been clearly established in developing animals wrote Istaphanous Anonymous 2009 While it is hard to study this effect in children there have been findings that suggest a relationship between learning disabilities and anesthesia and surgery This certain set of molecular mechanisms have not yet been revealed that caused this cell degeneration but the biochemical pathways have been discovered Because there are no other options for anesthetics researchers have concluded that further research is critical Anonymous 2009 Anesthesiology is not a career that is always performing the same things the same way There are always new procedures that may be more efficient or effective Anesthesiologists are also not only doctors they are doing research on the job Like this article there may be another type of sedative that isn t as dangerous or in the case won t kill a large amount of brain cells that will cause a disability Anonymous 2009 The career field of anesthesiologist will always be needed in our world There are other careers that are disappearing with many people becoming unemployed because their job is obsolete Anesthesia will be needed by humans as long as we exist Anesthesia cannot be distributed by an uneducated person for anesthetics are very dangerous when handled incorrectly To administer anesthetics one must study the practice of anesthesiology for many years to master the career Anesthesiologists will never become obsolete due to the fact that it is a constantly expanding and needed career Research in AnesLhesioloav Anesthesiology in Today s World 9 As previously stated the career of an anesthesiologist does not only pertain to what the general public thinks Anesthesiologists are always documenting what they do and the results of that action for the purpose of research This career will never stop exploring for more things to be discovered As an anesthesiologist one must constantly ask themselves questions They must be curious as to why everything happens and pursue to discover that reason In fact Robson said directly in his report that The day cannot be foreseen when the clinician stops asking himself questions and until then he will fill the most important place in anesthetic research Robson 1963 There are many common instruments used by anesthesiologists in the operating room today that were designed by the manufacturer s years ago Still today those manufacturers are working to perfect their instruments These companies are also working to produce new instruments that could make the old pieces of equipment obsolete in the operating room There may be a better tool to use by anesthesiologists to open a patient s airway during surgery because the old one has failed numerous times Robson 1963 There will be no end to anesthetic research as Robson suggests Research in anesthesiology will continue to be conducted because there is no foreseeable perfect instrument for every task performed in the surgical room As a community anesthesiologists and scientists all over the world will continue to provide research and results in an attempt to discover something previously unknown or a new and more efficient piece of equipment Robson 1963 Liability of an Anesthesiologist Anesthesiology in Today39s World 10 Anesthesiologists are under a lot of pressure by the law for they can be held responsible for harm to or complications with the patient If the patient of an anesthesiologist has experienced damage resulting from surgery the patient is required to prove four things to show their anesthesiologist has showed negligence 1 Prove that the anesthesiologist in discussion had an obligation to care for that patient 2 Provide proof that the anesthesiologist failed to meet the obligations to provide care for the patient 3 Prove that the anesthesiologist s failure to provide the obligation of standard care was the cause of the patient s damage 4 Prove that they have truthfully experienced damage Webber 2006 Even though the cases of malpractice by an anesthesiologist are rare they do happen and they can be catastrophic There are many of these cases discussed under the Anesthesiology Liability chapter of Terrence Webber s book An example of this situation can be found in the first cased examined by Webber In this case a 40yearold female was in surgery when the anesthesiologist stopped the ventilator she was breathing on for a quick moment to help the xray technician retrieve the film from underneath the operating table Some time passed and the anesthesiologist noticed that he had forgotten to turn the ventilator back on The woman then passed away resulting from bradycardia an irregular heart rhythm Webber 2006 There are standards for anesthesiologists when caring for their patients and they are called Standard of Care SOC These are the same for anesthesia cases as they are from any ordinary malpractice or negligence case Specifically in anesthesia cases these standards consist of whether the person who is providing the anesthesia to the patient would have acted or refrained from acting in the case of an emergency There are also ten Golden Rules that Webber mentions in his work Anesthesiology in Today39s World 11 l Emphasize patient safety first 2 Stay familiar with published standards guidelines and practice parameters 3 Standard of care is what is reasonable under the circumstances 4 Individualize preoperative workup 5 Evaluate and document preoperative airway assessment and plan 6 Know the Difficult Airway Algorithm 7 Keep the alarms on 8 The anesthetic record is your legacy 9 Always document C02 after intubation 10 View the consent process as an opportunity Webber 2006 Although there are numerous things that can go wrong in the operating room there are many procedures that an anesthesiologist can do to prevent an event of catastrophe Including Webber s ten Golden Rules previously mentioned anesthesiologists are professionally trained doctors that specialize in patient care To become a master of anesthesiology one must go through extensive training and studying to not only masters the administration of anesthetics but also to master what procedure must be done in case of an emergency m In the medical field Anesthesiologists are one of the highest paid medical doctors in the United States The income of an anesthesiologist varies depending on what the subspecialty of the doctor is The average pay when just beginning their career as an anesthesiologist is around 200000 However the total average is approximately 300000 and the doctors could expect to see that salary rise up to 150000 more with experience It is also common for an Anesthesiology in Today39s World 12 anesthesiologist to accept locum tenens assignments in which the doctor takes the place of another doctor in a different location or career These locum tenens assignments often require certain subspecialties of anesthesiologists but can pay up to 1350 per The following chart puts the average annual salary of an anesthesiologist into perspective quotOccupational employment andquot 2012 050000 E 000000 ual Eam 39 150000 1 00000 000ng An I 50000 1000 2000 2001 2002 2000 2004 2005 2000 200 2000 2000 Conclusion The career of an anesthesiologist is a demanding yet rewarding discipline Students considering entering this career field need to take into consideration the amount of schooling that is required the varying work schedules and the mental exhaustion encountered each day Anesthesiologists are the behind the scenes doctors who get little or no credit for the work performed but are a necessary piece of the puzzle in the practice of medicine With the continuous ongoing research being conducted patients do not have to worry about this part of the procedure being performed and can focus on the more specific reason for the surgery Anesthesiology in Today39s World 13 Reference Page Anonymous 2009 Anesthesiology scientists at Cincinnati children39s hospital target anesthesiology Newst 165 Retrieved March 5 2013 from httosearchproquestcomproxv2clmsuedudocview215515750fulltextaccounti 12598 Hicks C G 2011 Demand in pediatric dentistry for sedation and general anesthesia by dentist anesthesiologists A sarvery of directors of dentist anesthesiologist and pediatric dentistry residencies Master39s thesis Available from ProQuest 1014284450 Levy A 2013 March 11 Interview by WJ Decker Personal Interview Career of a registered nurse Jackson MI Patterson R 2013 March 13 Interview by WJ Decker Personal Interview Career of a biologist East Lansing MI ROBSON J 1963 RESEARCH IN ANESTHESIOLOGY Anesthesia amp Analgesia 421 117 120 US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012 Occupational employment and wages may 2011 29 1061 Retrieved March 1013 from httpwwwblsgovoescurrentoes291061htm Webber T J 2006 Anesthesiology liability Doctoral dissertation Available from American Board of Legal Medicine A04438 Retrieved March 1 2013 from httpwwwablmincorgModelCurriculumLMME2010BOOKMedMal Survival Handbook2007Ch35 A04438pdf My Career Choice Yours Truly Michigan State University Writing Science amp Technology Dr Christie Daniels January 27 2013 My Career Choice 1 My Career Choice 2 My Career Choice As a piece of technology that will always be evolving and improved upon medicine will always be a critical aspect in our world In this paper I will begin to explain how medicine has made a major impact on my life and on my career choice as an anesthesiologist I chose chemistry as my preference of a major in college I discovered that I was fascinated with chemistry while attending high school Chemistry was the one subject that came easy for me to understand while others in the class seemed to struggle to grasp the concepts When I was in high school I took two chemistry courses that made me realize that chemistry sparked my interest immensely Due to my desire to learn Chemistry I was recognized during honors night of my senior year in high school and received the science recognition award from the science department The reason I was chosen for this award was not only due to the grades I received but because even though I knew the answer to the problems I have always wanted to know the reallife applications of concepts I was constantly questioning my teacher about our lessons usually consisting of questions that were more specific than what was required to know for the course level in which I was studying Early on I knew that I wanted to go in to the medical field although I was not quite sure what specific career of the medical field that I would like to study after a couple reallife experiences I learned that anesthesiology has a great amount of chemistry involved and I am able to learn how things are constructed and react with other compounds on atomic level By putting both my fascination with chemistry and my desire to go into the medical field I was fortunate enough to combine my two biggest interests and choose a career as an anesthesiologist My Career Choice 3 An anesthesiologist is a physician that specializes in the use of anesthetics to provide patients pain relief stabilization of Vitals and even the ability to make the patient unconscious for various medical procedures for various amounts of time Anesthesiologists provide patients with medical treatment in a wide variety of situations such as medical emergencies surgical procedures spinal blocks and critically ill patient care to name a few After extensive research I discovered that anesthetics are drugs that cause anesthesia an unconscious state or loss of sensation that is reversible Anesthesiologists use one or more anesthetics for a variety of reasons and in many different settings The uses of anesthetics administered by anesthesiologists include pain control stabilizing vitals in surgery airway management and postoperation drug delivery to patients Although I know I want to go into the medical field I have no desire to be a doctor who sees patients in an office setting Office settings do not appeal to me I prefer the fastpaced setting of a hospital and I would rather be moving constantly and doing handson work rather than handling papers I like the idea of working in a hospital with that type of medical and hands on atmosphere and the anesthesia field gives me the opportunity to do this When I was in elementary school I had to have my tonsils removed because one of them was swollen to the size of a golf ball and the doctors were worried about this resulting in the blockage of my airways I remember my mom telling me that when I came out of the postop and going to recovery I was not acting like the kid she knew I was bouncing all over the bed and screaming something I never did When she spoke with the nurses about how I was acting they explained to her that it was the anesthesia that I was reacting to They told her that during the surgery I was so restless that I removed my gown and was all over the bed My Career Choice 4 The nurses explained to my mom that everyone reacts to anesthesia differently and there was nothing to worry about once the anesthesia wore offI would be just fine And I was only with a little pain They did mention that if I had to have another procedure that required anesthesia to tell the doctor of this experience so they will be aware and will be able to precautions if necessary At twelve years old I needed to have ten teeth pulled at one time due to overcrowding of teeth in my mouth before I could have braces to correct the other problems that were occurring It was recommended by the orthodontist that I go to a hospital that specializes in tooth extractions for children to have this procedure done in sight of the complications that could arise Due to what I was told about the experience of when I had my tonsils removed at the age of seven and I was not quite familiar with anesthetics at the time I honestly was a little nervous about this upcoming surgery because I was not confident in the anesthetics I was afraid that these gases being put in my body might not work as intended and that I would be able to feel them pulling out my teeth I was also afraid that I would be awake for the whole procedure and know what was going on Many things were going through my mind because I knew that not all surgeries went as expected and they sometimes involve complications My arms being strapped down to the surgery table did not make me any less nervous either Fortunately for me the doctors could sense that I was scared and explained to me in detail what they would be doing every step of the way and that the mask they were going to put on me will make me become unconscious within seconds basically I had nothing to worry about The last thing I remember is them asking me to count backwards from ten and I only got to five My Career Choice 5 I was told that before the procedure was over the anesthetics started to wear off and I began to wake up and began crying because they were still pulling out teeth and I was afraid Fortunately I do not remember anything from that experience The next thing I remember is being in the car going back home still tired and nauseous from the anesthetics Looking back I was very fascinated with how fast I fell asleep because of the anesthetic and was curious as to how the chemicals in the gas affect the human body This is what first sparked my curiosity and it was at that time I began to consider going into the medical field I also knew that because the medical field is constantly growing and changing doctors will always be needed and this would end up being a reliable and rewarding career for me to go into I did not want to pursue a career that that could possibly be obsolete someday and anesthesiologists will always be needed as long as the medical field exists which is ineVitably for as long as humans exist Being introduced to anesthesia during those two separate hospital Visits my desire to pursue a career in the medical field began Because of those experiences I am confident in my decision to enter Michigan State University to study the chemical structure and effects of medicine in the human body and then transfer on to medical school then finish my medical training by specializing in anesthetics


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