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Organic chemistry I notebook

by: Kathleen Quijada

Organic chemistry I notebook CHM 2210

Kathleen Quijada
Broward College
GPA 3.46
Organic Chemistry I

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About this Document

Organic Chemistry I
75 ?




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This 181 page Bundle was uploaded by Kathleen Quijada on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The Bundle belongs to CHM 2210 at Florida International University taught by Dr.Becker in Spring2014. Since its upload, it has received 205 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry I in Organic Chemistry at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 02/03/15
Chq CDnFurm och39ona Mamas sum molecules liILe Mme havc a singlt pusth con rmmm lothL mo organic moltcuus hamt many P055 MC um vrmamvn of which Sbmt cm W in Margy fowmc Hnan Bikers N 0 1 H Ms B m MN C LonFormambn I quot 2 I H M H H quot39 0M M mam Con rmhm C quotC In H 139504 MFormaiim H HI WPSi g Wits nonbum inhuman anm as hrshml 4mm W lt 0 S l min The QCWPSCJ Cbnhrma h on r umnc is M ms V amvnrce1 1439 1393 Ht kquSl UWS I m rm a39h39on ean Pm 3930 ML H H Tht bum do rcmkm Cavbm 2 Cav oon 1H c arqe H Kg Cu39rclt rtvresm Cowbbn u 39Hr H Em 3y diagram fur El39hmc H Ntwhan vnfcch39on for the ng area B 5 H con rma lwr OF Ll lxanc R 71W clihtelral angle MN u Lc2 H H H S M Swagmd an rmamn cf U xcmt is IED39 E 80 55mm 0 1303980391103930u39iaon Aihc ml mgr bihcclml mam W fwr ohm marked inc conhams X l mu Lvnbrandxul 2 alrh39 conformahbn w 5mm Bufane 6H A3l39 H H lhc mos wrubl39CB H39 391 11 S 139 t CH3 11 large CARL i 5 C 3 111 A39ihtd il angl b hN clcq 3 in m above Ah rm S quot 2 7 7quot En rgx Aiqgram r bo39t amt meurmers I QSC o E 39w 4119562 0 Cd 3 o st 0 D39 3910 1 Jim 31m 3gb H3C CH5 IX U Ct L3 C 4 SC CH5 A CH at 3 264 H l H H t H H H H H H H quot H and twp H H H Au H H 4 2 Suva 3 ohm eelJ3 gt u agmwm H 5 TM a gavdxe wnwmwhbns are OwIVaIIy chm conforma ons ha havt m rda39lio SlniP IF being nun SWimprabh mmr images vaw by sn39mpxe th39m md roJuh39on mom 1 MR aun wt can commf j jaudne oufomm 39on m Mama NS ovfant glam lib ham H C Pst39ubu39Ii I j r enam Sums o 4 435ng arc CW m con rmarh39on s M Canquot ml tonnea IC 0 hinwe Ma a Con rmuh onnl analysis 04 LHCliC organic molccvles Ogclo pmpane H B has onw H L Lonhrmn rion H 9 H H H 01d WYL vont possibh o kxmq m is out lot39mg which an EL cmbms are on at Sam flanL ht bes avoid cmhrmarIson MW we bm mhrrm hbn or 03cm butane mM 0 Mnth 1H tavbons an D39I39 n IH Sam plow blc il m mim39iu dining or hum Shain MOS39I39 Gable Farrm awoj Leom 31qu dog I DQW ab variant nglmr pmgon quot Thint 3 MT ab 0quot ring S kan39n 1quotquotin Cbnhmab n bf gunman in which an 5 CMBDM an m 111 Sum plum mwmtrmum q om omarlwn has M mer possible clipsfng 1hvc bt con rmadain hr quoPW GM ism SO Callc mvclope39 Lonhfma39h n W 03 clohtxant a quot Tht an ovmarh39vn m which MI 21 WBMS 0H m quotk Scum plant is The ICGS I Shlnlt 000 A unformarhbn has Imvdn causing HmS Tom39me 81min Man is a man 64me 19 bmd amgh swim as wcu M Such a wnfvrmahm b M 6quot Chair cbanvrmah39on H H H H H M H H H l 0 U Xam 11a 02mm l L 50 6 ammes IHD 4 12 C quotN H 3quot mam wjmokmlax39 humla an amclu39c hr CH Huh 4 C Swa w mualu bonds 1 quot H3 C C IT H CCC N Q C 1 H CH3 l C N 2 C H C it Nae E gcuq Luau N H DCHg kar up Fla 1 P M illl 2 liqwin mrl pm eeA af nequ s J NA NW 4 1 2 1W Nag NI WPDVAAH DZN 4wa A NW 0 H 0 a N C D e 0 3 9CH 5 H3CCH2 C3 as 0 AG9 0 lb 29 3 3 gt2 gt1 gt 135 lab quot E bm m 739 M fCliPSinj H H H w 8 MM I Jihdm 039th H H CH3 0 o WC 00 6 300 H H H CH3 2 m mm k mo 3 I D 3th D N chow a Sltgh y HHt Paralltl lines Chmi 2 Tosh Hne wkr19 4M a mi 3 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