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Marketing 3721: Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategies

by: Frederick Notetaker

Marketing 3721: Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategies Marketing 3721

Marketplace > University of Missouri - St. Louis > Marketing > Marketing 3721 > Marketing 3721 Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategies
Frederick Notetaker
GPA 4.0
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About this Document

Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategies
Perry D. Drake
Marketing 3721: Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategies




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This 82 page Bundle was uploaded by Frederick Notetaker on Saturday January 9, 2016. The Bundle belongs to Marketing 3721 at University of Missouri - St. Louis taught by Perry D. Drake in Spring 2014. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategies in Marketing at University of Missouri - St. Louis.


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Date Created: 01/09/16
Digital Marketing (MKTG3721) Exercises Homework Assignment Wk 5 – Due 2/25 1. Regarding the four websites that are on Slide 19 of Section 3, answer each question below:     a) What type of marketer are they: ecommerce, Content Publication/Media, or branding b) What should be the goal of the site for someone going each of those URLs? What is it the typical consumer would be wanting? c) Are they successful in understanding their target market and meeting the goals as you stated in part (b) above? d) If not what could they do better? What should they change? e) How is the navigation to information? Is it following best practices as discussed? If not tell me what they could be doing better? f) What would the KPI’s be for each site? Give the top five key metrics you think they should be monitoring 2. Take a look at the AARP website and think about their audience. Do you think this is a good user experience and why or why not? 3. Take a look at the Dr. Oz website. Do you think this is a good user experience and why or why not? 1 Midterm Review Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategies (MKTG 3721) Chapter 1:  Consumer 2.0 This chapter was about the changing consumer dynamic – more access to information in  which to make decisions = more power. Chapter 2:  Digital Marketing Framework  Differences between marketing, integrated marketing and digital marketing  Push vs Pull marketing examples  Cluetrain Manifesto “A powerful global conversation has begun. Through the Internet, people are  discovering and inventing new ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding  speed. As a direct result, markets are getting smarter—and getting smarter faster  than most companies.”  Ad spend by medium and trends  The Digital Marketing Framework Defined o Goals o Target market o Offer o Creative o Content Strategy o Media o Testing o KPI’s How will you gauge success?  How the 4 P’s are changing Products Pricing Place Promotion  The new 4 P’s according to Prof Drake o PersonalizationCustomization of products o Participation o Peer to Peernot to control the conversation b o Predictive Modeling  Content is King! value­period. You will grow, or not grow, based on your content. The more value  youadd, the more effective your content will be.Your content is your brand, its your  message to the world and your potential clients. What is it saying about you? It is who  you are. Chapter 3:  Your Website, Your Heart of Your Online Presence  Conversion Goals our conversion goals can be many things:  • Order  • Lead gen form submission  • Subscribe for newsletter  • Pdf file download  • Sample  • Free demo  • Etc.  • It does not matter what your goals are  • The important thing is that you keep your target market in mind when you  design or redesign your site.  • The user experience will determine your successes   3 Types of Websites o Content Content Publication/media sites –,,,,  www/ o Branding Branding sites –,  o Ecommerce E­Commerce –,,,   Main Steps of Building a Website  Planning – What is your goal, do you have competitors, etc.   • Design – What is the look and feel you are going after   • Development – Putting it all together, crafting the content   • Testing – Making sure it works and if necessary usability testing   • Deployment – Taking it live Rules of Website Design Chapter 4:  Search Strategies for Success (up to slide 66)  Search is a large part of the digital budget – why? according to Econsultancy it has the most measureable ROI – very accountable ….despite our reaching out more and more to our social connections for  information.  Stages of the search funnel Awareness research buying  SEO vs PPC To appear as near the top as  possible in search results for  keywords.  To instantly attract qualified  prospects and leads to your  website and convert them.  Target general terms to  provide the most traffic.  You lack control over how you  rank.  Target specific words you  chose.  You have complete control  over which words are used.  Free traffic for which the  quality depends on your  keywords and resulting anking.    Traffic for which you control  the quality and number of  visitors that result.  Top results on Google receive 36% of all clicks (slide 14)  Rules for maximizing SEO o Indexing o Keywords o Image Tags o Title o Description o Backlinks  Types of Links o One way o Inbound o Outbound o Reciprocal  Determining backlinks  Calculating Page Rank and what is it?  Black Hat techniques (Slide 60)  • Cloaking – A programming technique that can identify robots and shows them  things that regular visitors do not see.  • Duplicate Content – Duplicating a paragraph of keyword rich text or making a  bunch of multiple websites.  • Keyword Stuffing – Repeating words over and over again and a lot of them so that  your keyword list looks more like a grocery list.  • Invisible Text – hiding more keywords by mak Schlafly Beer Donation Request Form To request a donation from Schlafly Beer, please fill out the form below and submit to Sara Curran. Mail: Schlafly Beer 2100 Locust Street E-Mail: Fax: 314-241-8101 Saint Louis, MO 63103 Organization Benefiting from Donation Organization Name: UMSL Marketing Club Student organization to build relationships, Mission Statement: gain insights into the professional world, and to help foster the skills for the marketing industry. 501©3 Number: Contact Information Name/Company: UMSL Street Address: 1 University Boulevard City, State, ZIP St. Louis, MO 63121-4400 Code: Faculty Advisor: E-mail Address: Student Officer: Phone Number: Faculty Advisor: 314 516 6490 Student Officer: 314 532 4190 Intended Use of Donation Item (Check only one) Raffle/Door Prize Auction Item Beverages for *Donated beverages may not be used as auction or raffle prizes. Event Information Event Date: April 24 at 5 pm 1221 Washington Avenue Location: St. Louis, MO 63103 Schlafly Beer Donation Request Form Event Description: Lockerdome Trip Expected 40 Attendance: Is event free & open Free to UMSL Marketing Club members to the public? If requesting beverages for consumption, will other alcoholic No beverages be served? Your Website • Your website is your place of business. • It is the single most valuable piece of digital real estate you can invest in • Get it right and who knows what can happen! • In this crazy digital world, this is about the only properly you do have complete control over. So don’t mess it up 2 Where they Convert • All of the digital marketing techniques we will be discussing (facebook, twitter, blogging, email, etc.) have one thing in common… They are designed to drive qualified traffic to your website • Your website is not just an online brochure …think of it as a conversion engine! 3 Conversion Goals • Your conversion goals can be many things: • Order • Lead gen form submission • Subscribe for newsletter • Pdf file download • Sample • Free demo • Etc. • It does not matter what your goals are • The important thing is that you keep your target market in mind when you design or redesign your site. • The user experience will determine your successes 4 3 Major Types of Websites • Content Publication/media sites –,,,, www/ • Branding sites –, • E-Commerce –,,, 5 Websites by Type Perry D. Drake, © 2013 6 Websites by Type (Continued) Perry D. Drake, © 2013 7 Websites by Type (Continued) Perry D. Drake, © 2013 8 Websites are like houses…which would you prefer? Which elements are critical to your website being effective and why*? * Not from an SEO point of view…that is the next chapter. 9 Three Critical Website Factors • Architecture and Structure – shows hierarchy and relationships of information • Content – Readable by both humans and bots • Navigation – Internal directory and linking of related infromation 10 The Main Steps of Building Your Site • Planning – What is your goal, do you have competitors, etc. • Design – What is the look and feel you are going after • Development – Putting it all together, crafting the content • Testing – Making sure it works and if necessary usability testing • Deployment – Taking it live 11 Rules of Website Design • Know why you are building the site – what do you want it to achieve? • Know who your website is for – know your target market. It should appeal to them not the designers. Put yourself in the users shoes. • Build usability into your website design – make it a seamless experience for the user. Remember you cannot force a person to take a set path. Think of the flow of water…it takes the path of least resistance. A shopping cart checkout process with 10 steps is just not going to work. 12 Rules of Website Design • Make it accessible to everyone – make sure everyone can access the same information regardless of browser, PC, Mac, etc. Did you know that images should be tagged with text legally for those that are visually impaired. 13 Rules of Website Design • Choose your words carefully – As you will learn in the next chapter it is all about the text on your site and the connections between different words and phrases on and between websites. You must know which words are the most relevant to your business. More on this later. • Know your competition – It is important that you know who your competition is, what they are doing online regarding product placement, offer, options, design, etc. Which of your competitors are ranking the highest? • Include “trust flags” or guarantees– important that you show your affiliations and guarantees on the homepage. • Always include a search box – should be placed near the top on every page. • Clickable Logo – to the homepage • Navigation should be vertical - more on this in the next chapter • And the list goes on…. 14 How to Choose a Web Designer • Be careful…I have had many a friend who’s web designer has held them hostage. There are some bad apples out there. • Tips to help ensure you find a good apple include: 1. Look at their website. Does it look professional? It is easy to navigate? How do they rank when doing an organic search for this service? 2. Examine their portfolio. Who are their clients? Click through to the sites and test them? 3. And are their clients sites coming up high on Google search with a high pagerank? 4. Ask for recommendations. 5. Google the designer themselves and see what their reputation and digital footprint looks like. 15 Speaking of Navigation • We are talking site structure. • This will have a massive impact on usability if not thought through carefully • What are your customers searching on…take that information and arrange the site into those sections. HOME PAGE 16 An Example • Drake Direct could be better on navigation. Drop down on services would be better than having to scroll 17 Remember the Home Page Should be Slippery • Remember a home page should be slippery for the most part. It is a jumping off point for your visitors to get to the content they desire. • Some say to avoid splash pages or Flash intro pages. They believe such things are obstacles and hurdles for your users to get to where they want to go. But I think this depends on the sites goals. • Lets take a look. 18 Examples of Homepages 19 A Cool Infographic on Why Buyers Do Not Convert Perry D. Drake, © 2013 20 2 tof passive medda andd isenn t peddled at the time. whatever the brands had to say. Accepting what was being consummeersweere happy to stin Once upon a time … Perry D. Drake, © 2013 3 ed. g …and all rules chan Then came the world wide web Perry D. Drake, © 2013 4 . WWW! new e Th WW! here -- the consumer has complete control. W hen and todaysconsumeersare n conro … hat W And now with Web 2.0 (broadband and rich media) Perry D. Drake, © 2013 5 Forrester Research y publish and share their ideas and opinions.”buy, but connected, more communicative and more in q yed b d ability to access and sift an abundance of not only to personalize their information and Acco “Cocontrol thifveration any time, any“ere”rsomoogainconioflctouohntheaabii”.y Perry D. Drake, © 2013 6 which technology today is influencing consumer ,anywhere ,any place y any imee any place anywhere - NcheeaggreOntonmsandowngg . . The Anabeh1.iostnrmonorwtvs.nioopniuiiencoensiisgnaododcInriluoftmengrssumer) Perry D. Drake, © 2013 2 is What Marketing? Perry D. Drake, © 2013 3 . customers " it is the overall Adtertising eus th "the activity, set of institutions, and ot ie d exchanging offerings that have value for art of selling ,roducts, but selling is only ahave value for serv or the value of a product or service to dc ,delivering pro a ng ti communicating promo o ,communicating on ti unc d f an tgy t t d f ti f ti d t i t th t Acco M aMasrkatlgrmciht ofmeatmetnb.eAnthptermd"Mstheeting" may replace "tion Perry D. Drake, © 2013 4 Marketers Define What They Do Perry D. Drake, © 2013 5 is What Integrated Marketing? Perry D. Drake, © 2013 6 c bliwork pu on, ti prosocial media es communicsaions where the ig, brand ti ver a as rces the brand’s core message. Its goal is to suc ng each to work in isolation, which maximizes seamless experience for the customer and are ia commun ti , personal selling, online communications and k . far o t asp,crect marketing al e cost effectiveness k ll t f k ti i ti h d ti i l ti Integ Inrdipereetmtddesiwarsitgertenrtonrestya that reinfon permitti Perry D. Drake, © 2013 7 is What Digital Marketing? Perry D. Drake, © 2013 8 to engage with is a major component of digital game consoles Internet Marketing that makes use of electronic devices such as computers, , cellphones, digital billboards, and marketing g di smartptines pe kit Wikiidi Digtabconsumers and other and Pull response Digit •al Marketing D • • efi *nSed Perry D. Drake, © 2013 9 nd-social-marketing-make-sense/ h-vs-pull-marketing-why-mobile-a Push vs. Pull Perry D. Drake, © 2013 10 with blinding speed. As a direct result, markets are getting smarter—and getting smarter faster than most companies.” “A inventing new ways to share relevant knowledgeh the Internet, people are discovering and The Cluetrain Manifesto This single paragraph best summarizes the essential position taken by the writers: Perry D. Drake, © 2013 11 Who 2.7 + iiineeople to be exact… Doubled in pastPerry D. Drake, © 2013 12 spend…wow! 1/3 of total digital Mobile forecast to be Share of Ad Spend by Medium Perry D. Drake, © 2013 13 -argetng// -d -nlneen -ue -akes ? Better Targeting of ads. Did you know arter than your friend for the same show? -dvertisngg http// you will most likely see a different ad on Ch Why is Cable ad spend up but Broadcast TV down Actual Ad Spend by Medium Perry D. Drake, © 2013 14 . WitThD egital Marketing...You Can’t Just Click and Get Perry D. Drake, © 2013 15 It Tastng pldxSJupervsionquiring Much Planning, Perry D. Drake, © 2013 16 DigiusiMessketing Strategy is critical to steer your Perry D. Drake, © 2013 17 Cool Infographic…check it out. 2012/03/digital-marketing-budgets-infographic.jpg US O Searinis ngd!vertising Spend Forecast Perry D. Drake, © 2013 18 Online and Offline Marketing Compared Perry D. Drake, © 2013 19 Perry D. Drake, © 2013 20 g n di Accqure cusioderssCrsstomers Wha• t •re he •business objectives? Goals Perry D. Drake, © 2013 21 , Target Market Wh atasychhariorsiosaedthey? Perry D. Drake, © 2013 22 What is the augmented prodHucwIisproenthtrefirimgpmised?scnglncel?nnel promotions? Prod• uc•ts • Pric•ing• • Offer Perry D. Drake, © 2013 23 Wheremdopsocesoffctlnaseucwctneatetn.rrartmiioonavrmr,tic?ledis, quantity limits, Plac•e • • • Prom• otion Offer (Continued) Perry D. Drake, © 2013 24 Hassbranding Crea tivereHe.tatnailenseieo,iotpdedchatftatures Perry D. Drake, © 2013 25 gy y y ghave communications strate DoforoDogoeignlnetenttent calendar alpromooional • • • Content Strategy (key for digital) Perry D. Drake, © 2013 26 ne pesence? li on ,pocial ti, ia m ti op h ti i ti li Wh atodflDeiucmonasWeebbm,ntcffrrsebegsupported via • • • Media Perry D. Drake, © 2013 27 TargCetanrod,fcdmspt,legmtidefageiiesdigital Test •ing• • • • • Perry D. Drake, © 2013 28 costs Web OrdersesOI SppoEtc. KPI’ Hsow•wil•you•gauge •ucc•ss? Perry D. Drake, © 2013 29 The 4 P’s Still the Foundation Perry D. Drake, © 2013 30 Let’s get real…it’s With Some New Meanings Perry D. Drake, © 2013 31 e t ia om Allabcotooamirgnandopping With Some New Meanings Perry D. Drake, © 2013 32 on iti propos havei l iive a va More than ever you compelling and unique With Some New Meanings Perry D. Drake, © 2013 33 usotmietsfikocea,lti, PPC, With Some New Meanings Perry D. Drake, © 2013 34 Ottherdimeensions now surro In the Digital World… Perry D. Drake, © 2013 35 ption PerPoarPciarion-ieire Modeling The 4 • P•s o•f Digital Perry D. Drake, © 2013 36 through the use of the internet. CustomUtiaetof ofarretbctsketdaselysiesnd collaborative filtering Pers onaliz •ation Perry D. Drake, © 2013 37 e ld b hu s on ti rec t di uc d pro e a th w ie trm ed ot tmers cus ng i ow AllwriAll anievebnwthtchnsuthtrsuoi.ttate tleir story.duct is and stands Parti •cipa tion • Perry D. Drake, © 2013 38 al-media-business-disasters-2012/ RenercomamvIciiysbeppieusritrertoelbdurect it. Peer -to-Peer • • Perry D. Drake, © 2013 39 l-was-pregnant-before-her-father-did/ 12/02/16/how-target-figured-out-a-teen-gir qired to convert a cwhaatthey mighttike next Algorithms that help • • • • • Pred ictive Modeling • Perry D. Drake, © 2013 40 . es ir des d a ces e e r Wrap your digital strategies around your consumers personal What does this mean? Perry D. Drake, © 2013 41 Some Talk of the 4 Cs of Digital Marketing Perry D. Drake, © 2013 42 because of its value-period. You will the world and your potential clients. What is it Content is king Bott oogrwo,tentwilw,.based on your content. The more value you add, the more effective your well. Perry D. Drake, © 2013 43 Voiceitfouorm?it–,Urlduwodno-isom,g–ofihtteo–udns,ouhesrsites, Bran •ding C •onte •nt is M • ore T han a Logo Perry D. Drake, © 2013 44 Don’t Forget…communities also grow & create content Perry D. Drake, © 2013 45 Heidi’s Advice on Content Creation Perry D. Drake, © 2013 46 Perry D. Drake, © 2013 47 Perry D. Drake, © 2013 48 Perry D. Drake, © 2013 49 Perry D. Drake, © 2013


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