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PSYCH 3060 Informative Guides

by: Abby Joannes

PSYCH 3060 Informative Guides 13503- PSYCH 3060

Marketplace > Clemson University > Psychlogy > 13503- PSYCH 3060 > PSYCH 3060 Informative Guides
Abby Joannes
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

These notes cover material from the whole class that are condensed into an easy-to-follow format. The bundle includes paraphilias, vocabulary, and a chart outlining all the STDs needed for the class
Human Sexual Behavior
Dr. Bruce King
Human Sexual behavior
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This 6 page Bundle was uploaded by Abby Joannes on Tuesday January 19, 2016. The Bundle belongs to 13503- PSYCH 3060 at Clemson University taught by Dr. Bruce King in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see Human Sexual Behavior in Psychlogy at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 01/19/16
STD Cause? How is it spread? Early symptoms & Complications of late Diagnosis? Treatment? who shows? treatment/ childbirth? Gonorrhea Bacteria, When a person *Shows within days Men: spread to Culture test, Antibiotics, lives in has his or her Men: 80% show. reproductive sys. & urine test only although some warm, mucous Painful, thick puss cause inflammation of tells when it’s in strands are moist membranes drips, inflammation epididymis and the urethra. highly resistant mucous come in contact of urethra prostate. Infertility. with no membrane with someone’s Women: 20% Women: Spread treatment. s infected show. through uterus into membranes. Fallopian tubes. Causes Almost all cases PID. are transmitted Babies: eyes are through sex. infected, eye drops are given at birth. Chlamydi Bacteria, Transferred by *Shows within 1-2 Women: Fallopian Urine tests for Antibiotics. a lives in sexual contact. wks, usually milder tubes become scarred, urethra testing. warm, symptoms than sterility Swab test then moist gonorrhea Babies: eye infections. culture test. mucous Men: 80% show membrane symptoms, clear s and runny discharge. Women: about 90% don’t show symptoms Syphillis Bacteria Almost all cases Happens in Death when left Spirochete Easily fought are transmitted stages… untreated. taken from with antibiotics from sex. Primary stage: Babies: can catch chancre/sore & in any stage, but Doesn’t oozing sores, infection from mom blood test cannot reverse necessarily have painless (chancre) through blood stream, organ damage to pass through Secondary: which causes stillborn that has already mucous itchless, painless or born in advance occurred. membranes rash. stage. Latent (dormant) stage: moves to blood stream and attacks organs Late Stage: STD Cause? damage to internal organs. Diagnosis? Treatment? How is it spread? Complications of late Early symptoms treatments/ childbirth? and who shows? Herpes Virus Can live Primary attack: When spread through No cure but *Can be anywhere on Fluid filled blisters touch to the eyeballs, powerful antiviral both oral body surfaces. that grow and erupt scarring can cause drugs lessen the or genital Unprotected on dry areas blindness. severity. intercourse is an Recurrent attack: Babies: death when Medication can easy way to brought on by exposed to herpes be taken daily. spread it, but stress or fever. virus. C-sections are casual contact given to women who may do so as are known to have it. well. Human Virus Few HPV Pink warts that While some forms Doctors treat the Papilloma infections are grow disappear on their own, symptoms, not Virus actually others can cause the virus itself. If (HPV) submitted cancer, which is the women develop sexually, but the reason why pelvic on inner walls, ones that are, exams and pap smears laser treatment are nasty are so important is necessary. Otherwise creams. Vaccines prevent HPV as well. HIV & Virus Intimate sexual Primary stage: AIDS is the advanced Test for virus No cure yet. AIDs contact and days, weeks, stage of HIV. Untreated, itself is very Normal life can contact with replicated by AIDS patients die expensive, but occur with proper contaminated billions. Flu-like. within a year mostly test for treatment, blood. Most Dormant stage: from infection, not from antibodies is although awful easily spread low levels but no AIDS virus itself. through a blood side effects are through anal symptoms. Can go Babies: 20% of babies test. likely to occur. intercourse, or on for years as born to HIV virus have through sharing white blood cells it, mostly when born needles. decrease. when people are at Symptomatic most contagious stage. stage: half of normal white blood cells. Low grade fever AIDS STD Cause? How is it spread? Early symptoms Complications of late Diagnosis? Treatment? and who shows? treatment/ childbirth? Shigellosis Bacteria Oral stimulation Acute diarrhea, 30% of cases Tetracycline or of the anus fever, pain occur in male ampicillin homosexuals. Paraphilias Finding Affiliate Tactile Copulato Phase Phase Phase ry Phase Voyeurism Exhibitionis Frotteurism Transvestis m m Telephone Urophilia Scatophilia Coprophilia Mysophilia Klismaphilia Zoophilia Test 4 Vocabulary Review Chapter 14  Asphyxiophilia: sexual arousal achieved by restricting breathing  Bestiality: the act of having sexual contact with an animal  Coprophilia: sexual arousal caused by feces or the act of defecation  Exhibitionism: exposing one’s genitals compulsively in inappropriate settings in order to obtain sexual gratification  Fetishism: sexual arousal occurs repeatedly when using or fantasizing about an inanimate object  Frotteurism: sexual arousal is achieved by rubbing one’s genitals against others in public  Klismaphilia: sexual arousal is achieved by being given an enema  Masochism: individuals obtain sexual pleasure primarily by having pain or humiliation inflicted upon them  Mysophilia: sexual arousal by filth or filthy surroundings  Necrophilia: sexual arousal by a dead body  Pedophilia: condition in which sexual arousal is achieved through sexual activity with children who have not yet reached puberty  Sadism: individuals repeatedly and intentionally inflict pain on others in order to achieve sexual arousal  Sexual variant: unusual behaviors that are engaged in for variety and NOT as one’s preferred manner of sexual arousal  Telephone scatophilia: sexual arousal is achieved by making obscene phone calls  Transvestism: sexual arousal is achieved by dressing as a member of the opposite sex  Urophilia: sexual arousal caused by urine or the act of urination  Voyeurism: repeatedly seeking sexual arousal by observing nude individuals without their knowledge or consent Chapter 15  Aggressive pedophile: someone who has sex with prepubescent children and beating them before/after  Anger rapist: someone who rapes because they despise women and blames them for their lack of success  Bisexual pedophile: someone who considers themself to be heterosexual but is attracted to both male and female children  Personally immature pedophile: someone who has never had a successful relationship and seeks out children to have sex with because they are able to control them  Power rapist: someone who commits rape as a way to reassure sexual adequacy, strength, and potency  Preference molester: when someone’s sexual orientation is only toward children and have no interest in adults  Regressive pedophile: someone who may have relations with adults but rapes children when they feel inadequate  Sadistic rapist: someone who enjoys it when their victim resists; enjoys hurting them for a prolonged period of time  Sexual harasser: tells crude jokes and makes sexual comments to those under themselves in work or to those who don’t wish for the attention  Situational molester: sexual urges primarily toward adults but occasionally toward children; they consider their behavior to be abnormal  Opportunistic rapist: when the rapist is sexually aroused and impulsively forces their dates to have sex with them when they are alone Chapter 16  B-girl: prostitutes who work in bars and hotels, generally with the approval of the ownership  Brothel prostitute: prostitutes who work in houses of prostitution  Call girl: highest-status prostitutes who generally work out of their own apartments and by appointment only  Gigolo: male prostitute who caters to women  Hustler: male prostitute who caters to men  “John”: customers using the prostitute’s services  Pimp: person in charge of the prostitutes  Streetwalker: a prostitute who publically solicits their services


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