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by: Valerie Notetaker

IUF1000 IUF1000

Valerie Notetaker
GPA 3.83

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About this Document

This is the in class notes for the first two weeks of the semester.
What is the good life
Myengso Seo; Andrew Nichols
UF, Humanities
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Valerie Notetaker on Wednesday January 20, 2016. The Bundle belongs to IUF1000 at University of Florida taught by Myengso Seo; Andrew Nichols in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 101 views.


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Date Created: 01/20/16
IUF1000 Notes Nichols Andrews Class one: 1/6/2010 1/11/2016 Five- fold happiness Vivien Sung - Australian born - Chinese parents - Visits to china as an adult. - Her gift to her mother (clock) - Her mother’s refusal - ‘Zhong = “CLOCK” and “end” - Song Zhong = to send someone to their end. Importance of good fortune and luck in Chinese culture - Lucky charms and objects - Lucky words and phrases - Chinese language (tonal) - Puns and wordplay - Homophones. Rebuses (symbols) - Pictoral puns – Chinese symbols or objects - Luck, prosperity, longevity, double Happiness, Wealth, Deities. Luck (fu’) - Decorative function (clothes, tapestries, etc.) - Placement above entrances and doorways- (they do this because you don’t know what is on the other side which is liminal) - The bat (fu’) Five bats (wu fu) – the five good fortunes - Longevity, wealth, Health, love of virtue, peaceful death - How would Vase (ping) - peace (ping an) - Popular gifts - This is symbolic. Prosperity (lu) - Status, education, rank, honor - Prelude to wealth (cai) - Symbols – deer, money, etc. Longevity (shou) - Most highly regarded of the fortunes - Respect for elders - Longevity the result of virtue. - In this culture is because they long that long that result in virtue. Basically you are favored by the gods and etc. Double Happiness - Marriages and weddings - Emphasis on fertility - Having kids mainly to take care of you when you get older and pass on your genes. Legend of the four Happiness boys - Wedding (symbolic of the future), imperial Exams (education wise when you pass each step of life), Encounter a friend (finding someone you did not expect to find ), rain (important for people on farms). - A drawing of baby. Ayurveda - Traditional Indian system of medicine rd - Sushruta Samhita – text on surgery (3 C AD) - Caraka Samhita- Principles of Medicine (4 TH C AD) Eight sets of three Three ambitions - The will for life - as in a good life, not just existing - The drive for riches - ambitions - Aspirations to reach the afterlife. – the ending. The will for life - The first and principle ambition - Achieving and maintaining health - Longevity is achieved by safeguarding one’s life. The drive for prosperity - The misfortune of longevity without resources - Reputable jobs with sufficient pay - Agriculture, Husbandry, etc. The aspirations for the world beyond. - Rebirth and non- believers - Religious tradition, inference, logic - Scriptures contradict logic (not proof). – just because it is written doesn’t mean that it is true. Four methods of investigation - Authorities – those who are learned, cultured, free of agitation and lethargy, and possess clear Knowledge. - Perceptions- awareness - Inference- done after perception (past, present, future) - Reasoning – Ascertaining the results of connections - Ex: water, plowing, seed and season = corn - This leads to achievement of three goals of life. Proving the existence of rebirth - Authority – the veda (the ultimate authority) o Austerity, generosity, sacrifice, honesty, non-violence, chaste life o Other authorities (ancient) - Perception- o Differences in siblings, people of common ethnicity o Similar actions, different results o Special talents. - Inference – o attributing events to the past life - Reasoning o One thing cannot grow from the seed of another. - Siblings – are you really that closet with your siblings? 1/13/2016 Herodotus of Halicarnassus—“the father of history” - The histories (‘inquires’) o Investigation into the past - Published ca. 425 BCE (first recited ca. 440) - History of conflict between Persians and Greeks Folktales, oral traditions. Legend of Croesus and Solon th - Croesus (6 C BCE) o King of Lydia (turkey) o Legendary wealth o “more gold than Croesus” o The where one of the riches places back in the day. - - Solon of Athens o Lawgiver and social reformer (590’s BC) o Poet – political and patriotic propaganda o 10 year absence from Athens. - Solon’s travel o Egypt- philosophical discussions (Atlantis legend) o Cyprus – construction of Soloi (desgins a city) o Sardis, capital of Lydia. - Lydian empire o Victors to Sardis (Capitol) o Attempts to impress – elaborate decorations to impress the king. - Solons travels o Search for wisdom. - - “Who is the happiest man you have ever seen”? - Tellus of Athens o Prosperous city o Sons and grandsons o Sufficient wealth o Glorious death (battle)  Honored after death.  Big things for the Greeks. - nd - “Who is the 2 happiness man you have ever seen”? - Cleobus and Biton of Argos o Finically comfortable o Taking their mother to a festive of Hera  Public recognition. o Heaven sent death – answer to mothers prayers o Peaceful death- they just dropped down and died (the sons) o “greatest blessing” o Honor after death- striving for name to life on. - Solon’s response to Croesus’ own happiness o Great wealth does not bring greater happiness o Emphasis on good fortune o “count no man as happy until he is dead”  Change of fortune (divine role).  You may seem happy now but anything can happen - Croesus change of fortune (possibly for Hybris) o Hybris – putting yourself in front of or in higher level than the Gods. o His dream about his son ATYS  Precautions for his son  Arrival of Adrastus of Phrygia  Atys accidental death by Adrastus. o The rise of Cyrus the Great and the Persians o Croesus appeals to oracles and their response o His wish to hear his mute son speak  The oracle’s response.  The day your son speak is the day that Sardis will fall. o The Sack of Sardis (the mute son speaks) o Cyrus’ attempt to execute Croesus. - Cyrus treatment of Croesus o Croesus recognition of Solon’s wisdom o Cyrus change of heart (reasons) o Divine intervention. - Croesus fate o Was he ever truly happy? o Can he end up happy? o Depends on how you view happiness. o Are you happy if you are a prisoner? - - What cross-cultural are similarities in the definition of happiness? - Is our modern view of happiness any different? Proust – “Another Memory” - Marcel Proust (18 o French author – novels, essays o Sickly child – asthma o Sexuality – he was a Gay man. o Social morality of the time (cf. Wilde) - Childhood – chaotic times (third republic of France) o Social upheaval o Decline of the Aristocracy, rise of the middle class o Dreyfus Affair. - Member of the upper class o social conservative o Article in Le Figaro – treatise against Socialism. - In search of lost time (took 14 years to write) - Perception, perspective, experience, memory - Autobiographical nature - Ex. Combray based on illers. - SEVEN VOLUMES (OVER 3,000 PAGES) - OVER 2,000 characters - Published separately – unfinished.


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