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Art 100: 2 Weeks of Notes

by: Alexis Conley

Art 100: 2 Weeks of Notes Art 100

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Art > Art 100 > Art 100 2 Weeks of Notes
Alexis Conley
GPA 3.4

Michael Fenton

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About this Document

These are introductory notes of the first two weeks of class. Chapters 1-3
Michael Fenton
Art 100, Art
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This 0 page Bundle was uploaded by Alexis Conley on Wednesday January 20, 2016. The Bundle belongs to Art 100 at Colorado State University taught by Michael Fenton in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 94 views. For similar materials see in Art at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 01/20/16
Art 100 The Basics of Visual Literacy 1 Description the quotwhatquot questions of a print artwork 2 Analysis what how and why a Form i Visual Elements 1 Line light value color formspace time ii Composition 1 Symmetrical vs ASymmetrical b Content i Subject matter 1 Natural subject matter what anyone can plainly see 2 lconography symbolism used in artwork c Style i Period vs Regional vs Personal ii Stylization how the subject matter is treated in the relation to the object in nature 1 Realistic direct source naturalistic idealized abstract nonrepresentational Neolithic quotMost signi cant change in the human his mmquot 1 The Neolithic Revolution a Permeant Settlement Architecture b Agriculture amp Animal Domestication c Specialization Pottery Ceramics i Architecture Material 1 Wood mud stone amp plaster ii Architecture Technique 39 1 Wattle amp Dub Construction 39 quot a Sticks woven like baskets mud is covered on the inside and outside 2 Post amp Lintel Construction Stonehenge 3 Corbelled Construction Shrine rooms appear more Megaliths large stone Passage Grave taken post amp lintel elements to create an open grave space g Henge a circle of megaliths i Mortice and tenon Legos th0 Ancient Near East quotEmergence of the Neolithi Cuneiform written language Metallurgy bronze age Iron Age City States amp Empires a Cylinder Seal i Cylinder stone that is rolled acro b Ziggurat UJNl 39 i Believed to be used to get closed to God amp had a temple on top ii Made out of mud brick 4 Stylistic Conventions artists working in similar styles a Materials i Limestone alabaster gypsum lapis lazuli gold stone shell bitumen tar asphalt ii lnlay of stone amp shell set into black bitumen b Composition i quotHieratic Sealingquot bigger is better size equals importance ii Ground line single line on the ground which has a consistent space iii Register art work in between the ground line 129 Ancient Near East 1 Stele one large plank of stone that is being used for a proclamation or code 2 Lamassu guardian gure lion bull eagle human combined to form one animal a Two relief carving close to each other b 5 legs at different angles to look like a perspective of walking 3 Composition a Vertical Perspective b Fired amp Glazed Bricks c Stone Columns 4 Technique a Firing them in the sun b Glazed Brick Egyptian Art 1 Material Techniques a Painted and pressed papyrus 2 Belief of Burial Practices a Ka amp Mummi cation 70 days to bury the dead b Mastabe i Buried ground for mummies chapel and stat c Stepped Pyramid quot i Traditional looking pyramid 1 Limestone amp Asher Masonry a Precisely made from stone and bricks b Carved perfectly 2 Funerary Complex a Part of a larger Pyramid b 1St stone pillars in the world found here 3 Engaged Columns a Columns in part of a wall b More for decoration reater Pyramidsquot at Giza 1 Ashlar Masonry Limestone Granite Electrum at the tip alloy of silver amp gold t Sphynx attached to pyramids i Carved out of natural sandstone 1 Softer easily corroded 2 Sandstorms and other natural weathering caused reduction i Sand covered base locking in moisture 3 Names quothead dressquot shows of the pharaoh which they only whores e Stylistic Conventions i Canon of Proportions a set of rule guidelines to follow when creating artwork ii Egyption COP used a grid system with boxes squares sts tall by sts wide 1 Rigidity and the power of Egyptian culture a Men with dark skin working outside b Women with light skin indoor chores 2 Has changed over time sometimes dramatically a King Hatshepsut queen pharaoh amp has breasts b Akhenaton Temple of Aton i Changes in the god they worshipped from many gods to one god ii The art has made Nefertiti wife idea 39 n 1539 1075 BCE Canon of proportion 1 Tutankhamun Tomb Ruled from 9 yr old to 18 yrs old a Found food gold preserved body in tomb temple area b Anthropoid Cof n coffin is size amp shape as the person withi Ii i 7 layer protection with 18th inch gold on the last innerc ii Death mask 1 Materials gold stone channel semiprecious sto metals 2 Technique Egyptian Cloisonn 2 Ancient Egyptian Architecture a Temple of AmenRe Sun god of Egypt i Built amp expanded for generations ii Believed to completed by Ramsies 1 Pylons two trapezoid shape bound by post amp lintel 2 Facade face of the building 3 Obelisk pairs of pillars on front of pylon temple sometimes has art a harder to create b uses a single piece of stone 4 Servers as a sun gate since it serves as a temple to AmenRe ypos yle Hall columned hallway post amp lintel had so an extreme abundance i mostly used for art and not support ii Towers of a hallway c Clerestory row of windows that allowed light amp wind in g i Sunken Relief drawing engraving into the stone f39 Cycladic Culture 3000 1600 BCE Art of the Aegean World 1 Plank Idols thin planks of stone between 6quot 8quot tall a Only nose for facial feature arm crossed quotBarbie feetquot funerary gures mostly all female b Marble easy to construct and create c Stylistic Conventions i Has negative space with emphasis on beauty


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