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Chem 1030 Syllabus

by: Alanis Smith

Chem 1030 Syllabus CHEM 1040

Marketplace > Auburn University > Chemistry > CHEM 1040 > Chem 1030 Syllabus
Alanis Smith

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About this Document

Just a syllabus for parctice
Fundamental Chemistry II
Dr. Brett A. Cagg
Chemistry, Syllabus, Chem
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Alanis Smith on Saturday January 23, 2016. The Bundle belongs to CHEM 1040 at Auburn University taught by Dr. Brett A. Cagg in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 437 views. For similar materials see Fundamental Chemistry II in Chemistry at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 01/23/16
CHEM 1030-003 Fundamentals of Chemistry I FALL, 2015 Professor: Dr. John Gorden Office: 363 Chemistry Building Email: Lecture: Science Center Auditorium, Room 101. TR 9:30 – 10:45 AM Reviews: As needed, usually a day or two before an exam Office Hours: TBA – Pending Results of Doodle Poll COURSE DESCRIPTION: Chemistry 1030 is a science core course. A study of fundamental concepts of chemistry including nomenclature, states of matter, the periodic table and periodic trends, chemical reactions, atomic structure, chemical bonding, molecular structure, and the properties of gases, liquids, solutions and solids. REQUIRED MATERIALS:   nd Textbook: Chemistry---Atoms First (2 Edition) by Burdge/Overly (McGraw Hill).   Option # 1: 'digital/eBook package' (ISBN: 9781259382444) · Includes: (1) ALEKS 360 Access Card (2 Semester) for Chemistry: Atoms First (2015) (2) access to downloadable Vital Source eBook 5 year license Option # 2: 'loose leaf package' (ISBN: 9781259382307) · Includes (1) loose leaf, 3 ring binder version of Burdge/Overby, Chemistry: Atoms First, 2nd ed. (2015) (2) ALEKS 360 Access Card (2 Semester) for Chemistry: Atoms First (2015) (3) access to downloadable Vital Source eBook 5 year license Option # 3: 'hardbound package' (ISBN: 9781259382369) · Includes (1) hardbound version of Burdge/Overby, Chemistry: Atoms First, 2nd ed. (2015) (2) ALEKS 360 Access Card (2 Semester) for Chemistry: Atoms First (2015) (3) access to downloadable Vital Source eBook 5 year license   ONLINE  PURCHASE  DIRECT  FROM  ALEKS  DURING  REGISTRATION  PROCESS:     ALEKS 360 Online Access (2 Semester) for Chemistry: Atoms First (2015) · NOTE: this is an eBook only option. You will not have a printed textbook but will 2 have access to the eBook within ALEKS, this option also does NOT include access to the downloadable Vital Source eBook in the bookstore packages outlined above. i-Clicker:We will be utilizing the i-Clicker student response system throughout the semester for attendance, class participation, and quizzesThe i-Clicker remote is available at the University Bookstore. ALEKS: (see homework section). Calculator: A non-graphing calculator is needed for the course (scientific, i.e. TI-30). COURSE OBJECTIVES: You should have a firm background in the basics of chemistry at the conclusion of this course. In this class, you will learn the fundamental details of chemistry. In addition, I hope that you will appreciate the role that chemistry plays in other sciences and in medicine. We will be covering Chapters 1-12. E-MAIL: Your subject line MUST include the following: CHEM 1030. If your question is regarding Exam 1 then it should be written as follows: CHEM 1030 EXAM1. You will do the same for homework, quizzes, and making appointments. These types of subject lines will greatly enhance the response time and prevent your message from being placed into my Spam folder. GRADE SCHEME: Quizzes/in Class Participation: 10% Homework: 10% Three exams: 60% Comprehensive Final Exam: 20% Grading Scale: 90 - 100% A 80 - 89% B 70 - 79% C 60 - 69% D < 60% F ATTENDANCE: Attendance is not required for this course; however, it is highly advisable that you come to every class. There is no need to bring excuses for missed class(es). If you miss class, then you are responsible for all information, handouts, and announcements missed. If you miss a quiz then you will receive a zero. If you miss an exam you will take an essay make-up exam (or an oral exam) the next Friday between 3-6 pm in CHEM 134 . The Tiger Cub outlines acceptable excused absences for scheduled coursework (i.e. Scheduled Exams). If you already know you will be missing a class due to a university approved/sponsored event, please notify me in advance and we will 2 3 arrange with a fellow student to obtain lecture notes, handouts, and class announcements. For this situation you will not be penalized for a missed quiz. If you have a failing grade at the end of the term, excessive absences may result in your grade being entered as FA (failure due to excessive absences). UNNANOUNCED CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES (QUIZZES): These occur during class and are designed to facilitate your learning and allow me to obtain feedback on the class’ comprehension. If you miss a classroom activity/quiz, you cannot make it up. If you are absent, you will miss the points for that day. These activities will be taken using the i-Clicker student response system. Students will be required to have an i-Clicker remote by August 25 . Please notify me if you are having difficulty obtaining one from the Bookstore. Be sure to bring your i-Clicker to class every day. Without an i-Clicker you will not be able to receive credit for the exercises and you will be considered absent for the day. You will be allowed to drop the three lowest activity grades, so if you happen to miss a class or forget your i-Clicker remote, there is some flexibility. STUDENT DISCIPLINE: Typically, cheating results in a failing grade in the class and also generally in suspension or expulsion from Auburn University. Students may be required to sign an honor pledge on exams and remove hats and sunglasses during class. Backpacks will be placed in the front of the class room before all exams. The use of cell phones, pagers, laptops, i-pods, tablets and talking will be strictly prohibited. Be sure to bring your student ID to the exams in order to verify enrollment. Students are expected to meet the standards of the Student Academic Honesty Code, information regarding which can be found here ( and here ( Typically, cheating results in a failing grade in the class and also generally in suspension or expulsion from Auburn University. STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: Students who need special accommodations are encouraged to see me after class or in my office (or contact me by phone or email) to make an appointment so we can discuss your situation confidentially. Please bring your memo from the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) to me as soon as possible. If you do not have a memo from the PSD office that tells me about your accommodations, please make an appointment to see them in 1232 Haley Center (844- 2096). LECTURES: Success in this course will require much study out of class. You should expect to study a minimum of three hours out of class for every lecture. Working problems at the end of each chapter is highly recommended. Very often questions on 3 4 the exams are similar or identical to these homework problems! We will take some class time to do some examples; however, it is impossible to go over all of them. If you do not understand a given problem, ask friends, come to office hours/review sessions. It is absolutely NOT a good idea to fall behind in this course, most especially in the first few chapters. It is not wise to play catch up. While the student study guide that accompanies the textbook is recommended for review I would highly encourage you to avoid looking at the answers too much. Chemistry problems are best learned by repetition, and looking at the answer key too early can sometimes hinder the learning process. HOMEWORK: We will be using ALEKS as a dynamic learning system. It is essential that you try to do the homework on your own. The problems at the end of the chapters provide a good review when preparing for exams. Use the problems to test yourself. If you can work the problems without referring to your text or notes, then you are likely ready to take the exam. ALEKS: ALEKS- Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces. ( will be required for this class. The benefits of using ALEKS include: o 24/7 availability o Smart (use of ‘artificial intelligence’) and adaptive to individual’s needs and progress o Substantial improvement in students’ grades and success in class In order to use ALEKS, first log on to and get registered. Our term is 15 weeks long so you can choose that payment option. Or if you will take CHEM 1040 in the following semester, the year-long option will save you money. After registering, enter the Course Name (CHEM 1030-003 F2015 Dr. Gorden - 003) Couse Code (VVLRN-YJR4X) to locate our class. Try your best on your first assessment and that will set the ground for what you will be doing in the next few weeks. More details of ALEKS can be found in Canvas Announcements. EXAMS: There are three exams and a comprehensive final. Exams include a variety of questions consisting of multiple choice, short response and calculation-based questions. All exams are closed book - bring only pens, a non-graphing calculator and you AU ID to the exam. The use of electronic devices (cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) is prohibited during exams. You will also be asked to remove all hats and sunglasses. All backpacks must be placed in front of the class room before all examinations. You will be required to perform each exam in ink and extra scratch paper will be provided. If you miss one of the three hourly exams due to a legitimate reason, such as sickness or death of an immediate family member, you must provide the instructor with a satisfactory excuse in writing that explains why you missed a scheduled exam; you must provide supporting information within one week after the absence. Make-up 4 5 examinations are always up to the instructor’s discretion. University-sanctioned absences that result in a missed examination will be made up by taking a make-up exam. Not having a valid official excuse will result in 0 points for the respective test. Students missing the final exam without a University-sanctioned excuse will receive a FA for the semester. Students missing the final exam with a University-sanctioned excuse will receive an incomplete (I) for the semester and will follow the Tiger Cub rules for completing the class in the following semester. Incompletes calculate into your GPA as an “F” until rectified. Returned exams: You are expected to pick up your exam (in class) once it has been graded. Failure to pick up your graded exam on the day they are returned will result in a grade penalty. Regrading: Answers given by pencils will be graded but cannot be re-graded. Modifying your original answers and then seeking a re-grade is a serious violation of the Academic Honesty Code. All requests for re-grades are only accepted at the end of the next class after an exam is returned. IMPORTANT DATES: Aug 17 Classes Begin th Sep 4 15 Class Day Sep 7 Labor Day (holiday) Sep 29 Early Alert/Mid-Term Grade Deadline th Oct 6 Mid semester (36 Class Day)* *Last day to withdraw with no grade penalty * Oct 15-16 Fall Break Nov 23-27 Thanksgiving Break Dec 4 Classes End Dec 5-6 Study/Reading Days Dec 8 Final Exam Room and Time (evening) TBA EXAM DATES: Date September 10 Review for Exam 1 CHEM 151 6-8pm September 15 Exam 1 October 7 Review for Exam 2 CHEM 151 6-8pm October 13 Exam 2 November 12 Review for Exam 3 CHEM 151 6-8pm November 17 Exam 3 December 8 Final Exam 5


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