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JREM 466 Bundle

by: Anna Ingleburger
Anna Ingleburger
Intro Contemporary Media
Erin Whiteside

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About this Document

Here are all my notes from Fall 2015 JREM 466.
Intro Contemporary Media
Erin Whiteside
journalism, Media, diveristy
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This 70 page Bundle was uploaded by Anna Ingleburger on Monday January 25, 2016. The Bundle belongs to JREM 466 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Erin Whiteside in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see Intro Contemporary Media in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
N otes Thursday November 12 2015 438 PM JREM Page 1 Aug 25 Tuesday August 18 2015 1120 AM ssigned Revaclings I Bi eersity in HE Mass Media introduction pp 111 and Merlia Representations Critical Perspectivesquot pp 21225 2 Fansset it Be Bl39intlen it 21115 Juljlr ill Era entls as South Karolina lowers confederate ag The New York Times ocess at httpr fwemnetime scom l i Will llquotus 1 southcareinauconferieratw 1 Reading guide For quotintroductionquot Media Representations Critical Perspectives pp 222251 139 What is a schema1 0 m 5 2 What hintl of 1uriew clo critical scholars take when evaluating the impact of mass communication A 3 according to the theorgir ofhegemony why we he concerned with the M M O widespread exportation ot n ie rican cultural protlucts on a global scale e Descrihethe quotconstructivistquotapproach to representation 1 W Consch Wagswa lnj och 0c O Q WQrJGCQ amp 06000 3 Reading guide tor Fausset Itquot 3 Blinder A 2815 July 1U Era encls as South Carolina lowers confederate ag The New York Times at httozi39 Vi wwwmrtime scorn i 2D15i El 1 1 fus outh caro liha co nl39erlerate a39 Lhtml r 4 be5 H eccesmhlj l The story in clutlles sentiments from those that support the ag s 39oe39mo eal anti those that clo not Proeicle an example I from the story of how individuals From each side supported their position 2 Descrihe the ceremony39 in which the flag was removedquot JREM Page 2 7amp7 XWMMMmWWWCM me v MWmW QWW memm W A Q JREM Page 3 m m WWW WW WWWWampWW QOWW WW wwmeme WMWWWW WW WW am Wm WM m fw JREM Page 4 Aug 27 Tuesday August 18 2015 1120 AM JREM Page 6 Warning Cneerning Cppy right Restrietiens Tine eepprigitt lew ell the United States Title ll United Sisters Bede QIG UEmS tire repre duetien ef39 eepyrighted msterieL 39LJrider eeriein eenditierts speei ed in the lawn liltreries end ereltises ere permitted ie furrtish s repred ustiem if used fer private study sehelersl39iip r research is seeend eerrditierl is that eniy single srtieles er ehepiers ei e wedt tetsling rte mre then ii e ef the tetel number ef peges be repredueed Any use ef e repreduetied that exceeds these guidelines ritesr e eensidered eepprignt intrirrgernerrt Tiris institutien reserves the right te refuse eny39 request fer repreduetien ttiet is deemed e sielstien pt eurrent eepprignt guidelines This nieterisl hes been repred used trrrr the tellewinig seuree Martini Cirristepirer end Jimmie iil Reeves The Super Bewi and Li Clli laitiiiiiil il m In ret39essieneiSpdrts Eatenliningpepncultere James Terr em San Diego Greenheeen Press pp dide3 Ttris materiel is presented fer use seleliyr by eutiierized faculty and students et the Pg l 39swuamia State Un i VE l EiW IfLIIIFlZI Tier repreduetien er distriedtierl ef this rnetjerieii is expressly prehitrited Tn is rnsteriei nnsp be nrrede available in alternative media upeir request Please enteet Ceurse Fteserses Sers39iees et etesenrespsuliesissued Li er trip pnene st didi seepage it were are perienereg prettiest 39rsiewirrg er printing this deerurnerri trieri httpdiwww librariesespeduitissireserueiuseeleetreniereserueshtm i reupiesnesting internist re it if further risierree is FE ttiitiii desertplied er the prettiein it xeiresewesieipsuajjespsuxedu that ritziiii zies the i rjrjurse end urtiieiijrr ier wi39iir ii rrreterrei rr welt tire title titer meteriei JREM Page 7 Super owl Chauvin s L Bowl is y mmt umui sporting Ch smpher Re J Rem Arngria are mug m the Super E rwl pupa altar on a global The a billj n people waving m Supt EmirL yet In itElla cv idmcc m suppcu 39 that 35mm spam i115 wants web as Wml Cup the Cup and the Rugby WEIEd Cup adlll more vimwtrs than this Super 39E wll and yes a nmrirty Inf sfnlllnw these mm Th4 a mm the US mg i mphmis cm the Sugar Howl s mppmd gimbad quotscams m m 5 tad at in m ma a Ch stuphar E a pmfeswt HE 39 v madam at the Ux wrsiity if Imml and Li Erma teadms ram mlwisinm and mnl mcdia at TE A MERE DEC DE man 1939 the symb c Will was dam pa m laden in Uni ed Sums assumdl their d 39zms a Whig Irr diner had mm to new intma nna puliu ml armgemmt pace at Em but m l E man was aunt it was gardenII I L H1131 iwm h BM mdi rim U55 5 4151319de my in St ihm Pan mm lm w by w Eli JREM Page 8 of HERE the Earl 5mm E39EFLEE T AMEMEAH VALUES wuuil be m Lind and by the Umitcd 51155 m the f the United Stilts Mn my wards m m timer gt 12h Sputnik as Eh Haw Warm Duch gut izi fd f fm War mg e but didl nut hm m DE ditd me a as W and mulczd bers n mdlw and u WIDE am If peaumpgd sa UNSW tindan NATO of SEEM Mud g a than 93er Mammalian mitlmgd at th in Maui to quickly halt 5mm 11 in mm and the mile 0f le Serbian leadgr TSJIJub dm nd am a must white uppermddd edam high n in Lithium Ealmmdlug 5111de and 1mg Wampum1rme peers and thzhvj Illa Iimatveliy lming H pmplc and Miami mare I mun tssx palitica has been nice 39 ift d in WanquotM Dr tr thia sid of the global mummy mm y bums EJEIEED the pmblcms of 111 wrmb e intemmnmil leadcrs im m mmwmv dams and Emma vialmm H1 U s favorite Inf 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Hut it fur gl fball aquot extends j lJSt m pm ue rimted Emu rm 5 m mmm finiala it nd in n mzhe Super is rsprmsnmd the and mm mtdmd on 111 planet The emumm Supra audimcz 11F betwem E him and a b n mpresgnm at last mu mmpc ng Du me hand the Super anll s in nim media a lm Heading humankind SEE 1m ti combat by via a 39mrlldwwid l 39 1d Suptr Bow1 mine eme39 0n u 3mmquot it i that is a mt Wter C111 which 5 5w rim it l i l 9f at planEr but ma UBLSLqum cd lies the wt 0f Lh sup BM Ta 1 m J Irma m 39 i E q a an null tan the Super BaxHE i5 less than the bigg t quotbud c and has spark 115 mm in T11 rldt Tn imagine the Super E as mp quot 39 want is m in the cmmrre dcmct GE 0quot tr ma a mats 39 3 Eur the W d Cup l h d tam is mar dun bi i i w d wide far mum 19 in ES mnttd malady audjmm of 3739 b liun pap f d l 54 gam mar uh mun1mg D The Cricket Warld bald fan res mmn39i a u British Empire an animated we hilIiiDn cwcrs warm wide but rEEEiiF amm Eia llE United Sums Eh JREM Page 9 SF HTS HEFLEET AHIE39HH CJHN VALUES 39 Emm u Rughy World aim uid mast Hamil in Waits in I999 d m 25 b ljmn for im IWE Noam fram 5mm Canada mummy amid the LIES Elihu t1 adapt din Emmi as inquot lawn famrite wart iing Camdink gc zg phit pmmdmjm lagginng banks and midi the ver iiiIS um Eupj mg mg Elf ewc marl d1 breathaer a 7 g tilt gallant a Ci idim an audiij ch grain 0n Sm ay 30134111531 am the M Amgd Thug muted the pm win he brandEast an 225 muf ns 451i radian n ma if cannui dich ib t a billion pap mm is m hangar app tablg Ya 1211 ms li that it mm pauses m pay m I39JIJE Sup aw is minimal my mlay mn hunmly mmwcned vi d3 the HS media w ail argu it is re 1 billion pup in tin mt wan the to can ahuur39r the Super a Super Bowl Sunday Evanimbue f the Supcr L wl39is lawmn un are 31 Wig gs matad is dismmgr mgi it is talc rm 3 m we mum fth w me Unjwd 5mm might have x yet meth dulngiml de dcncigs are named mt numbcr nf Em mi jia mers is tamer dmm d my Eh 39Wa mm ailment ipprmd med the pub Li reh n s Harding m 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2MB The Super lin wl and Chatwiniam In L Terr e tLj Prefeaai39nnnl Spartaquot Examining pep eultnre plat E39iw i j San illegal G reentaeen Preaa What mg the mllthmquot quotwall by thE great E Ell39l39p39 l m The assumption that outside the US or NFL sports aren39t important US sports are the best Wheat interest rlnee it Serve tn imagine the Snpeanwl ae an internatinnal event and haw The NFL benefits because it encourages Americans to be a part of something that matters Haw is the viewing experience tlill enent fer individuals in tiliff39etent part5 ef the world The timing is very different from people in the US and most of them are unfamiliar with the sport The anthers argue that the NFL will net gain in tietnatinnal papalarityi Why It focused on hegemony not global ideas JREM Page 13 Notes Thursday August 272 21115 1116 AM Review Agenda Power of Mass Media fear of IdEOIOEY Nazi Germany Ritual model application War of the Worlds Transmission Model Focus on the message itself Ritual Model Focus on delivery Focus on beliefs communicated Messages maintain viewpoints Media is a space where a particular view of the world is portrayed and confirmed Consuming media becomes a ritual that helps maintain our shared beliefs The presentation of communication serves a function in ordering society Ideology a system of meaning that defines and explains the world and makes value judgments about it quotCommonsense view of the worldll World view Belief system What does it mean to be normal Justifies opinions choices and policy American Work ethic Money Democracy Christian JREM Page 14 JREM Page 15 Sept1 Tuesday August 18 2015 1120 AM 739 J nP r nj h m a 39 a quota fauna kgmtmlga nkLsmam 115 u E Efciz a Tammi m m Gnursel a a emala Readmnsgs F r39 llass amnes aym Sept 12 For Class 351 Tuesday Sept 1 Readiing guide fur class 33 Tuesday 59m 1 t ached Fines 3 Chapter 13 D HLJEMM read iing guide mc n 481 KB Heading assignment 39I hr Tlueaday Sept 1 DIUSMM Eh I3 Il39rl39l39lne 2Hhhlnnrn I l39 nH J 39 mill ILIE39quot quot39 39 n nl39nni icn39fii nllmn iii391 Hfu l n nlnn f iirIl 1quotT1I q 1 JREM Page 16 an Rear i ng gtti the Chapter 3913 quotRepresentatiehs ei39 Class in Diversity in US Mass Media Why tie the HLHITDTS suggest that narratives teatihg the United States as art quotegalitarian ideal are misleading W 3 DCXOKA CK Q55 c5 40 le QmCvw c4 5 S Hewdeeritiea lseheiars define elass a 8mm 0 SN iQr W i e Wi tat itihti euf steree types de ragsteriehes sterylihes perpetuate QMK 7W 0ft la j 39 74M Cm Edam i i i t with he 39ttiquot i MW IEJ ways are em eplee In eevrslen DOME we are we wnrried ah eut inertmpiete and unevenquot news etwerage eat the peer JREM Page 17 Notes Tuesday September 1 21115 1114 AM Ideology Focus on social class Stereotypes and ideology American Exceptionalism Manifest destiny Global example of democracy and social mobility Critique of US Materialism Tolerance of internal social problems Extremes of poverty and wealth Communicating Ideology Education Family Religion Government Business Media through the accumulation of images and ideas over time and space Relationship between ideology and stereotypes Stereotypes stem from ideology Example Stereotypes attached to the ideology about poverty Welfare mother If you39re poor it39s your fault t b Lazy Uneducated Substance abusers White trash Violent Criminal Dishonest MN MW WCMi M WWme ina uw il mm W JREM Page 18 MW 2W 0 m f Sept3 Tuesday August 18 2015 1120 AM 39 my twigi quot e V T gr ilms J I Course Materials Readings For Class 3 Thursday Sept 3 For Class 3b Thursday Sept 3 Reading and reading guide for class 3b Thursday Sept 3 Attached Has 3 food network reading gmde doc 23 KB L KetchumFood pdi pdf 391 323 MB Reading assignment for dass 3b Thursday Sept 3 Kelchum Ct 0007 Tunnel vision and food A political economic analysns of Food Network in S BanctWciscr C Chris amp A F rcltas Eds Cable visions Telewxmn htjmml browcaning pp ISKl7639 New York New York Umwcrsuty Press thcIlhhlaamn r 39 L LL 1 quot quotnnlnnfien h mlrca id RSO 12rnn9nnl id 1771 1 JREM Page 20 Reading Guide Ketehum C 2011 Tunnel vieiieru and feed ft pelitieal eeenemie anallyeis atquot Feed Metaer Ilu IS Ba aetWeieet C Chris Ft eitae Ed ijq If 39tr he e ratttma39 T39eft 139ftttart themed Itt neteii39t39m rt g Jpn 15 Trial Mme Turk New Earle University Fire55 In what wage wee Serippe ttttiqael peeitiened ta launch The Feed Netwet39k tn ether wards hew lid Sertppe39 extetiag tml dinge emtttt aute ta TFN39e SUCCESSfttl launch S Why deee the Feed Netwet k tareSent teed net CGHtI EE E Ei uv 725 W What eategnr tiltvitamin and hume and llit miyle televieainan it an attractive genre tenquot em petate uwnete W 4 MW W W 1tittfltat is a eeIwetged expertenee by tritewere and lame Cl aee it help the Feed Hetwnrk and Strippit MA M W Why won t the ideas and centth in aeeteeller beet5 like EttperStee Me and Fast Feed MatteIt fail te make it into shewe appearing on the Feed Netwetlt WWU70L lt JREM Page 21 Cable Visions Tgiavi n Bey39 nd Bm dm i g ED111155 PET Sam BHHEE W i Cy HIM 51 C31 his mind Amway Frei m i I New Yr r fk U f l i f i y Pms HE39W ELIIRK lf E51 JNUJUH JREM Page 22 Eltnjhter 7 Thntftel itquotisicttt ettcl Fuucl El Peltticnil cetttttttic ttctijt is inflicted Netwnrlc Cheri Ketchttm in the 193055 televieinn executi39tee Tat mild ltttet39 FFtJll ljljr39 scuffed at the idea nil a channel deemed entiter tn tenth Cuelting shewe were relegated mttstltquot tn public telet39iSicrt i cl ta ttclt hr the ncceeinnnl weekend nftetnnntt tint at n mtttnterciel ctet innh utferingc Thnun ptngtntne like lulle Ch iisicl e heel been successful and were reinWet cheep tn pendent ther wetettil 39E i t iti rml primetime materiel himtenet 1993 lieud Netwan was launched with the hnpe that there wee meant lint this type f rticl39te Pt gt tlml g in the expandeel channel ttlii eringe Ell cttltllc lift the begin ning the netwutlt Struggled But thtnugl t titt eelectinn nncl ccce tittzn cit sett in 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Page 23 ll ll CH EH39 EETCHUM In addition to pmminent fears over possible thod contamination there have heen ongoing concerns shout the health risks of a high list high calorie diet hr the early goons than nutritionists and rnedia outlets were claiming ohesirjr was an on ericao e17 jcler uicl italanon Nestle among other scholars compares ueur political struggles around food to the deltetes around tohacco in the tooosll Thisanalog is holstered lter government statistics that shotsr weiglrtrelaterl39 illnesses are just behind deaths linked with tobacco ccording to one study in soon obesityrelated illnesses caused as nanny as sinonus more than is percent of all deaths In comparison tobacco use killed 4331Joo people iii percent all deaths less on the public radiate but equally important are concerns related to glohal environmental destruction and ttt rltEt l exposure to harm in agri cultu to production Environmental concerns include worries ENE the de struction of hastc resout39ces lithe air soil and water and chemical rislts to both humans and animals Even less publicised are the often deplorable working conditions for those in the food and agricultural industry espe cially for migrant laborers Each year benreen room and semen farm workers are poisoned by pesticidetH and in too farm workers suffered from tqonuo disabling injuries 39E llutside of the elds jolts in the meat paclcing industry are among the most dangerous in the nation with over erosion injuries per year In clairr production workers outlier ch mhic strains m39uetitive syndrome lower had pain asthma which is caused h exposure to notions font es 3 Within this contest of both public concern about food saletjr issues and as problematic food production system Food Henrorlr was launched The network s prograrmuing systematically ignores anF critiques of the L15 food system in favor of celebrating food consumption hood Network is of a trend of the mass aeoiding serious ci rneersations tl mU E the environmental rislcs or ethics of contemporary capitalism Political Economy and Democratic Merlin This analysis is grounded in the theoretical ts39or ls oi 39 itical political econ onur lhncent triosco captains that oolitiml economists are generalhr inter ested in studying control and survival in social lilo and maintains that control processes are broadly political in that they involve the social orga nisation of relationships unthio a co ruuutnits ll Peter Golding a ocl Gra ham Murdoch contend that artsr athalrsis should begin he looiciug at the Tutorial When and Food ii39ir organisation of property and production as the inundation tor all cul total production l39rlosco further notes that Lpolitics ewcnnornists who study communication analyse historical forces seal to understand alsoA ctoi totality and embrace moral philosophy or analring claims about the social gocnllEl Though sometimes denigrated the other scholars for economic determinists M osco insists that potilical economists see HIE nomtc factors as just one of man forces that shape social inferaod Cultural ttroduction22 I m M A I l l h m l5 El l ng illmm limmm l tlllun FraserItch that has studied the impact that corporations and sponsors lines on the production of content relation to parent company with been accused of or 39 suring the news divisionsquot coverage of the rst Gulf War Find an Mil Journalist has accused lisuetr of rejecting stories critical olquot litisner s labor nractieozH in another case hos news journalists in Florida were halted to change their critical story about the potential dangers of the geneticall ir engineered recombinant bovine growth hormone irli 31H given to course to increase mills production after the journalists r eeeieecl 39tlalc From corpo rate heads and Monsanto the ecuingotsr that produces the hormoneLa These cases are examples of how the pursuit oi pro ts arid the avoid ance of controversy can afFect news However the type of instructional and liihstrleeorientecl programming offered by l ood Netscork and other cahle channels including The Learning i2l1annelquott39he Travel Channel or Di cuttersl has not been conttttuhensi rel analysed for its politicaleco nomic foundations or Lhe programming that results from its commercial commitments Critical analysis is needed not only in hardhiirring news but also in mundane discourses about coolring dinner Ideologies also play out heroerrors though such clailt practices are often seen as apolitical all commercial television networks Food Nettioil has considered the desires of advertisers iron the outset l art ot39 the new network s appeal to investors use its plan to draw in sponsors with restaurant reeietes nu tritional information and tness news all themes with identi able con sumers Though this is part of a long Pilllsi l oi nro tseelting in US tclcttis ioiu todarh multichannel cahle world has created seen more prose sure to appeal to an attractive welldehnecl consumer market and some onentlts some attention to demographics Such concerns inilnenoe a net work39s ability to form alliances with more pooartist industry players its programming choices and its brand identities Ther also de ne the eucli ence only as consumers his a result in the case of Food Neheorlt it has been dillicult to It39s ise issues around food that might engage the audience JREM Page 24 52 C H e at H e 3939 t H U M as eithzens quotcitizens whit entih l he eurEEemeel aheut the ris lxt ml ethics 0E feud ear ether cutrtmnttit lartttlrneti tmt Eta early as the tQt i tt eahle ttetwurhs began ttt entrantrite their atltiienees tel spunsnrs hasetl ht the qual39ty at viewers as much as ea Eta mere sir than the quantity efviewers Stash early attempts at targeting a narrew set fe n umer in it t ttt ltlcl ttttti tell etteirtrnment meant there W lttiLl new he irnpartant similarities between the newer terms at eahle teleeisien pm gramming and the elder media nf magazines Er terms itquot eeneeptualieau timm t39tlquot audiences and tttuttettt selectinnu In their seeia39l histur39y advertisw inter Williatit39l Leissa Stephen Kline and Stat Emily mutttad that in the earlr tg nsi when ttmgaaines hegan ttt deeelep mere higth segmented thrntatsn thit39t ttt was prttdtteed in an efl39ttt t it create a lucrative eneirtmt t tmt39t FIJI the rteetttihn elf advertisements and IftItljtquot wellde ned thasun39ter gruups were deemed teerthr inf targeting Cttneeellaertt tr mntent became even more bland and thteentret39erslsl in an e 39ert to create pleasant feelings in the audienee anti ta tttalte sells term than mere attractive and exciting Fer their PEEL advertisers Likewise heeame lesis interested in speei e ideas than in fhrmats amt stylistic techniques heeause they the1 wanted tn esta hlrieh a particular quotmend tether than heightening interest engaging etmtentg Teilevt t tt alse Stt39I t39 a strung push Its better ittesh enntent and enmttte FEEIHlSt which is a keepert eul39 Fund Metrenet j s market plan in 199939 the thenpresident ef the Farrel Newark Eric tillset said he wanted to de tall things lined emphasis retitled Hewever Fragrant mitts ehet39ees indieate that the ti39 t k has a narrate de nitimt nan all things it Iiaetl re ecting the general terse Sara Mnultnn Inner Elf the teetil Heftmm shewtr Sam39s Ferrets tinLl eeeettttee eh e lr39 taxi Getirtttet tttttgttet39tte said nf fhuti mLet s thee it We eat earttreeersial lth ahetut the anti thing in ear titres right new that is39It39t fu39m that and is net neeessar y inherejtthr Lienmnm 39trn39eersial Rather it is network EECIJIiMEE wha have made ptugramming Chinktit 39ttttt ensure that tted is rarely mtthrtteersiie L111 Fraud Newark t39md this strateett meteater related to the marketing rat gentle Mthmtgh the FJEiWtmi daes nnt sell gentle tithertha te the pahlit in its PTttgl at et as this teanld hri the taint nt transforming shew ith tnf m t t l t it anh thi39 refers viewers ttt its website and there hazenthr its shnppittg eharmelp where geeas are strict direetht Feet Netwn rit illustrates hath eemrnnzn antl utttetmttett trends in the eshle industryr like ether eahle ventures the netwnrh was detelnpetl wellestahl39isll39led televisielh insider Reese ehettfelti fhunttihg president at the Cable News Nutrient1r CNNJ whn understand the impnrtanee emf Tammi la Ett39utt rtrtrtlIiehti tee identifying a elear tensumer market hiltth industry ennnxeetiens meant the Newark was ahle te attraet the capital heeessargr tn grow But Feetil Newark teas allse ttnitjue in its initial plan ttt get la seleltr en advertising feasting ten pmt nee the maittritjr set its pregrammjngt and tr mix pretri eust disparate teletr inn genres ta attract heth fisheries and ethets 39 his ineluries mixing melting instrttetierns with the tallt shew game show or travel genres Finding that a Inerstiee market niche cettltl he achiever h5 tergeting a variety nf audititem ihelttding these Frnrn the middle tenet tt39et ltjng classes and men as well as wen tett Ferrel l sl et39ttnrh has also heen ahle ten attract spentart that range from tree the tween Eh39tt it the Ghee Garden and Mereedes Eerie Threngh these tt39 gmmmtng ehtaiees the neewnrllt eultiarttted new aadiettees tnr theerelated pingratnming and treated new ancillaryr emnernit nppertunjties at itself This was a sharp tnntrsst tn its early greats hf tellartte en entreentienal jnstruetinnal entrie irtg theses The Mastery tiff Feed Net tvrmli There is a long histh nf seeking lt W in hnth radiu and 39teleyisinm hut mest have been produced flat netteemmertiaj staLiehs heeense the mailer networks elitl net see them menegtrmahere Dru the ether hand public ststiu tts intranet these shews attractive heta ttse they were tatexpensiee tn prndute anel inertrelated spensnrs Were readily siesilahle The biggest hreaflt39thrhngh the teletLsitm melting shutts htturretl in tea with the an tateetted Success if an Ltnljlteltr eelehrite chef at midtlJe agett quotwennan harmed Tttlht Child 39Whtt Ettnketl French tenet The success nf Gh39iltl s tren gtamt The French Che eat P135 prth E l nee impnrtant lessensh T he rst was that melting shutters tettid attract a male audience Ieremtr Ilggers El ill t ts that he f m Child g ttl39 39l f E h itl tg Wile t h ittglft39l ttr Emitterhe the read tellers etfete a hit ef s smelt and slums always a hee heletrf tten it eeultE be her the mastu ne man the thateel Ehiltl s friendliness well as her willingness tn reveal her nwn mistakes and ilft tpf vll eg made her en dearing to a wide anthemtit The seeand impertsnt realization arising hettt the feet that her featured items wenltl frequently sell hut in steres the after her shews aired was that the shnw eeultl ael etmuttlzuhaltsr lined products and making Suppers The success int Ehildis sh net led FEE af li ates tn tletrelttp anther air either melting shewas including The Fright Geurmett The Gttitlaphtg Geurmet and lift Cent Conic Fm JREM Page 25 l lld I H E H K E T L H Li M White PBS was airing seeeral cranking shnws the cnmmcrclal nettetirlts primarily used them as tiller hetwesen hither shelters up until the late linens Then in the early igtins rnany lncal af liates hegan running syndicated melting shnws during the daytime at weekend limits Nanenrlcs were prahahly attracted ta this anagram thing because ni its late cast and useful ness in ful lling FCC requirements ahnut airing lncat andiar edncatinnal Prtigtttmming that it was neat until the increased demand tar content and target audience segmenting brought air can by the rapid xeaiiansien et ea hle in the team that cranking shnws became more iii a mainstay at eennrier cia39l te le eisien Seeing a tactcntial gap in Ll mi il39lclllflfhETEIEtZl circigranirniirtga the early Feud Nelsendc llll39iti39l attempted to reprndnce the cnnyentinnal cnnlcing shnw genre With relatively inty hudgets fnr prntgra nnning and the poten tial tn sell advertising tirne tn understated husiaessest eaectitiyes f39elt ther cuulcl maize a prn t item develcnping cantent the what they cansidered is he an underseryecl ntartcet niche upscale whines Bat early cm the net wnrlc hart cliF cutties attracting viewers lined Netwnrlc s history denier strates hciw the search the capital enceuraged the ereatinn at a pie gram sting erwirnnntet39lt that celebrated the pleasures ntcnnsanaer culture mime limecity in the early 19905 a representative mm the Prueidience inurnal EDD patty appsnached Schnat39eld sheet deeetepiag cahlc netts39ur ls devoted en tirely to fend When asked if it made sense tn hinti Echnnilielcli respnnded yes and that it enticed hecanse quotfeed and pactraged grinds is sic the larg est advertising category 01quot the chantry s trip the advertisers are are tired related Erie Schlnsser claims that by 2U 1 the Fast hind industry alcme spent ahant 3 hillicin annually nn Lclcyisinn adyertisirug l ljrnyidencle Jnurnal Campsites a snrnewhat diversi ed media firm with hnldings in newspapers cable t39eieyisinn systems bmadeast relayi sinn statinrisF shnpped the idea mantle and was able Ln attract a range nf ether l ttedla intestate including the Chicago Tribune jumpany Scrippee Heward CQtttlttct ltal Cable and Landmark 39Cnnimtinicatiun 39l39hese companies presided capital in exchange for equity in the cnm party Printi clenee undid air the net39snth err its cable system Ctrinny Communica tirtnt and limitsquot cleats with miter multiplesystem UPL IIMUI E fid s 391th get Feed Nttli 39 tfli inter hnnse39hcildsr 1quot central strategy 1teas tn nudistquot tn provide the nehynrit fcir 1F the cahle system agreed tn air the network in 30 percent atquot its subsc39cihersim ti quotEnrth concentrate in twn areas pingrarnnthig that Was in Tim reel Vistas and res Feed Me neerte was launched in Neyeinher 1593 The owners anticipated spending between 5th and an militant haters the netwcirlc turned a pre tt tstitch it heaped tn den nasty in its QUE h year199fnil Such a delay as well as substantial multiyear ins are expected in starting up a new netinitialsI and they nnderscnre hath the necessity at big hackers and the ability In talce ennrmnuis Financiai risks to become cnmpetititre in the cable indus try Thus at either antherrs in this ynlnnie nni nt cuntt scrintirnic and either harriers tn entry malce it dif cult liar netsr independent cable channels in U succeed after a year things did not levels grind the the neeacids Theuglt it reached henssen 1c and 1t ntillicin cable subscribers in was and landed a natinnsl attestrising centract with a gracer chain uyerali ratings teens dismala and adyertisers were turned nit quotthat year cahlr analysts were questinning its uiahilityj saying that cahle was already lled with niche ymgramming and that ant all these channels cnulcl succeedE But its nmsnect s great y changed with the phennmenal s ccess all with Whit arealcl euei39ttua y he linenca simply Emeri lf success prairieted the nenectrlt ta change its narrateresisting strategy and tn attract yetinger peca ple and males lit regs jnst prim tn limeril s rise in snperstarderm t nnc39l Mentor hired a new programming disasters Erica Green in transient1 the nearestth sufferings Seen after signing an she launched its Website teatimeem Tr39i39l39tlfl39l is frequently prnrnnted can the channel In terms Lilli pmgramming she taught tn acquire and create innueatiye fund media Ilcr attitude as she Put it was tn dump the hasbeen chefs rst with the talking head lieliinclasteye Strip lecturing tiewem and entertain them Far Gwen nmgramming ahnnt fend needed in the light and funny and tn engage with viewers in ways that weald connect tend to ccinstirneiquot litestylest Instead cit ji39lj39S39l39 running seeking stint2s l ecicl Network wenld hence uctinnd and prngrarnrning that wnuld arne uid part ll liyin gt a cerat artahle grand life Despite Enterile success the future netwciric president lud y ILiirarcl contended that only a small percentage if the audience was interested in melting shintits Titenri39hren ancl Nefertiti W uld take penple intn iantasy starlets cit vicarietts ceitsttnitttian where everyone had access an nice lined and heautihrl stirrniindiiiga and it accnniplislied this atrial by linersiting its pmductinn values and incurring were an what it called quotcategclry televi sinn a tccn39i 1 clahnratc an later in this essay JREM Page 26 ihfulrichaanel News described the in a zoos article likening the transformation of the networh to the remodeling of a lcitci39rcnh where linoleum oors are repllacecl with marblequot Eileen patuh senior vice presi dent of programming told Mattichcnad new that in the late logos the 39nenvork began emphasizing stories Zahout iood and nding hosts that audiences could latch onto I39tt earlyhs 195 it hogan investing to pro rgtantniing to get hosts out of the ldtchen and hiring producers who had done work on channels like Discovery sitEdi and the History Channel Dpatnt said that the networh now shroots39a l of its programs like sports ts liven if something is in a frying pans wants quotto get it into that pictu 2 Such changes required funding whteh cante team a takeover by EW Ecri pps tfotnterly herippsl lowardl Though ratings were still poor in tears Scripps saw Food Mervrock as an important clement in a new strategy the company was adopting namely cornering the market for lifestyle and homehnpnvcrncnt programming An early investor in Food Net vmrk Scripps bought Home and Garden 39Iielev ion tIvIGT v39 and sought majority control oiquot the Fund channel in 119516 Then1 in 199 Scripps made a deal with u Halo Corp a company that had telch over the Provi dence Journal lElwinpatnyh to acquire 5d percent cit Food Network In cote changeJ the H Belo would he given two television stations antl 33 mil ll nai Bi wuss Ecripos owned fie percent of Food Mensatie with the Iirih Line Company owning the rentainclerquot39ii Following this deal the network took advantage of rules passed In the league table act which required that cahle systems make arrangements with Local TV stations to carry their signals Scriops owned ten broadcast rele vision stations covering in percent oi the national market In exchange for cable systems oIl er ing HGE IM these stations vmuld deliver Scripsz broadcast network39s Eeed to the cahle system i nr Free Scripps recruited 54 other television stations to hartetr the retransmission in carrying FiGii r39ld In exchange these stations would receive percentage oi IIGWE advertis ing revenue Enert39pps soon asked hid s to cite hoth TIE1W and Food Mervrot as a package Its sine and holdings gave it an advantage heret hy the early aoooss Scripps was trying to create an easily iden rhahlc and highly speci c viewer and an advertiseriiicndi y media htand devoted to food calling its Itatrowcasting strategy category tele39vislnnf m Accord ng to Harry Icssell this meant that Scrippa began attempting to in habit the category of home and lifestyle as media genre and capitalize Tunnel Vision and Food 161 on it as much as possible in a pnocess that has Further involved huilding companion wehsitcs and developing merchandising Seeing HEW as a way of tapping into a huge group of sponsors in the do it yourself home iu39tprovcmcnt industry which had previously advertised alniost exclusively In magazines and newspapers Scrip ps pursued its eFForts to build a media cutpica devoted to se ing domestic liitiestylesqetfnrts to which the acqui sition of Foot l Network corttrihuted At that point the target audience n the osmotic tvas both the wealthy and those interested in acquiring the trappings of wealth through huying various middleclass and upscale cnmrnoditics or learning shout thud l 19913 executives at Food Network had made a calculated decision to target a wider audience which would range from lowermiddlecmass uppcreclass lhtt allE and males Their programming directive also changed hennaring personalitydrivem rather than cuisinedriven as this would estahlish a more intimate relation to the audience tlthongh the atoidance of controversial issues was not iisted as a rule given the content shared it does seem as though food controversy were frowned upon in the tor of happy talk about food coolting and dining Before zttttd there were no progrants that addressed health issues and to this day few address any risks in food production or consumption Even the network s documena tariesi which as a petite are more derivative of news pr gr j sc usually simply celebrate famous lined and restaurants In soot I ood Network announced plans for several new shows that were part of their eti39orts to make chefs especially those who are male5 seem ooolf39 T his strategy was dcsigned to target males under 35 a new taglinet taste the adventurei was used to classify a set of programs that showcased various Food quotvoyagesquot including For example those nt ehe 39 hnthony hourdaim author of Kitchen Ceitylidcnrini who would go out in search otwcictrcrnc cuisin from around the world In addition to dishing the nonvorlt safe for nteu this new programming was also edgier and more cntertainmentorieutecl h et years ofquot stttiggie Food Network is now a nancial success In 21191 distribution grew by 31 percent to arts million and ratings increased afi petccnt i Its ratings were up another to 5 percent hetwcen ton and zoos with growth oiquot as and 15 percent among adults I wd l and 2554 re spectively In sons the nenvorh attracted an average of saunao house holds speci caily during prime time each day which was a to percent in crease from the previous yea ctquot 39I oday its estimated reach is said million5a JREM Page 27 i intent KEZI39CHL39M Even with this semewlmt Smell viewership Eeripps eemhi ned eehle site tinns are remitted fth hehinel Diseeverti It39jell39iria rtttnieatietrisI Turner ESPN smei Feij by cable systems in terms if their meenttihuii h in revenues and pm tahilitf lnngjwith Powell Nettimelt brought 2M millil n in Fl39 ll39fs t1 the patent tempeny in new which was up 64 pette nt item the previews yeah L 39 Feed Netsrattle is else time easily tessgnieahie ehle htettei David Everitt explains their as more eitentiele ere availehlre t eve39rell netwwk se39tisw litetiett heeenies more important than an individual pregrem s ratingsquot the netwurh hes whitenl number eme fur ht39tir39l g the liketl heels and unrait pewterhellties 2 In terms at quality lL was ranked in pumpleis mittx FWE femrite cable prugramming servicesl i lluhert LL Thnitrittsttt39jii Dimeth hf the Renter fur the Stud nst39 Pnpuler Televisirm at Spatuse University 39 s that Feed Netwetk has been mete su eeesshil them anytime else at e erestiitg varied lineup eent tereti smiled single tether The Email it Eettsttmer Lifestyle Netwerl The ehnnhel has else become eleser it the early greed conceptualized Reese helwnfeleh wherein the editririal leeks like the ads and the eels luul t iiime the editurial This might be Emmi fur advertising retrentities1 bill it dries Emil llets fer my eri tieel summertime in the pregame Even an Emeril felt interviewed in the trade press admitted that the shew alien seems Eil l infemeteial 111 feet the netwtttlt appears in he attempting tie reeetipe e speee between iniemetsials realitj pmgremmittg Feet itig peeple wettid tum eff the eiiennel it Emeril were he start selling knives eittrighta it instead directs viewers te its website when pretl ttets can he heught I lireestlyd It the future FenLi Netw rlt might direct pe ple in shh pping channel emrding tn LEIEllis Ill IliusrmtriIi Frintl Nemnrl grew up with the idea that fil39i till equals melting New hnwetren lilii d equals l iiiesi39felei and the itemeels lies thertged its et39ietitetien eeeet r tgltt Insets lifestyle iti ireiites diseexurse ef the sell related in eerteiit kinds elf certs Limptime ee eerding ten Eereljm 1tritigltttt it ereates a hermittr sense ef identity and this is the eifeet eff Feed Network s et tentien in lifestyle hxiem Reelamen the ItemBrit39s vice president hi 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Mass culture generalized set of ideas and morals JREM Page 39 Cultural Imperialism and Cultural Suvereiguty USCauadiau Cultural Relatiuus E EVIN Vt h l 39s Y C atmtla i5 not alone amaan tatie tta in its eenteutlena with American eul v tural imperialijsmf39 With a liberal palit39leal culture that la ehataeterlaed layquot limited g tfemmEm intematirunal iaertt and an upeu avaelety Canada atauda semewlhere between Frasrtee and the United States in ital degree t tf C39Ltll39ttml patt teetieniam and tweralll intenai ty ual39 culturall Wlllil n Nariway like ether small language and StJdIlelenUUI lit seeietieat pumuea a pulley of Englishlatt gauge teleettntmunieutlurta ttntl atlppta rt that highly laealiatle attt l f lli39l39UrlSii eultuml expresstuna Canada an the ether hand 39laelta bath the utilijeitt tiaalcl culture and E FIE Ltar thil iault ttltan aquot Mummy and the lireneh ttaditiun at a hege mtmje eultur e and the natiuna t guvemment as We t39ttlrttrell The Ui39tit39etl States EJF 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Mttmtgt39mtt39m Law and anker TABLE 1 lumps ratit e Tg39pnTngy 13F Zultuml lli39ttliqr anm Nitmat Canadit U MudL Uquot Smttw 5WtilUdt m39 i i Liberal puiitiml culture Emir 0F Strong Strung Madurai Weak gEATE39GTHEI39IEM Sa39iigitce of High Madame Moderate LEW Iquot39I1 cultural pt itics High tht D12ng tilquot High Minimum Madame Ltitt39 culiumi Pmlf it39il39i 533d amenminus m1 Cttluml ptjlicjest that tire minted It a hrmtder i uur ntttitjrt stud UF pttbiic39 patrnnaga with whi39 I am intrnti39ed Mimimathr 27th In that digctta tnn will SUPquot6quot the dEI HIE His23quot 1153 cultural tmparialjtam rind C di ll mnmttts fiatquot its culturtti sommigntt wilit mrttmtlttr rst attance lit the ittttimtttiUtiai trade agreattmttts of Hit putt decade The cmphatit will be ill the Canadian I p ic m tilt commercial premg tives 3553th by tit United Statct tit its tuittirttt industries hidt in it vitw of WEN Canadians h 39ln39c airway whitum a cultural lttgertftctty 50 puwgt t i tit ta threaten limit 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are earned by an can carperatiatta hut partrag the pcculiaritiea at ftmerican linie as the universal made of cattterttparaqr lit39 c IDENTETY F LlTl39Cli ANDquot UL UR AL PRUTECTIDMS M The predr rmiiaaace at American culture especially in the audimriarta media haa cameed i39itlepeadiency to he uaerli at a metaphar tr characterize ameditquots relatienship with the United States Arccarding ta Richard Grilling The iterttei preemitien it dependency theary it that the market eerrnarrtr eena titutee rreripiteral atatce as exploited dependenema atquot quotcure atatesi 9911 Hill Whether Canada s relatiunahip with the United State ihfiljitj he termed attlrural eelattialiarrt i its highly dehatrthc hat tar the createra of Canadian culture and its cattaurrteraa American culture rarely heart irrel evantquot Curse 19912 3395 llrttleerl it can he argued that the teastwig larger and rhurt aggregatec amulet Fl lStSLl allurtg Canada quota artlament harder threatelated Canadian palitical uittntlll tj and cultural diatinetiveneas item the begin rung till fume 199 35 It is this cultural dlmcnai n 39f Canadian identity hat the ahacace ul mlrluat puliticall irratittttziuna and societal atahiiiiy that magni l39tea the iatttte 1itl39t39hat Canada lattice frrtm a rtatiurtaliat atht39ideyeriderjey view purtt it the quotaueia gluequot ul39a ahared aymhulie culture ECGquotIrina 99 9quot xii it ia the threat ral cultural deracinutiun that irlflarner the tiel tate raver cultural relatirme ta39iLh the United States The matter i li exacerbated further by an internal debate within Canada ahuut its awn l lliftft i identity p i ti iiil bilingual multicultural Americana have L tieali3t had a hard time taking eeriutteifr Canadian cant piai aheut t te ittt meite39aeaa at American etttetraiatrttettt pmdtl i t et hat aur priairtgiy identity paiitic t quotrhe C lihiicii it that Canada was ta he ttrtderataeti run its awn i l l l t tEimith lgiz39i iig Mitt acquired an mereaeittg 39Iiarceitlltteea in the diamurea cancerhittg the Extent ai lhe 113 cultural pmaehee in Cattaria Are3 hated the size and aggresaia39eheaa rtlquot American cultural industries aueh Eta moviee i39eletiriai rtt atth puhiiahing have in 1rat ittitltit perittda and amuartg cer tain aurdte39rtcee stimulated a iLlf g se it ui 39l39ear almiui the 39Attteriettttieatiurtquot at Canada Carat WW 5 39lt39 CanatlIa a cultural eattccma were invariably interpreted aa maaka fur teeurtumie ltratcctlartiaatt which they sm rretirt tea were 39atmcricaae were eelrlurrt ahle te tlt tiagu it ecartetrrie pratecdahiet n fratn genuine ca I IEEmR ahcat culture and tltil it39tITIELllily Tharttpaea amt Randall a a 355 Hui N N0 4 JREM Page 43 Coitttmt Itogwn39oiiem 1991 iii This duet of and Comedian pempectivee eon attributed Largely to o tundemeotoi value difference between how the two poiii iEill 53395 tems evaluate and ventilate culture Sigiet one Home 11935 23 Americans typically accept the market as the detenoioer of coitu tell values tiutiieedr of eocie i wines in genereii to the United States culture is the equivalent besieoirlyj oiquot entertainment and its it good that pmperly altoeat ed by the uterieel It Earned lies in among European national culture is H1 expreseion of until13w identity and 35 ouch ii to be promoted end protected or at public responsibility To the degree to which culture tor Americans is about ti tE pro tItieking entertainment indu 39i39f tutti for Canadians about the politics otoetionoi identit there should be ii ttie doubt about the ptopeositgx for mutual mietmderete nding concerning any exempt Status or cultumi ioduetriee in free Erode agreement5 FREE TR DE THE CULTURML EXEMFTiiDN Ass ooted Tornado and the United States have very different perceptions about the uotute of culture uilur e according to the American 1riew we been de ned at a putei moriteteijie commodity Ceoodiotte admit to our care about the commodity aspects of culture but they elm see culture at o social resource or poutit goodquot tMertett i995 2 33 The Hollywood producer Norman Jewieon to Comedian omenoil Titie ien39tjuei core or refrigerator for Hole l hiiu is itteee Arid when you l li39i exporting ideae ooiioeophies behavior producle wow oiquot iuiog it becomes an Heeotilt on the ouitum Americans have to understand thatquot De Fatima 1999 Of genome entertain ment is one of the chief exports of the United States second etguoi39aiy to aerospace and Tentacle i5 ierge profit eeote t emeticen entertainment and publishing executives hoee argued thoIt Canadian protection of its cuitorei induetries quot tepreeented major impediment to A oteticoo international corni merciei activities and also set e boo commute to otter count ee cooei ening measures to protect their domee39tic eultutei production Hewett 1996 22 Not Surprisingly mute of the meet couteolioue aspects of the I39Ir eestreoe debates revolved around the production and diesemioelioi ot eu39tturet trod ucte iHositioe Fiom anti MeFodyeo 1 996 55 Morrow IIEi I 224 Coltutet industries are de ned itquot N5iFTA as imollcing the puh licetjom tiiettibutiom or agile oi hooker mogoeioeei periodicMei or nowepepere music i print or maehinereotiuhie Foot1 Iii39itquot production Liion17outioo sell or exhibition otl39 lm or vieeon audioE or 1titiieo music recordings tedie communications TV cattle and eeteliiitc programming Uotdtl orb 12995 5 The NAFTA mag1pm tide that these cututai iodiuel39riee are governed by the terms of tire 11939 Conuderoiteti States Free Trade Agreemeot HAL out eiTectively the treat mom of eultute i5 Mammal both treaties Ache on anti Mattie 1995quot T5 Winter 25H 359 JREM Page 44 WW JENTHIN if391 Management Lem mmquot Silt ie 39 Artieie E ii it tamidea that eattara t industries enetnnt team the 1mm ainzns nt39 the agreement 39trnitutai eaetnnlinnquot has been the snhjeet nt39 eetttpeting interpretatinns hateteen Canadians and Americans and atnnng Eanatiians I1E m Eii EE From the stntatg Canadian iratemenial 39t39i t39ptli h Article nns apeei ea y in its rst paragraph nanint iee the nnltatai inrtiuatrtea tram the nrntinintte tn the ether hand pretentinmste unite the mnwithatantting einruae nit paragraph lt39 iJS t2 witieh mates that a party may nine menentes nt eqninatent eavmtnetrn eiai e eet in meantime tn aetinna that wn39nttil have heen il tEt tI39ta39tatent with this Agreement but in paragraph i Cine ntgnatent is that thin quot rei alliattnn if u39i nit39mquot hat auiii ed the enitntni eaentptien hy ailawing a kind nf eennnntie blackmail with Lint 514 naiquot ndn eree itE it lliiii against either aeetn rn hf the Canadian eennnmy Hewett WK 33 nitl th 199 19 Dthers mint nut that the United States has nnt directly Iill k39 39kl f atgy at the meatturns available tn it in chaiienginn the enentntinn aient tint the rst time the lrinfiten Staten ennenneti that euiture was nut nitnniy a cent manna nidi arh 1993 I9 fit warrant the extent In which tultnre treated int 1 nnmmtttiity hr at aewien in the nite nf the hattiee near the teettnieal applieatiana at the trade agreementa Although the United States hast net E tt teated Canadian euiturai pretee tinninnt as a nieilatjiun nt HatTat it did neck a ruling it the Want Trade tganieatinn LWTUJ entttiemjng Canadian tiiaeriminntinn ngnittnt nneaiiet i Sp litInnn magazineet aueh Sparta Untreated that are distributed in Canada t39Feapi39e Camtide and Eit39e Qwehee are arguably Esplti t39Ltitn alsni The WTU mired in CanadiaCetttain Meantime Reiating tea Perindiezalnh mt setera Canadian m 39tlt ut39t were impermissible heenttae magazines were judged tn be a gland t39tt39tt a HEW39iCEZ aeentdin 313 Canada was required tn treat iike nnttiuete the namequot thldl39ath 1993 23 Keith Aehemn and TI intunpitet Mattie nrgttxe that the Unified Statea went the WTD tnnte rather than pufffun Et NP HA chap ter 2139 dispute at a way Inf attaining a tiittact Lent Hi the meaning of at enitnrai eatt39rrtptiinrt quotCanada and the United Stquot tea are on teenrti as having enni iit ting views atquot its meaning and it apnea neither an wanta tn test their treatme tive views Willi EDI Fnrtltetntnnet the United States en nit use any advan tage gained in a WTU rating tn press iie ease againet C Ltlturttirpmtu39tiiut39ninl meantime generaily nntrjnst in annel1 hut nine in France and Atintraliia F ntr inteteated Arnedeans the euiitntai enemptinn argument can seem like tttn much arin iih u l very littie The enee ptinn may the tmeriean entertain mgnt industry whene nine of the atandiarei fnrmuinit tn duet3 eruitnmil trade har tjiers has been This inn1t ntmut cniiute ilquot ahttul Tunneyquot Wiiata t 9915 iii Canadians netted tent generaiiy it nee culture as a phettttment m titwniviing there than enten39ainmen and tn bring up instant ttf natinnni identity hetitt tge anti en ini Wheaten Fns39t39 twainr Eanadinnn cultural pirnteetinnisun it the meet guarantor n1 nuiturni antEreignty Keeten 1991 i 3 4l in filth FIJI 2H Mai 3439 Na 4 JREM Page 45 Chit rtttr i ttrperfttt39ittt39t many Canadians a tted ea ef Amerieatt eu ltural eerttett is see at ieeem patihte with Eattatiiaa taittee Ether Cantattians aee free trade as mere a dag titquot eppettuttie than a ditty eat capitulatien believing that resetting eter l39tttll ttitC seemtry Willi ieaei m t mere independent 1mqu titer Eanadafquot Puhlltitthirtgg Industries What has been t stitt ta e id ge literally eeneeming Canada39s impnttanee ea the greatest intemai market t er euljtttrai predeets ta highlighted in the pith Iliahing irieiuatriee Canadians heeg ht 4tquot perteat et ail the emeriean heather and at percent at Amerieah magazines aeit trier12331 39t hempaett and Ftattthtii 1994 2113 Seventy pereent ef the heel5 at tJ i39rt Ctttttttle 39ttimer39teatt heehs 25 percent ef the heelta ee1dare Canadian primerin texthutjka eeehheeha 1th te heeka ieee than hereeat rat the manemarket tietien it by Canadian emitters Theimpsem and Ram tti 1994p 25 The Earlat iart httt t market it E 39peteeat39 the size ef that ef the itl ttitetl State which aeiie haif ef 39tmerieatt beet eapetts teCattatla Cataeiart heath ptt tdltei39itnt i5 athie tn attataitt etten thie lim ited market shale target at eetttetttlettee m5 terme i39errrt eff government strata pert whether S39hb tdyt reguiat irtm er tea ineettti39a39e39quot Eerie i991 l 39li itI eeaivei argue that the Canadian market has beetme att etttette39tert ef the 113 tttarhet Tlftitt quotsetetherhtg tlehtiaatiert hate been an impertartt settler et the eaii that quotCanadian veieeat teiiirig Canadian tteriea Curse 1997 idle le Canada dimmed tie that pmtmiiee cultural legisiatiurt against Armtariettrt magaainee Irt partieuigth the splitnan enrttrtttaeriy tjii c39l t l earlier celteerttw the 3mm Iittrttmted htet been a eetttetttieua teeue hetween the United States and Canada t splitrum tttagaaitne it a Canadian editiett elf a Irtegaeiae puhiialted etigiltu liily in antither ermntre that has htt iieeil t39 the ute e intenl as the tirigtttati hull replace mere time 55 hf ita etigi ttalt advertiee ta with ads argetedt it Catteditana Predeeert ht spItit m lauiax39lieutiehe enter the mt et treatiseticm Ihttmgh steinH Irlt attireraking titl their men mrtrhet Cattle 19915 153 Cattetjiatt peliey il tt ta airtight to prevent hitteriean publishers 39Fmrn putting nut C tliz editions of pe edieaia where there i5 Ititti e differertee in edimrtail eeri tetttt but extensive Camititan advertising The argument it that eplit tuna eempete at art unfair disadvantage 1saith Canadian inagatrittee ainee USS adeettiaihg has alt earlr paid Amerieah preduetiett teeth A ep39iierttn magazine can tterm pmf habit1 in Earneda even while e hat ging newer adeertiaing rates than the Canadian eempetitien Ht iSplih ln pe iieieet have 39iEII39I39WJu Etj measure5 atteh its prtthjhiljee tariffs amt partitit e tautatten rates Meteeen amt htnttle it ttii39t39t The iUttiteei Statea Meet a tunnel eettn piairtt with the Wrath Trade rganieatiett in tithe as tiiaeuaaed eariieh eh1ilengingCahatia e hteteetiettiat Whiter NEED 2 JREM Page 46 The Jdnnmi dfriii liefniangnnimr M magi Swim nnliciea regarding magazine Wi iiie aciiij I rwindgii g Canada s iig39lai In iaiie meaanree an piniecir in nuiinral id enliiy ilhn WTD sided with the United Snares E eelieelya Canada must minder radiii aimed an iiiLe Canadian Minimum of American imgaeinea an amine Inn Bil pereeni iinpneed nn Spain fl39inai39mredquot fnr Inning nrnselanrder nai eiliie irnnainieeinn ni engage in menu a lineal edininni and preferential pnamge raiea far Canadian magaeinee Since the WTU ancia inn nie Canadian gneernineni has margin in make earinns enm nrrnmieca in alinw 332 magazines in inereaae their advertising rates which nnnid aatiefy dninealie pnliricai ennsidiera nne an well an die mlings an inier national trade agreemenie Admfirm and Maui 1151991 Il Z lg Andiniisnnii Indnelriea The Ernaeleasting Ant niF i d g ae part ni in efl nit in safeguard enrieli and altreng wn the 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reeinded in Inmate mere Canadian than Heir r39nnng allJun rewarded ilxur lag Mai 33quot ML ii JREM Page 47 Cttt39t39ttrnl hnpe39t39lnft sm in New Tedd The Super Bowl and Wentit were determined tn have Canadian nuntent because at the degeee at lEleniinfinn inteirent The39tnpsnn and Randall 1994 213 I i Ian Jame written that quotquot Iliijn nu literal5n eeuntry tlid the US lm industry aelt39ieee mete enmplete cnmt39rtereial and cultural dnmtnali n and plane tratiinn than it did in Canada U992 35 En patent a medium tn massc eukum was thus supplied by and dependent upen a fnreign pewterquot artr39ie lQQE Etjl It is peehape the ntythie WWEEI ellquot ntnvies that made Heliyweetl prednminanee an patent a entitlea inane Shelia Canes ntin39intet at Canadian heritage and llaett 1tt39alenti president at the hidden Pietnre Anaheimen Itaee enjngtr39ed a cer tnin tandem celebrity in their dentuneiatinn and defense el anteriean eultural imperialinrtt in mania prnduetien and diatribetien Fer Valenti 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naturalize the dominant worldview in any given culture JREM Page 55 Sept 29 Sunday September 20 2015 830 PM JREM Page 56 Reading guide the Eaeakewltskh Pt J F ZUOQL Techaeiegyt meniteringt and imitatien in ecntemperary news wrik f 39emaraaicetiea if tame a Trimester 2 3959 Nate Y l lr required rte read 3 395ii39 tier at page 51 EM IIEI net it59 are eatien i wii expand en the d iscnssicni sectien et the articie in ciass it yeu will miss ciass en this day I streneg recemmend yet read the Wheie piece 1 in what tare ways has the cemmcn practice et n iehiytcxring ether media and imitating their sterics changed in tandem with new teehnelegy Why is the auther eeneerneci with these twe changes 2 What twe factors increase at decrease the ameunt of time media catietssjeamalists Itieniteringg ether meciia Preside an example atquot each in actieia Be Here mansr times dices Fernanda Retirigtiea teeth at liecal eniine news sites Why titres he tic this 4 Haw dees using teehnetegy the d i sceaer petentiatiy newswerthy items affeet caerai til imamsit ct centent What dees the ciisetissien cf imitatieri practices FCVL Eti in terms cf a iinit between newsgathering and meaning making U n JREM Page 57 Notes Tuesday September 29 2 15 1112 AM Review 1 How are user generated content site empowering Comteporary shifts Bypass gatekeepers Bypass advertisers Bypass culture industries quotmedia customizationquot facilitates target marketing How is this data used Determines ads Weblining Social implications Health insurance Education Target marketing Max customization requires selfdisclosure Demographics gtquotpsychographicsquot Admin29 R L kg iq pSuw f v7 9 Consumer culture markets and brands play an exaggerated role in making our lives meaningful Commodity fetishismjdea that needs and wants can be met through consumption of the product Consumer culture undergirds a status quo Hegemonic 2 What role do users play a Surveillance i Productive surveillance 1 Taylor39s workplace experiment a When he stood and watched production increased 4x b Motivation i To act in the way the surveiller wants b Data collection c Audience as laborers i Wasted viewing time 1 Showing women rogaine ads 2 Eliminate this by using targeted ads ii Exploit audience quotlaborquot 1 Two limitations a Market segment dependent on media tech b We expect privacy outside of the workplace iii Why do we accept surveillance in our everyday lives 1 Status quo 2 No way to fight it 3 Convenience 4 iv Who benefits 1 Corporations 3 Internet a Revolutionary i Who benefits from data production ii Industrial society owning production is key 1 Unequal access iii Postindustrial society today 1 Owning info about people is key 2 3 4 What is media monitoring a Watching competition i Looking for stories and styles b How does it help journalists i Reading good writing makes your writing better ii See more sides of a story JREM Page 5 8 Deuce c What else should we be aware of i Hegemony 1 Mimicry 2 JREM Page 59 Oct 22 Thursday Detober 222 21315 Media Literacy 1119 AM Gender and Media 0 Socialization theory How to act What39s expected Learned from messages in media and culture 0 Feminine Passive and supportive Focus on appearance Focus on home life Privilege relationships over careers Don39t deviate from feminine look Don39t deviate from the accepted sexual norm Don t deviate from the primary sphere of influence 0 Masculine Performing masculinity is performing power Be active and aggressive Pursue a career Demonstrate physical and emotional strength Don39t be passive Don t abdicate power Be confident 0 Gender ideology Justifies gender stratification Patriarchy J REM Page 60 Nov 3 Tuesday November 3 2015 1143 AM Symbolic annihilation exclusion denial of legitimacy LGBT issues in the news Rare prior to 1970s 1980s AIDS coverage Demonized LGBT people 2000 LG BT coverage Crime celebrity crisis Moral order of the body Bodies deemed most useful male ablebodies placed at top of the moral order and are positioned as the norm and morally desirable Ableist rhetoric Ableism JREM Page 61 1110 Tuesday November 1Q 2 15 1144 AM Social privilege Special advantage Granted not earned Related to status An expression of power Unaware to those who enjoy it Constructing Race Modern invention 1176 Marks difference 5 different race Caucasianwhite Malaysianbrown Ethiopianblack American red Mongolian yellow J REM Page 62 111215 Thursoieiyy November 122 2 15 1124 AM How is race communicated Token Absence Where don39t we see these groups Whiteness Assumed norm Priming J REM Page 63 1 11715 Tuesday November 17 2015 Diversity i oooooooo ms 111915 0101 MAE KWAQJVDHC KW W m a WWm ML 9 WM MW quotW W WWW0W W 7 SM Wm W Vs IREM Page 66 12115 Last Day of Class Tuesday December 12 Z 15 1126 AM Fixed Corset The idea that women are better communicators is dangerous Cultural Resistance Democratic Theory Habermas 2 basic tenets 1 Access to the public sphere by diverse voices 2 Diverse individuals are engaging in rational debate How is the public sphere limited J REM Page 70


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