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Philosophy 1332-Codes of Ethics Reading Notes

by: Lilian Zyzanski

Philosophy 1332-Codes of Ethics Reading Notes Math 1172

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Mathematics (M) > Math 1172 > Philosophy 1332 Codes of Ethics Reading Notes
Lilian Zyzanski
GPA 3.8
Engineering Math A
Xiaoyue Xia

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About this Document

Tired of reading all the long assigned readings? This document summarizes all necessary details of the Codes of Ethics readings. This includes notes on the reading Codes of Ethics by Fledderman, t...
Engineering Math A
Xiaoyue Xia
philosophy, engineering ethics, NSPE Code of ethics, IEEE Code of ethics, philosophy 1332
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Lilian Zyzanski on Monday January 25, 2016. The Bundle belongs to Math 1172 at Ohio State University taught by Xiaoyue Xia in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Engineering Math A in Mathematics (M) at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
Codes of Ethics by Fledderman Sunday January 24 2 16 1 239 PM 0 Engineering societies have codes of ethics 0 Rights duties obligations 0 What is a code of ethics 0 Framework for ethical judgement from a professional 0 Codes are starting points allow you to make ethical decisions by applying ethical standards 0 Ethical odes don39t establish new ethical principles I They39re a reflection of accepted standards and practices that engineers do I Code consolidates and expresses those in a coherent fashion 0 Defines the roles and responsibilities of professionals 0 What is it not I Not a recipe for ethical behavior I Not a legal document III Can39t be arrested III But could be kicked out of professional society 0 Helps the engineer apply moral standards to a situation encounter in the engineering environment 0 How does a code accomplish this I Creates an environment where the norm is ethical behavior I Guide on how to act in some situations I Help back up your position I Indicates that the profession is concerned about professional conduct 0 Objections to Codes 0 A significant amount of engineers aren39t a member of engineering societies which have these codes so don39t need to follow them Many who are members aren39t aware of the code Many who are aware of it did not read it Consulting the code is rare Conflicting standards in the code with no mechanism to weigh between standards Can function coerciver 0 Codes of Engineering Societies 0 History of engineering codes is important 0 Professional engineering societies formed in the late 19th century 0 20th century codes were concerning how to do business I Less emphasis towards duty to public I More emphasis on duties towards employers Look at two codes of ethics 0 EEE I Short I General I More likely to be read because it39s shorter I More understandable I Framework for ethical decisions I Doesn39t say what the duty to the employer is I Mentions duty to environment 0 NSPE OOOOO PHILOS 1332 Page 1 I Long I Detailed I Explicit I Detailed explanations for applications to specific cases I Less likely to be read because of length 0 Resolving internal conflicts in codes 0 Internal conflicts can exist I Public safety vs duty to employer I Boss wants engineer to design a product that the engineer knows will be unsafe III NSPE clause 14 code says that engineers possess duty to employer III Preamble says that engineers have duty to public safety I Not all duties are equal though I Safety ought to take precedence but not all conflicts are easily resolved 0 Can codes protect employees 0 Three engineers were fired from the Bay Area Rapid Transit organization when they pointed out to superiors that there were flaws in the control systems for the BART trains I IEEE intervened in court b engineers cited code of ethics to justify their position I Lost the case I Engineering societies don39t tend to have that much power 0 Other codes of ethics Not only professional societies have codes of ethics Computers have ethical codes Students have to sign codes of ethics to use internet at universities Corporations themselves have codes of ethics I Tailor code to specific circumstances that engineers and other workers would face OOOO PHILOS 1332 Page 2 NSPE Code of Ethics Monday January 25 2 16 1122 AM 0 Preamble o Engineers should have honesty and integrity 0 Engineering has impact on quality of life for all 0 Purpose of engineering I Protection of public health safety welfare 0 Fundamental Canons 0 General welfare is most important Only do what you39re knowledgeable in Be truthful to the public Be faithful to employer Do not lie Be honorable ethical lawful I Increases honor of profession 0 Rules of Practice 0 General welfare comes first I Ifjudgement would not be impartial notify your employer I Don39t approve docs that violate standards I Don39t reveal private info without consent I Don39t associate with unethical companies I Don39t help break the law I If someone breaks the code report them Work only in your area of expertise I Only take jobs you39re qualified for I Do not sign off on things you aren39t knowledgeable in 00000 O I Only sign off on projects if knowledgeable persons have signed off on each sub section of the project Be truthful to the public I Be objective in professional reports I Only express technical opinions in accordance with facts 0 I If you39re being paid by special interest groups or you yourself have a special interest within this make that public knowledge if that39s influencing anything Be faithful to employer I If conflict of interests exist then make that known to employer I Don39t accept money from multiple groups unless all parties know that I Don39t accept compensation from outside people 0 I Public employees shouldn39t interfere with private or public engineering decisions I Engineers shouldn39t accept a contract from a government organization when a leader in their company also serves as a member of that government Do not lie I Do not falsify qualification or exaggerate responsibilities they held I Do not bribe someone to secure work 0 Professional Obligations 0 Be guided by honesty and integrity I Acknowledge errors don39t alter facts 0 PHILOS 1332 Page 1 I Advise clients when they thing something won39t work I Don39t accept outside work if it would affect your main job notify employers when you accept outside work I Don39t take employees from other companies by using deception I Don39t put yourself before the integrity of the profession Serve the public interest I Participate in civic affairs help the youth work for safety of community I Don39t complete plans that don39t abide by sound engineering standards III If a client wants otherwise notify the authorities I Let the public know of engineering achievements I Protect the environment in how you design products Don39t deceive the public I Don39t omit pertinent facts I Only recruit engineers by being truthful I Always give credit to the correct people Do not give out private information I Always have consent of all parties before arranging for new employment in their project I Always have consent of all parties before acting as a representative for them Don39t let outside influences impact decisions I Don39t accept money or other good from companies which are outside your contract I Don39t accept commissions from contractors who deal with your clients if it39s not specified in your contract Don39t get career advancement from questionable methods I Don39t accept a job where yourjudgment would be unduly influenced I When in a full time job don39t accept part time work unless company policies allow I Don39t use employees equipment for your own outside job Don39t hurt the reputation of other engineers I Don39t review the work of another engineer who works for the same client if you39re in private practice except with knowledge of other engineer I If you are in the public practice governmental work you can review work of other engineers when required by yourjob without the knowledge of the other engineer I Engineers in sales can compare products with products of other suppliers Accept personal responsibility for your professional activities I Conform to state laws I Don39t cloak unethical acts by association with others Give credit to those who it is due I Always name whoever designed something I Designs remain property of client do not duplicate without permission I Always agree on ownership of designs before designing with others I If you design something for your employer it is your employers property I Always continue learning PHILOS 1332 Page 2 IEEE Code of ethics Monday January 25 2016 1238 PM I Technologies affect quality of life I Engineers have personal obligation to the profession members and the community 0 Must abide by highest ethical conduct 1 10 Accept responsibility in your decision I Decisions must be consistent with safety health welfare of public I Disclose factors which negatively impact public or environment Avoid conflicts of interest I Disclose conflicts to affected parties Be honest I Make realistic statements when making claims or estimates Reject bribery I Monetary or otherwise Improve understanding of tech I Know technology I It39s application I Potential consequences of applications Improve competence with technology I Only take tasks if qualified I Notify employer of knowledge limitations Accept honest criticism correct problems with work credit others Treat all fairly I Do not care about race religion gender disability age or national origin of others Don39t injure others through false actionwords I Property I Reputation I Employment Help others I Support colleagues and coworks in professional development I Support them in following code of ethics PHILOS 1332 Page 1


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