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Notes up until Week 4

by: Ankita Upadhyay

Notes up until Week 4 MUSC 80I - 01

Ankita Upadhyay
GPA 4.0
Music of Modern Israel

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About this Document

These notes include what's going to be on the midterm!
Music of Modern Israel
midterm notes
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This 11 page Bundle was uploaded by Ankita Upadhyay on Monday January 25, 2016. The Bundle belongs to MUSC 80I - 01 at University of California - Santa Cruz taught by Tchamni,A. in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Music of Modern Israel in Music at University of California - Santa Cruz.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
Music 80i Lecture 1 1516 Class Website httpartstreamucscedumusic80iSvllabusSvllabusModernlsraelW2016bdf assignment due on Sunday on ecommons 500 words midterm all multiple choice listening component listen to 1012 songs and answer questions on FEB 9 RED SCANTRON assignments 2 due sun feb 21 2 topics Folk Music amp Popular Music International Folk Music Council IFMC founded in 1947 attempted to de ne 39folk music at a conference in Sao Paolo in 1955 1 The product of a musical tradition that has been evolved through the process of The concept embraces only music that had evolved within a community 2 Folk music might originate with an individual composer but must have been absorbed subsequently into the unwritten living tradition of a community a Takes a long time to become popular as folk music 3 The de nition did not cover composed popular music that had been taken over readymade by a community and remained unchanged as it was the refashioning and recreation of the music by the community Summarize Oral transmission absorbed by the community recreation Hw for Thursday 1716 scan intro and 1 and read ch 3 songs of the land of lsrael21 pages General MUSICAL characteristics of SLI 1 Communal singing sing along early 1900s a Many immigrants came from socialistcommunist countries everybody singingequal communist ideas performer would play pianoaccordion and teach it to audience sometimes known songs as well b Song Let it Be by Naomi Shemer 1973 or Lu Yehi in Hebrewinspired by Let it Be byJohn Lennon and Paul McCartney words under f dm e l emphasizestretch quotonly Let it bequot c imagine you re in TelAviv 1930 Chapter 3 song of the land of Israel listen to it addresses patriotism and the mixed feelings of pain and joy lsraelis felt after the aftermath of the 1948 war canonic status bc frequently played in schools holidays etc Tamir wanted to make this song popular to measure true lsraeliness when mainstream lsraeli identity was challenged immigrants but she doesn t want to harmtrouble the immigrants Folk music is not popular music 2 major issues related to SLI as popular music 0 creation of the Hebrew folk song 0 transformation of the repertory of songs Jewish songs translated into Hebrew theater cabaret songs etc aspects of the complex process of canonization of a limited number of Hebrew songs into SLI l canonization into SLI o aspects in uential role of music educators media critics perpetuation through singalongs keeping it alive relation between songs and Israeli folk dances revival of oldies music emergence of nostalgia industry early days of Israel SLI standsrefers back to the heroic early days of the state of Israel Music 80i Lecture 2 1716 Chapter 3 Songs of the Land of Israel General Musical Characteristics of SLI 1 2 Communal Singing ex quotLet it Bequot by Naomi Shemer melody goes up opposite of Beatles In uence of Russian Songs many immigrants came 1903 Jewish people ed and came to lsraelRed Army Choir Katusha March of the Defenders of Moscow propaganda tool to glorify communism not only melody rhytms but also bought with them ideology of community making music The composer is known the composer is known hence the term quotinvented folk musicquot written by individual composers in some countries you don t know who the composer is Typical Instruments a guitar b accordion c hand drums o What do all these instruments have in common A They are portable bc when you go to communal singing you want instruments that you can carry with you Modal from C to C Major only white keys on the pianofrom A to A minor a Cquotw where w whole tone and Bquoth where h half tone b Less emphasis on the Cquotw and Aquotw to break away from the sound of western musicso used B to B F to F D to D G to G I C A I i Modal music make use of other scales other than A and C they did use A and C but toned it down Ornamented Melodies like Arabesques in architecture added ornaments to the melody a Melodies in Arabic music and Jewish Music from Islamic countries are often ornamented with fast notes that quotcircle around a central notequot i Embellish the melody with fast notes like weaving around the melody breaking around the majorminor music was not enough so they added ornaments Middle Eastern Rhythms a Composers used middle eastern rhythms waltzoompa loompa type music western rhythm moved more towards modal type of sounds and middle eastern music around the 19405 and 19505 and broke away from Russian and Western musical in uence Interesting thing about SLl is that it s mobilized by the establishment to develop a new Hebrew culture hence the name SLI o Comes from the peoplegrassroots 0 Songs with words is a tool to mobilize an ideology Wanted to create this new Jew and wanted to break away from Eastern European in uencesnot really going to nd love songs was used to mobilize ideology to create a new Jewish nationality Process was reversedgoing down to the people instead of people bringing the music grassroots The canonization process of SLI how a song enters the volume of folk songs into a country What s the process How does it happen 0 1 Communal singing o 2 Educators if your song is taught in schools your song is on the way to enter Hall of Famebooks o 3 Media will help you in the process of getting your song in the books 0 4 Relation to Dance a lot of SLI are associated with dance 0 5 Revival by rockpop performers started reviving songs from the 39405 helped those songs canonizebecome SH 0 6 Army 0 7 Song books if your song is in song books your song is on the road to become SLl G Chord 0 Lights go out and I can t be saved tides that I tried to swim against Songs Eretz Zavat Khalav A land owing with milk and honey Midterm song 0 Eretz zavat khalav clap clap khalav ud vash Friendship by Chaim Haim Guri Music Sasha nickname for Alexander Argov 0 First verse describes the land second verse talks about those who died I war and how they live on war defending the land this class is everything music literature communication math all depts Literary Aspects of SH 0 1 Poets who wrote high poetry wrote about the land of Israel 0 2 Themes of Hebrewism nationalistic endeavor describing the land how beautiful it is cultivating the land defending the land 0 3 First Person Plural We talks about collective experience rather than just personal 0 Support by the Establishment O From above as opposed to normal folk songs Notated notes on the book of songs in the bookstore 0 Yet the paradox is that it was transmitted orally 0 Keywords for SH 0 0 000 O Adoonn Bc they adopted Russian folk tunes in the beginning and middle eastern rhythms borrowing and creating something new Appropriation Borrowing something and appropriating it to your own needs Invented You know who the composers are Canonka on Consensus Build a new country and everyone was a part of it Mobilization Tool for mobilizing the new ideology Establishment Tool Modal Ornaments Notated 1st person plural we 0 Performance 0 O Communal Singing Singing Ensembles amateurs to semiprofessional not vocalists performed live Broadcasting 0 Radio particularly on Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers not usually broadcasted in these days 0 Radio and TV speci c programs for SH 0 Printing 0 Song Books by agencies Jewish National Fund Histradut songs from 305 39405 trade unions general org of workers when under British mandate strong unions idea of unions bought from Eastern European culture Recording 0 By known rock and pop revived the songs SLI SLI composers ranged from professionals to amateurs How many songs had been written by 1949 0 4000 songs Approximately 3000 written by 32 composers 9375 songs per composer Song Mayim Mayim Water Water lyrics biblical music Emmanuel Amiran 0 Music 80i Lecture 3 11216 0 The IsraelJapan connection 0 SLI Timeline 0 O O 1 1900519605 Golden Age a 1900519205 Adaptation of Diaspora songs setting Hebrew texts to Russian melodies Use of Arab tunes rarely b 1920519605 bulk of the repertory originals and translated Russian songs 2 1960519805 nostalgia with the rise of rock SLI perceived as quotoldquot yet new songs were added up until 19605 only SLI sings played on the radio 319805present SLI is an established genre Pop and rock ballads that comply with the textual and musical requisites become part of it 0 Army Bands 0 O O O O 0 Were very successful in the civilian pop market Dominated the eld of popular music from mid19505 to mid 19705 Declined with emergence of global lsraeliness Purpose entertainment for soldiers Their additional function ideologicalpatriotism patriotism for soldiers 1015 members selected after auditions every 23 years new members 0 state supported training framework for pop stars and an outlet for emerging talents best chance to make it as a singer was to be in the army band many of the graduates of the army bands became successful singers and actors every 12 years a new program which included skits and songs entertainment for soldiers as well as general audiences writing and staging hired professionals choreographers composers from the music industry not soldiersbut soldiersarmy band were the ones performing Was also an outlet for composers and lyricists soldiers after they graduate boys 3 years girls 2 years The Army bands gave instant access to the music industry 15 members It made it difficult for musicians not working with the stylistic framework or the social network to begin a career 1300 songs were written for them songs were choreographed the connection to SLI Performed many SLI and many of their original songs entered the SH repertory close connection between SLI and Army Bands 19505 to 196667 simple productions French in uence accordion 19667 1975 rock instruments and elaborated productions First phase Early Simplicity 19505 The Nahal Band most famous army band ever Humorous songs 39Hora Heahzut 39Hora of the Nahal lyrics about vegetables ordered to grow in straight lines p 100 Army life songs Ya Mishlati oh my army postfortress lyrics in quothome without wallsquot where the only heating is that of quotbody warmthquot National ideology songs mul har Sinai Second phase Transition to Pop 19605 1966 Yair Rosenblum appointed artistic director of the Nahal bandgeshem bo p104 196667 Rock Instruments 0 carnival in the nahal p104 girl in the red skirt Third phase Extravagant showmanship 1969 mid 19705 0 Flowers in the barrel 19705 artillery band p 90 With the rise of Rock its basic messages were in sharp contradiction with the ideological role of the Army Bands in addition to the rising costs of the lavish production in uence The Musical quotHairquot 0 Peace no war rock and roll vs army bands glorify war and patriotism HW Read Chapter 5 Lecture 5 11916 la The product of a musical tradition that has been evolved through the process of oral transmission The concept embraced only music that had evolved within a community unin uenced by 39popular and 39art music Ils Folk music might originate with an individual composer but must have been absorbed subsequently into the unwritten living tradition of a community ll The de nition did not cover composed popular music that had been taken over readymade by a community and remain unchanged as it was the refashioning and recreation of the music by the community that gave it its folk character starts arti cial but becomes organic WNH 7 8 9 10 11 Shir LaShalom A Song for Peace The Nahal Band pg1067 Hmwk ch567 ISF was modeled after the European popular song contests The most famous one started in 1951 in Sanremo Italy EBU in 1950 the European Broadcasting Union was searching for ways of bringing together the countries of the EBU around a quotlight entertainment programquot a Since Europe was devastated by WW2 First Eurovision 1956 3rd place in 1958 Italy Volare The Israeli Song Festival initially was committed to SLI traditions during the 1970s moved more towards pop 1960 ISF winner quotEvening Fallsquot 1978 the festival s goal was to choose the song for the Eurovision a 1981 festival renamed quotthe preeurovision competitionquot Abanibi 1979 Halleluya Eurovision voting Lecture 6 12116 Mizrahi easternoriental Song Festival lsraeli Society 0 Ashkenazi ancestors came from Europe Tried to exile Jews 70 CE MizrahiSephardi Eastern Oriental Arab countries including North Africa lran muslim not arab Turkey Greece Ethiopian lsraeli Arabs lsraeli Druze O OO o By the late 19605 half of the Jewish population were Mizrahi half Ashkenazi half Mizrahi 0 First Festival 1971 Mizrahi Song festival11 yrs until 1982 O O O 0 Most composers were Ashkenazi Wanted to educate the Ashkenazi about miz music and domesticate the music of miz jews Songs were watered down by harmonization and orchestration critics complainmeody is eastern music but adding chords etc diminishing Only in the early 19805 was the festival really connected with the world of Musiqa Mizrahit Hassidic Song Festival 0 O O O 0 Split between secular and religious Jews Believed in joyhappiness l achieve by singing and dancing Was not called the quotreligious song festivalquot Lyrics were bibica verses psalms and from the prayer book A lot of the people involved were not religiousike in the Mirahi festival many were not Miz Women participated even though a man cant hear a woman sing Oseh Shalom 1969 Music Nurit Hirsch let the sun rise up today ya aseh Shalom I will survive Peace will survive Children s Song Festival 0 0 Children s songs were an educational tool for introducing children to modern Hebrew and strengthen their attachment to the land mechanic of SLI teach through education to get your songs famous Before 1948 songs were composed by wellknown composers but taught orally and were not associated with a particular performer With the development of a music industry songs were recorded by known performers 1970 First Festival Hayalda Hachi Yafa Bagan The prettiest girl in kindergarten from the children s song album quotThe 16th Sheepquot1978


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