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Lecture Notes

by: Aisha Notetaker

Lecture Notes 2011

Aisha Notetaker
Abnormal Psychology
No professor available

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About this Document

Everything leading up to the first quiz! (1/26). Complete w/ pictures, diagrams and material from the readings & lecture. Hope this helps!
Abnormal Psychology
No professor available
Anthro, Anthropology, anth 1004
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This 9 page Bundle was uploaded by Aisha Notetaker on Monday January 25, 2016. The Bundle belongs to 2011 at George Washington University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 138 views.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
I Tuesday January 12 2016 Where does language come from What39s the nature of our relationship to languageEnglish Questions about language include ls it a distinct ft of American culture We conduct business have rulesgovt in English 0 US was quotfounded in English What about Canada England Australia 0 Canada has 2 official langs French English 0 US has a growing of Spanish speakers O No matter speaking it doesn39t change our fundamental character Why is language so complexhard to learn How did we evolve w language Pronunciation39 Accent More Power of Language Enunciation of words has a concrete effect on politics classifications Language does stuff 0 quotI now pronounce you husband and wife 0 quotBy the power vested in me I sentence you to death consequential statements Curses The way you speak aligns your social identity Acceptableunacceptable uses of language context specific 0 Classroom vs with your friends Language Shock book 0 Differences happen win languages and across them 0 Learning a 2nd language and learning more about your own is the SAME THING Grammar Communicating vocab w outside world 0 Knowing grammar and being able to communicate are 2 V diff things 0 Ex Mount Pleasant popo confrontation O The situation escalated btw the two bc a clash of meaning 0 meaning travels beyond the dictionary Tells you I Who you are I Who you39re dealing with I Situation you re in I How your life works I Awhat39s important in it 0 Meaning ties language inside the circle grammar vocab to the outside world 0 You can39t use a new language unless you change the consciousness tied to the old one Agar I STRETCH beyond the circle of grammar vocab 0 Culture ERASES the circle around language that ppl draw I You can master grammar dictionaries but wo culture you can39t COMMUNICATE Criteria for communication 0 Knowing how that group thinks 8 what their world is like 0 Shift your assumptions and step into the shoes of the ppl39s language you39re talking in 0 Beware words have multiple meanings I quotwe should datequot 0 quotwhen39s the due datequot 0 quotdates are sweet fruitquot o Choices choices 0 Every time you open your mouth choice of words affect how ppl perceive you boxlabel you likedislike you and can cause physicalemotional damage 0 Culture You needa be open to understanding others 0 Deficit theoryNumber 1 Mentality I Donald Trump subscribes to this A bc he sees culture as a threat I Support being part of too many clashing cultures is dangerous bc it leaves you confused Linguistics Politics amp History Thursday January 14 2016 culture set of learned feelings beliefs rules practices for living Shared by a group CAN39T be individual solitary but you can have multiple in uences Guides behavior doesn39t dictate it Conscious amp unconscious quothorizon of awarenessquot 2 some stuff are above the horizon some aren39t Anthropologists are into small details of daily life They do ethnographies bc the ppl you study won39t trust you if you just drop by Believe that quotdifferent domains of social life reinforce each otherII 0 Politics religion gender health overlap o Reinforce em in unexpected ways 0 Politics of brushing teeth dental hygiene tells you a lot about cultural valuespractices Concerned w quottemporary suspension of judgmentquot 0 It39s not realistic to always be non judgey 0 Holding back gut rxns quotis this rightwrongquot o Anthros temporarily put on their quotdon39t judgequot hats 0 Put assumptionsrxns aside so it doesn39t affect your study what is your definition of language Society institutions 2 social body w members who share a common purpose Churches govts etc There39s rules governing who cancannot be members Mission statements say what their goals are Can be codified or uncodified Don39t just exist in quotcomplexquot societies 0 Amazonian Tribes villages in Brazil are institutions tool 0 Kaiepo society gender plays a role Age groups Subdivisions Language How lang works in our day to day lives We are ALL theorists about language everyone has theories about how lang works SOTU address 39 Presidential campaign How you apologize Mar Language is WAYYY MORE than just grammar words 8 pronunciation o How we learn using this model is a probleml 0 When you compare yourself to others it39s usually in terms of what others lack 0 Americans suffer from too much 1ism number one ism 0 Part of that stems from our v narrow definition of lang 0 Holds us back 0 Agar39s SOLUTION We need to get back to a global convol quotLanguage ideoIogiesquot F011 theory Popular theories about language Not v scientific based no strict methodology Backed by science behind em Ex Ex 0 quotUnclear writing means you have an 0 You talk funny so you39re unintelligent unclear mindquot 0 Romance languages are sexy 0 Ppl who speak more than 1 lang are 0 Bad spellers are inherently awed smarter there39s a correlation But it39s not 0 Translations is impossible quotIt39s just not 1 1 the same when you translate famous o What is it about ArabicHebrew that poetryproverbs there are degrees of make em inherently suited to the success failure QuranJewish prayer 0 Think about YOUR folk theories about language 0 Why do you have em Miscommunication types o Btw 2 languages cross cultural OR 0 Same language 0 quotThat39s not what I meant 0 YouTube Bad lip readings OR 0 Same words meaning diff things to diff ppl 0 Ppl process word meanings differently o Agar ex of him buying a woman a drink a work conference 0 She took it as a come onhe expects something of herassumes she can39t buy her own Saussure 0 Historical linguist how did we get here 0 Diachronic quotflowing thru time o Saussure advocates for synchronic quotwith time o Snapshot of a single moment 0 Slicing into it 0 In order to comm w one another 0 Like chess sections dictate how pieces can move 0 A Certain moves are consequential gender politics queen can kick ass o A Certain words are consequential amp meaningful o Coherent system w a whole series of moves that make sense in relation to each other o quotClicksquot mean something in Bantu languages but not in English obvi try ordering Starbucks by clicking the barista 0 Common ancestor phenomenon 0 Indian Sanskrit has some words that resemble classical Greek Latin 0 William Jones looked for relationships btw languages based on comparisons of terms 0 Word silos store housesbig collections of words 0 Interested in textslanguage in use day to day 0 Living breathing organism 0 Language builds a world of meaning amp sounds around us 0 Culture forges a human connection thru them 0 Whenever you encounter new cultures you stretch to understand them all Saussurian Concepts Historical Linguistics Tuesday January 19 Z 16 Diachrcnic Synchronic Through time Williams liked this Snapshot what does the language look like NOW Assumptionsquotthis word comes from the Latin rootquot Saussure liked this 0 Means nothing bc language is about the 0 Not interested in word roots just how they39re used present now Williams language should be treated as a living organism Saussure quotlangue et parolequot Langue underlying grammatical system 0 Same as Chomsky39s quotcompetencequot language 0 The only way to get to langue is thru parole ParOIG messy stuff we actually do wsystem in our day day affairs 0 Not what we39re after according to Saussure o Agar believes in dis quotThe Signquot 2 relationship btw signifier signified o Signifier the word tree 0 Signified the concept of tree not the physical thing 0 Saussure says the relationship is conventional aka it39s governed by language P 0 We all agree quottreequot points to the concept of 0 Same concept in Spanish French etc even if it39s called smthn different 0 lconicity VALUE 2 0 Words are defined by their relationship to other words 0 Each language carves up the universe in slightly different ways 0 Language draws our attention to diff values 0 Saussure quotrnoutonquot ex 0 In France what we call quotsheepquot is called a quotmoutonquot 0 US ethnic restaurants you can order quotmuttonquot from the French word 39 mutton is for dead sheep in USA I French doesn39t make that distinction dead or alive it39s called mouton Paradlmatlc Syntama u You need to be able to assembleorder words quotA sentence is a sequence of words EX quotshe can go gt quotshe will go etc etc 0 Each individual word contributes something to the overall meaning Syntagmatic in praesenb39a horizontal o The word you pick has consequences for next ones 39 it limits what you can add it dictates what can The ridiculous girl fell into the pond I I I I come next silly person jumped river 0 What YOU start W rules out other possibilities Paradigmatic foolish woman tripped lake in absenti39a funny lady plunged sea H H I I vertical crazy princess walked ocean I she beefallergenic ltltlt doesn t work klutzy child ran pool E or aemua relationship btw words relationship btw words 0 What words can you substitute and it still makes sense Thinking about Paradigmatic amp Syntagmatic when you39re ordering you choose one from every course appetizers entrees amp dessert 0 Syntagmatic you start w appetizer then move to entr e amp end w dessert 0 Linear order 0 What you start w rules out your next 0 Paradigmatic you can substitute carrot cake for appetizers etc 0 Order not as important Language is like CHESS 0 There39s more moves you CAN39T do that you CAN Boaz 1940s 0 German linguist looking to disprove racialbiological discrimination 110019 Jimquot O Athose discs were partly language based 3 O Tried proving Hitler39s 39lVlein Kamph39 ideologies were bologna O BOAZ studied kids of European immigrants to see if they behavedthought just like their 0 Ahe found they were NOTHING like parents kids were v critical of em O Aconcluded ppl behave differently according to culture 8 language I NOT bc of racebiological reasons Not interested in linguistics as a discipline 0 Used language as a way to get to gtgt culture 0 There39s degrees of difference 0 Languages carve up the universe in diff ways 0 ALL languages are created EOUAL 0 Against superiorelitist notions that English is quotbetterquot than tribal langs O Athat39s prescriptive linguistics O Boaz is v AGAlNST that says it39s morally offensive O Boaz wants descriptive linguistics o 39Linguistic relativity all languages are created equal 0 All languages have roughly equal levels of complexity Sapil39 Boaz39s student 0 Made a more sophisticated set of criteria 0 Main q HOW does language carve up the universe 0 Lots of in depth stuff about language structure 0 He lost complete sight of culture Wharf 0 Added to Sapir 8r Saussure o v importantwas a quotFire Insurance Claims Adjustor O Looked the power of words to cause damage death o EX in one case ppl saw the word quotemptyquot on barrels O A there was vapor inside that blew em up 0 Languages divide up the universe 2 material 8 non mat o lgloomen have 40 words for snow 0 Skiiers have tons of words for snow tool Interested in Native American languages Hopi ie o is it ongoing or is it finished 0 Modern Greek attends to aspect 0 In English we might but it ain39t too important 0 2 present past future 2 how sure are you that the action took place 0 Did you seehear it happen 0 Hopi lndians attend to mood


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