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Listening Exam 3 Notes

by: Emily Tall

Listening Exam 3 Notes COMM 30193

Emily Tall
GPA 3.299
Dr. King

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About this Document

These notes include information for the Unit 3 exam (FINAL). The notes are separated into class periods by date.
Dr. King
Listening, communication, comm studies, Dr. King
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This 0 page Bundle was uploaded by Emily Tall on Friday January 29, 2016. The Bundle belongs to COMM 30193 at Texas Christian University taught by Dr. King in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Listening in Communication Studies at Texas Christian University.

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Date Created: 01/29/16
EXAM 3 NOTES 11215 Arbitration nal decision rests with the arbitrator Mediation nal decision made by two parties in con ict Critical Listening eg bandwagon straw man use of humor etc Deductivel general to speci c 0 Major Premise All AampM students are dumb 0 Minor Premise joe is an AampM student Conclusionleherefore joe is dumb 0 Minor premise ts within major premise so true 0 Enthymeme Skipping major premise therefore making argument iogica nductive examples to conclusion Toulmin Inferential Pattern of Reasoning data warrants a claim 11415 Ethos BalanceTheory 0 Source 0 Topic Listener Source Derogationl When the Source and the Listener have differing opinions We want to agree with people we value and disagree with people we don t value Listening Behavior in Coorientational States 0 Con rmation Con rm Disagree Prediction Agree Disagree 6 Keys to Active Listening 0 Avoid judgment agreement Dedicate time 0 Focus on the speaker Read between the lines 0 Use empathy not sympathy 0 Have faith in the speaker to solve his or her own problems Steps to Active listening 0 Mirror questions Paraphrase o Re ect meaning 0 Re ect feeling 11615 Defensive vs Supportive Evaluation Description Controll Problem Orientation Strategy Spontaneity Neutrality Empathy Superiorityl Equality Certainty Provisionalism 111615 Dialogic Listening Martin Bouber Monologic vs dialogic it vs lthou 7 Indicators of Dialogue Authenticity Trust Hopefaith Humilityequity Presentness immediacy Supportive Climate LOVE 0 Love is the synergy that results from all of the other aspects of dialogue As such it is greater than the sum of it39s parts It is hard to de ne because at it39s base it is our underlying attitude about another person or the people around us or our attitude toward humans in general Love is placing the needs of another above your own needs Love is doing something really spectacular for another person even when we realize that our actions will never be known by any other human This is important because this concept is the foundation of Thou as opposed to it relationships The use of the term quotThouquot has always meant something to me because it conveys a kind of spiritual feel 111815 Larry Barker s Suggestions for Appreciative Listening 0 Determine what you enjoy the most 0 Analyze why you enjoy it 0 Compare your likes and dislikes with others to develop quotlistening curiosityquot Read and learn more about the areas that you enjoy Oral Interpretation of Literature 0 Recent theories of the theatre emphasize the importance of the listener 50 of the total creative event 0 ln oral interp the reader retains hisher identity but uses vocal emphasis to involve the reader in the story 0 Oral interp relates back to the oral tradition o The oral tradition is the passing down of stories Discriminative listening is the roots Comprehensive listening is the trunk And the branches of listening are the different reasons we listen Critical listening to make decisions therapeutic listening to help people and appreciative listening


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