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Class Notes

by: Brittany Hope

Class Notes CTD 231

Brittany Hope
GPA 3.83
Sewn Product Analysis
Silke Suhr

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About this Document

Notes covering lectures from 1/15/15-2/3/15
Sewn Product Analysis
Silke Suhr
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This 11 page Bundle was uploaded by Brittany Hope on Friday February 6, 2015. The Bundle belongs to CTD 231 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Silke Suhr in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 171 views. For similar materials see Sewn Product Analysis in Art at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
11515 Product Development Variations Branded wholesale brand Cobranded Private Brands private label store brands Licensed Customized Branded Products Proprietary label Sole at wholesale for distribution to retailers Co Branded Products Partnership between a branded product developer and a retailer An exclusive collection for the retailer Why do designers cobrand To reach a different target market and make it more accessible Private Label Products Developed and merchandised with labels that are owned by a retailer Distributed exclusively by that retailer to compete with branded products also carried by the retailer Developed by the retailer s own products development team Examples macy s belk madison Saks off 5thall have private labels Store Brand Products Privately developed products sold under a stored own labels for exclusive distribution in their own stores or catalogs or both Creating product and brand image is extremely important Cater to a particular target market Examples Banana Republic Forever 21 Crew GAP HampM Zara Licensed Products Used to expand a brand s product mix License receives a royalty on all units sold May be used to gain entry to a foreign market Can license characters Examples Bedding from designers that typically do apparel Customized Products Mass customization Utilizes mass production technology and applied it to the creation on products and services for a market of one Can use body scanners Can specify length fabric or styling details Supply Chain Management Quick Response Speed to market 0 Tools that can help domestic manufacturers take advantage of their knowledge of the American lifestyle and capitalize on their proximity to the marketplace by delivered fashion goods with short lead times Defined as getting the right product to the right place at the right time at the right price Quick Response Relies on I Iustintime IIT inventory I Specification ordering I Bar coding I Electronic data interchange EDI I Computer aided design CAD I Automatic replenishment systems Traditional timeline for wholesale brands I 4050 Quick Response timeline pg 14 Zara case study I 810 weeks Benefits of Quick Response I Can buy closer to the season I Shortening of lead time I Promptly refilled reorders I Reduced warehousing and inventory costs I Reduced retail stockouts Companies focus more on core competencies I Led to outsourcing B2B I Linking of supply chain partners I Allows companies to exchange business digitally I Able access account management billing materials procurement inventory management customers service sourcing logistics design etc Preaporter I Pretaporter or Readytowear is the fashion design term for clothing marketed in a finished condition in standard clothing sizes in casual usage off the rack of offthepegquot I Some fashion houses or fashion designers create readyto wear lines that are massproduced and industrially manufactured while others offer lines that are very exclusive and produced online in limited numbers and only for a limited time Whatever the quantity produces these lines are never one of a kind CONSUMER MARKETS CHAPTER 3 NOTES ConsumerProducer Relationship I The consumer is the central focus of marketing I The trend of marketing is to break down markets into smaller well defined niche markets through market segmentation or micromarketing Marketing Consumer Trends I Use advertising and promotional campaigns to create consumer demand I Savvy customers prioritize 0 Value Function Versatility Comfort Quality Not fashion Consumer Trends I Women are main household shoppers 0 Changing demographics 0 Effect on retailers I More merchandise available at discount 0 Pricedriven shopping I Expect to find what they want with minimal time and energy 0 Less leisure time I More consumers are crossshoppers shopping multiple brands and price levels Role of Product Developers I Must find ways to gather information regarding consumer preferences and translate that information into product OOOOO Marketing Target market Market segmentationsmicromarketing 0 Demographic o Psychographic o Generational Niche market 0 Examples Extreme sportswear Demographics Statistics about a given population with respect to figure 33 page 61 0 Age 0 Gender Marital status Family size Income Regional demographics Spending habits Occupation Education Religion figure 38 Ethnicity Psychographics The study of the social and psychological factors that in uence consumer lifestyles Social aspects 0 Reference groups 0 Life stage 0 Activities Psychological aspects 0 Personality o Attitudes 0 Level of class consciousness 0 Motivation Psychographic Tools Psychographic factors are difficult to measure because they are subjective VALS segmentation system traditional tool 0 Highlights features that motivate consumer buying 0 Categorize by psychology and several key Generational The study of the values motivations and life experiences that drive generational cohorts in uencing how they spend and save their money table32 pg 72 0 Mature 19091945 0 Baby boomers 1946 GET REST FROM BOOK Matures believe that security comes through savings that makes them conservative spenders Baby boomers 2 1 expect advertisement to be informative lifestyle oriented and feature models their age They buy lifestyles Generation X because of being a small generation they were not advertised for a long time They value quality of quantity Millennials generation Y 30 were raised by baby boomers Grew up with technology Easy to attract with advertisement But rather spend money for new technology than clothes Lifestyle Segmentation Define brands more in terms of attitude than of age Addressing social issues in advertising and packaging Examples OOOOOOOOO Market Research Tools Quantitative Research 0 0 Objective methodology Data collected about a sample population and analyzed to generationalize behavioral patterns Qualitative Research 0 O Subjective methodology Data collected using observation and case studies in which experiences are used to describe observed behaviors within the context of environmental factors Types of Market Research Tools 0 000000000 0 Environmental scanning Point of sale POS Data Data mining Data profiling Video Documentations Neuromarketing figure 317 p 80 Website engagement Crowdsourcing meaningful partners Focus groups Consumer surveys Style Testing Wear Testing Consumer privacy General Consumer Trends Long term Recessionary impact 0 Only buy what we need Time as a commodity 0 Limited time for shopping Fashion independence buy what suits you Comfort more important than style Importance of fit niche products Masstige mass market and prestige retailing cobranding Quality vs Quantity Importance of brands private brands improved design Wear now clothing Ethical Fashion green fashion NOTES 12715 Business PlanningChapter 2 Production Planning Links merchandising decisions with design and technical decisions Must understand the cost of materials trims and value added finished and processes 0 Quantity and quality capacity 0 Production and transit timelines o Duties and quotas Negotiate fabric and garment costs Order prototypes Oversees compliance issues S ges of Apparel Product Development 1 Line concept 0 results from trend research and includes the mood theme and key elements that contribute to the concept presentation 0 shown on conceptmood boards 2 Line Development 0 designers translate the trend information line concept into groups of garments 0 select textures colors fabrics designs and actual fabric samples 3 Line Presentation 0 Showing proposed line of products to the technical design staff and sourcing managers for selection of styles 0 Sourcing manager responsible for contracting and securing the materials used in construction and production 0 Technical designers responsible for translating each design into a pattern and writing specifications for constructing or producing the product Product Categories Product category 0 Women s vs men s vs childrens table 23 24 25 Size range 0 Misses juniors petites women s Product Positioning Decision which price categories or price points company wants to sell table 26 pg 44 o Couture Chanel couture dior couture 0 Designer designer brands available as rtw Prada DampC o Contemporarty designer Tracy Reese 0 Bridge Elie Tahari A continue from book Season The season identifies the time of the year the product will be worn o In uences fabric selection colors and styles Designed and manufactured far ahead of the actual calendar in order for them to be shipped in time Fall winter lines are shown in Feb March for delivering late summer early fall Spring Summer lines are shown in September October for delivery February March Many companies offer 46 seasonal collections per year with several deliveries available within a seasonal collection Branding A brand is the cumulative image of a business product or service communicated to consumers through a name a sign symbol or slogan Branding is a competitive strategy to distinguish and market the brand through product Brand image in a consumers set of assumptions and feelings about products and or service provided Brand extension refers to the practice of expanding a brands reach Lifestyle brands 0 Large array of product lines Examples Ralph Lauren Tommy Hilfiger 12915 NOTES Brand equity refers to the values that accrues to a brand for customers who may be willing to spend more for a brand name product 0 A high profile brand can launch variations of its product to reach different target customers Importance of Branding 0 Increase market share I Maximize core customer base I Expanding into new areas I Horizontal growth strategy 0 Represents a reputation I Sum of Brand name 0 Product Advertising and promotion Channels of distribution Service Brand Distribution 0 Retailers that sell to brand s target market 0 Prestige labels vs commodity labels 0 Role of retailers o 360degree brands 0 stores catalogs internet Licensing 0 Ownership of a name logo or trademark placed on a product 0 Shift responsibility for the products design and development to other partners in the marketing chain 0 Advantages Disadvantages 0 Examples 0 Licensee 0 Product developers manufacturers who purchase the license to a name logo or trademark o Pays royalties to licensor o Gain higher profit margins and access to certain retail outlets 0 Offer production and retail expertise in certain categories 0 Providing advertising 0 Licensor 0 Owner of the name logo or trademark 0 Approve all distribution channels 0 Control quality standards and specifications of product 0 Approve designs colors etc 0 Can restrict where products are sourced Brand Portfolios 0 Multiple brands owned by one company in most cases consumers are unaware that a single cooperation owns a diversity of brands in its portfolio table 27 page 53 they do this to appeal to the largest number of target customers possible Brand Umbrella 0 When the owner makes it obvious for the consumer that their multiple brands offer the same level of quality and value 0 Examples 0 Gap The limited group Kellwood Liz Claiborne END OF BUSINESS PLAN NOTES 2315 Trend Forecasting Chapter 4 What is Fashion 0 Fashion is a re ection of the prevailing ideas in our society 0 Concept of fashion applies not only to apparel but to literature cars architecture etc 0 Fashion is complicated and multifaceted making at an elusive concept challenging to follow because fashion is ultimately about change What is a Trend 0 Trend is the direction in which something tends to move in a way that it affects culture or business 0 A trend if a preference for a particular set of product characteristics within a consumer a general direction Fashion Level 0 Couture 0 Made to order 0 Designer RTW o 100 to several thousand 0 Mass market 0 Millions 0 Street fashions Functional fashions o Trickle Down is couture and designer RTW and mass market Trickle up street fashions and functional fashions Fashion Cycle 0 Inovators25 o Couture I Only 13 is adopted by consumers 0 Early Adopters135 0 Bridge price points 0 Early Majority 34 0 Important for buyers 0 Late Majority 34 o Declining o Laggards 16 o Obsolete o Fads o Innovations with short popularity spurts 0 Examples PINK written on butts at VS 0 Classics 0 Enduring styles that never completely go out of stylebut need to be updated 0 Examples O 0 Three fashion theories help trend forecasters spot new style trends in different markets 0 Trickledown theory based on observation that many new fashion ideas start on designers run appealing to fashion leaders As new ideas gain visibility they are reinterpreted at lower price points 0 Trickleacross theory helps to explain how digital technology has changed the dynamic of fashion Many runway styles are viewable long before they enter the market The month between the garment is photographed and actually appears in stores gives time to knock off similar looks at all price points fast fashion HampM ZARA Forever 2 1 o Trickleup theory explains the phenomena of street fashion that originate with avantgarde consumer groups They are putting together looks of their own If the looks take hold and are reinterpreted by designers the trend is said to be trickling up through the economic structure Environmental Scanning o The ongoing process of surveying a variety of resources for economic political social technological and cultural conditions for insights into the future 0 A trend must be evaluated to determine 0 Application to target market 0 Life expectancy o Num 1 place to shop for knitwear is Barcelona Forecasting 0 Long Term forecasting o Is the process of analyzing the sources patterns and causes of change through the evaluation of current events 0 Seeks to identify changes of the global and domestic economy breakthrough in technology and science shifts in political cultural Or economical alliances between countries 0 Alert the industry to shifting demographics and psychographics that will affect what the consumer wants 0 Example the rapid impact of digital technology is a long term trend PERMANENT I Retailers are offering their products online I Business clothes are becoming more casual due to the fact that less persontoperson interaction is taking place Phone Internet orders 0 It takes 2 years to find and buy your staples which is why thinking long term is important 0 Short Term Forecasting o Analyzes current and upcoming events and pop culture that can be translated into fashion trends in the next 1218 month Communicated to the consumer through seasonal color fabric and silhouette stories to give fashion a fresh look each season o Dressing your bagel example Environmental Scanning In uences 0 Current Events 0 Politics 0 Economy 0 International 0 The Arts 0 Arthistoric costume exhibit 0 Performing arts 0 Pop culture 0 Sports 0 Seasonal o Endorsements 0 Science amp Technology 0 Colors 0 Garment functionality I Technology in uence 0 Garment care and disposal Trend Forecasting Resources 0 Media scanning Services 0 News 0 Apparel fashion news 0 Fashion websites and newsletters o Forecasting Services figure 412 page 113 0 Note By the time a trend appears in a fashion magazine consumers expect to see it in the store Shopping the Market 0 Shop key markets for their category to watch new trends New venues are featured in Women s Wear Daily Vogue Harper s Bazaar etc Shopping the market is serious business 0 First signs of a new trend appear in the fashion centers of the world 0 Domestic I NYC Los Angeles Chicago Atlanta Dallas San Francisco 0 International I Europe Tokyo Hong Kong Canada Montreal I Varies based on product category


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