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Christianity Theology Lecture

by: Wendell Rodrigues

Christianity Theology Lecture HUM1B

Marketplace > San Jose State University > Arts and Humanities > HUM1B > Christianity Theology Lecture
Wendell Rodrigues

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About this Document

Hum1B Lecture (Cooper) Week 2 Day 1 Tuesday February 2nd
Humanities Honors 1B
Dr. Cooper
Humanities, honors, christianity, theology, HUM1B
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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Wendell Rodrigues on Sunday January 31, 2016. The Bundle belongs to HUM1B at San Jose State University taught by Dr. Cooper in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Humanities Honors 1B in Arts and Humanities at San Jose State University.


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Date Created: 01/31/16
Intro • The synoptic gospels have a lot in common • They have differences in how Jesus addressed certain issues • Matthew paints Jesus’ coming in a prophetic way • Traces Jesus’ roots to Abraham • Speaks of prophecies from the Old Testament • Luke highlights the inclusiveness of Jesus’ mission • Traces Jesus’ roots to Adam and Eve • Jesus is a Messiah to all of humanity Israelite Jews • Around the time of the Exodus, the “Covenant” was not only with God, but among the people • Around the 1st century, the Jewish community moved toward a more hierarchal structure • Priests/Saduccees • Scribes • At the time of Jesus, the Jewish Sanhedrin had the power to sentence people to death for various crimes Jesus’ Opposition to the Authority Jesus did not reject the idea of the covenant • • He did not like how the poor were being kept out of the temple • He wanted to create a new community that was all-inclusive • He wanted to move religion AWAY from the temple • He believed that people were following the letter of the law, rather than the message behind it • He thought the religious leaders required a strict following of the law, but they themselves did not follow the message behind the laws • Jesus considered his body “a temple” His followers can eat his “body” through the Holy Eucharist • • This is practiced in the Catholic Mass We are one with Jesus, as shown through the vine metaphor • • Vines of the same tree • Jesus’s commandment was to treat others as you would treat yourself • Differed from the social norm of his time • Poor people were thought of as lesser in the community • Jesus is both human and divine • You could experience the divine spirit of God by loving Jesus • Jesus’ suffering and his atonement of sins substituted our suffering for our sins • Jesus died for our sins The Eucharist • • You would eat the Sacramental bread and drink the Sacramental wine and become one with him • He challenged the social norm by shifting the physical temple to the temple of his body • Jesus challenged the idea of Ethics • A person who has adultery in his/her heart is as sinful as the person who commits adultery Acts • Spoke about Inevitability Discourse • Certain events in history is bound to happen • The first half focuses on the followers of Jesus being able to miraculously speak in different languages in order to spread the gospel The second half focuses on Paul’s missionary journey • • Speaks about Paul’s persecution Paul • Converted to Christianity from Judaism • Was able to connect with his audience • Appeared to people in the way that would be most beneficial to spreading the word • Writes that earlier, he thought the teachings of the followers of Jesus as blasphemous • He himself was a Pharisee • Actively persecuted the followers of Jesus outside of Jerusalem • He himself witnessed a revelation that made him convert • Paul emphasizes the death and resurrection of Jesus Faith in the death and resurrection (salvation) • • Paul would be a disciple of Jesus • Not an apostle (a direct student) • Says that the Death of Jesus could not have been an accident • Was planned (blessed) by God to carry the burden of everyones’ sins • Thought that Salvation would guarantee one’s entrance to heaven • When one was justified in his/her relationship with God • Believed humans were inherently sinful (Adam and Eve) • Believed we need to be baptized (ritual of Christ’s victory over death) Why was Paul so successful? • • He would set up businesses in different locations • He would then speak to people who would come to his shop • He would set up religious settlements • When he moved on, he would write letters Paul taught that the kingdom of God was for all • • The people of the day believed Christianity was a sect of Judaism • The Jews were against Gentiles not being circumcised, and still be able to become part of the community • Paul wrote that “real circumcision is a matter of the heart” • In order to become part of the community of Christ, you don't need to follow the ritual of circumcision • You don't need to follow the strict dietary laws of Kosher You only need to follow Christ • • He appealed to the Gentiles by getting rid of these rituals • He used his own suffering to relate to the suffering people he preached to • The people could identify with his suffering • They could also identify with the suffering of Jesus Christ


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