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Religion -- Exam 2

by: TCU2461

Religion -- Exam 2 BIOL 30603


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About this Document

This is a study guide for exam 2! Good luck!
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Dr. Akkaraju, Dr. Misamore, Dr. Chumley, Dr. McGillvray
religion, bible
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by TCU2461 on Thursday February 4, 2016. The Bundle belongs to BIOL 30603 at Texas Christian University taught by Dr. Akkaraju, Dr. Misamore, Dr. Chumley, Dr. McGillvray in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology in Biology at Texas Christian University.


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Date Created: 02/04/16
Study Guide▯ Exam 2▯ ▯ ▯ People▯ the traditional ancestor of Rudolf Otto▯ Muhammad and of the Arab peoples.▯ - Coined the term “Numinous” which Rebekah▯ is the same thing as a Mysterium - Appears in the Hebrew Bible as the tremendous et fascinans.▯ wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob - Stated that God and Religion are holy and Esau.▯ and “other worldly”. ▯ Jacob & Esau▯ - Wanted to drive a path between - The Book of Genesis contains the physics and ethics. ▯ story of Jacob and Esau focusing on Jacob/Israel▯ Esau's loss of his birthright to Jacob - a Hebrew patriarch, the younger of and the conflict that had spawned the twin sons of Isaac and Rebecca, between their descendant nations who persuaded his brother Esau to because of Jacob's deception of their sell him his birthright and tricked aged and blind father, Isaac, in order him out of his father's blessing. to receive Esau's birthright/blessing Jacob's twelve sons became the from Isaac.▯ founders of the twelve tribes of “Israel”▯ ancient Israel.▯ Mary▯ - Jacob sees the ladder (axis mundi) - she was a virgin engaged to Joseph and has a numinous experience.▯ and conceived Jesus by the power of - Jacob’s name gets changed to “Israel” the Holy Spirit.▯ because that means he has wrestled Noah▯ with God. ▯ Abram/Abraham▯ Moses▯ - Chapters 11-25 of Genesis▯ - Experienced the burning bush El Shaddai▯ phenomena as well as when he - Is one of the names of the primary received the Ten Commandments Judaic god▯ given by God on Mount Sinai, Jeremiah▯ according to Exod. 20:1–17. ▯ Hananiah▯ Hagar▯ Ezekiel▯ - The maid of Abraham and Sarah▯ Job▯ - The mother of Ishmael (Ismail), son “the satan”▯ of Abraham.▯ - “Satan” is an english translation to El Roi▯ the hebrew word for “the accuser”. ▯ Ishmael▯ Eliphaz▯ - - Son of Abraham, by his wife Sarah's One of Job’s friends. ▯ maid, Hagar, driven away with his - He tells Job that he is impure and mother after the birth of Sarah's son proposes retributive theory stating Isaac (Gen. 16:12). Ishmael (or Ismail) that he was punished, therefore he is also important in Islamic belief as must be impure. ▯ Bildad▯ Zophar - Navel of the World▯ Mithras▯ ziggurats▯ El▯ - The structures built to get closer to Asherah▯ the heavens when a mountain was Baal▯ not nearby. ▯ ▯ - Man made mountains▯ Places▯ ▯ Beth-el▯ Holy Place & Most Holy Place▯ - Jacob has an experience with God. ark of the covenant (construction & symbolism)▯ Beth-el is the shrine that was built - which is known as “house of God”▯ Inside the tabernacle, one room was Peni-el▯ the Holy place and the other was the Chebar▯ Most Holy Place. ▯ - River in Babylon where Ezekiel has - In the MHP, only priest could enter his vision of God. The one with the once a year, and it was where the Ark of the Covenant was held. ▯ cherubim. ▯ - ▯ Inner most layer of the Israelite camp Dates▯ layout. ▯ December 25▯ Jacob’s numinous experience▯ - Jacob goes back to meet Esau.▯ ▯ - The night before, he wrestles with Terms & Concepts▯ God. ▯ Experiential dimension▯ - mysterium tremendum et fascinans▯ Jacob’s name is then changed to - When someone experiences God and “Israel”▯ has both a sense of awe and fear. ▯ Moses’numinous experience▯ - theophany▯ This term was coined by Rudolph - The presence of God▯ Otto. ▯ Annunciation experiences▯ numinous▯ - Being in relation to God. ▯ Form of theophanies in women’s ‘navel of the world’▯ numinous experiences▯ - Throughout the ANE, all the tribes - Hagar: Angel▯ - Sarah: 3 men▯ believed that their sacred location - Rebekah: voice of the Lord▯ was where the Earth was created and - Mary: Angel▯ creation spread from that point. ▯ axis mundi▯ Nature of women’s numinous - An imaginary line that connects the experiences▯ heavens to the Earth. Where this line - For the women, they never experience God directly, dont take crosses the Earth, that place is said to place in sacred places, dont be sacred.▯ experience mysterium tremendum…▯ symbolism of mountains▯ - - Mountains were as close to the Each experience has to do with Heavens mortals could get. So they bearing children.▯ were sacred places and where the Covenant experiences▯ suzerain/vassal▯ Axis mundi would cross the Earth. ▯ - When one party is superior in the temples and their symbolism▯ relationship, and the other is inferior. These kinds of treaties were made shaman▯ between nations. The one who is the - Religious functionary called by the superior is the suzerain whereas the spirit. They have the ability to inferior is the vassal.▯ connect with the spiritual world and Noachic covenant (scope, content, sign, and nature)▯ are usually found within particular - This is Universal in scope because it community and are sought after for covers everyone. ▯ answers about everything.▯ - qualities of shamanistic experiences▯ The content is dietary expansion, - They have trances, visions, ecstatic procreation, murder consequences, states. They are “Possessed” by God God’s promise never to flood the world again▯ to speak the word of God. ▯ - The sign God gave was the rainbow▯ - They are act as prophets and are the - The nature is unconditional because mouthpiece of God. ▯ - Moses(God)->Aaron(Prophet)- the people couldn't choose to accept >Pharaoh▯ it.▯ basic role of the prophet▯ Abrahamic covenant (scope, content, - sign, ratification, & nature)▯ The prophet act as the mouthpiece of - In the abrahamic covenant, the scope God. ▯ is individual because God specifically Jeremiah’s 2 visions▯ - One of them deals with the addressed Abraham. ▯ community.▯ - The content consisted of a 3-fold - The other deals with the boiling pot promise: great nation, great name, families of earth blessed though (which represents the Babylonians). ▯ descendants; numerous descendants - The visions are for the benefit of with land; promise of son with Sarah.▯ community and so they can prepare - themselves.▯ The sign was circumcision of the Jeremiah-Hananiah conflict▯ men, which was of conditional nature - Jeremiah and Hananiah are both because not all people had to follow it. ▯ prophets, so which do the people of - The ratification was animal sacrifice. ▯ Israel believe? Hananiah says they Mosaic covenant (content, sign, nature)▯ will be exiled for about 5 years, - where Jeremiah says it will be much The content was the 10 longer. To believe the one that is the commandments which were the real one, is the one that actually tablets of stone. ▯ - The sign was the blood sprinkling comes true. ▯ ceremony.▯ Ezekiel’s storm-cloud vision▯ - This covenant was conditional - Ezek. has vision of God and depicts all the imagery he sees in the storm because no one had to follow the 10 cloud. He is in the presence of God, commandments.▯ and Ezek. has a numinous theophany in Abraham’s numinous ▯ experience▯ experience. ▯ Mystical/Shamanism experiences▯ - He sees a figure that is the Cherubim.▯ basic credo of the mystical▯ ▯ - ▯ Divine not simply out there, but also ▯ within.▯ ▯ cherubim▯ Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement▯ - Has the faces of an eagle, lion, ox, and Purpose of Yom Kippur▯ human. Has huge wings. He Hebrew rites of myth—purpose▯ struggled to find words to describe it, Seder/Passover▯ “something like..”▯ Purpose & symbols of Seder▯ Mystical/Contemplative experiences▯ Hebrew rites of purification—purpose contemplative in the ANE – wisdom & means▯ ▯ literature▯ mikvah▯ retributive theology▯ - Hebrew rite of purification. If - God rewards the righteous but someone is unclean, they are punishes the wicked. ▯ “prescribed” a washing by the high Discussion on Job▯ priest.▯ Perspective on retributive theology▯ Christian rites of sacrifice—atonement▯ Views on Job’s suffering: Job, 3 - Sacrifice of Christ▯ friends, and narrator▯ Platonic dualism▯ - Eliphaz:▯ - Separate entities: the physical and - Job is impure, he proposes the material realm and the spiritual/ retributive theology; because he heavenly. ▯ was punished, he must have been - The materials are actually copies/ wicked, therefore, he must have shadow/images of heavenly been unrighteous. ▯ materials. ▯ - Bildad:▯ - For example, in Yom Kippur, the - If you have done something sacrifice is an allegory of the true wrong, then you must confess and sacrifice of Christ. ▯ ask for forgiveness, for God is just. Cult of Mithras—origin & rituals▯ He also says Job is impure and Christian rites of myth▯ unrighteous. ▯ eucharist▯ - - Zophar:▯ the Christian ceremony - Also states Job is impure and commemorating the Last Supper, in unrighteous, and tells him he is which bread and wine are getting off light. ▯ consecrated and consumed.▯ - Narrator:▯ Symbols of Eucharist▯ - - Job is blameless and righteous. The unleavened bread is the body of He is fearful, meaning he is loyal christ, and the wine is blood of to God. One who fears God is Christ. ▯ also said to be wise. ▯ Christian rite of purification▯ ▯ Symbolism of baptism▯ Ritual dimension▯ Relationship of temples & idols▯ Concept of ritual purity▯ Mis/perceptions of idols as gods▯ Basis of un/cleanness in animals▯ Significance of idols/images▯ Types of uncleanness in humans▯ divination▯ Hebrew rites of sacrifice—purpose & ▯ mis pi/pit pi▯ motives▯ Un/acceptable means of divination in ▯ propitiation▯ Israel▯ do ut des▯ Problem with idols/images▯ expiation▯ ▯ Lists▯ 3 functions of rituals▯ 2 broad types of religious experiences▯ 3 types of ritual▯ 1. Numinous▯ 3 cultic rituals of Mithraism▯ 2. Mystical (?)▯ ▯ 3 physical levels of Israelite camp layout and their symbolic value▯ 1. Twelve Tribes of Israel▯ - This was the outermost layer and intermediaries between God and surrounding communities.▯ 2. Clans from the Tribe of Levi (Priestly people)▯ - Middle Layer, and are intermediaries between Tribes of Israel and God.▯ 3. Tabernacle itself▯ - The symbolism was the God was at the center of the Universe.▯ - Temple had two rooms: Holy Place, and Most Holy Place▯ 2 types of covenants▯ 1. Suzerainty Covenant: when one party is superior in the relationship and the other is inferior. These kinds of treaties were made between nations. The superior was known as the suzerain and the inferior was the vassal.▯ 2. Parity Covenant: When there is a sense of equality present between those involved in the covenant.▯ 3-fold promise to Abraham▯ 3 major differences between the mystical and the numinous▯ 1. In mystical: Unity with the divine, not duality▯ 2. In mystical: Quite encounter (mainly because it is within one’s self)▯ 3. In mystical: Empty of images (burning bush, more detailed)▯ 2 qualities of the shaman▯ 4 types of contemplative wisdom in ▯ Hebrew literature (explanations & examples)▯ ▯


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