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Anthro 457 full semester of notes

by: Ariel Kamen

Anthro 457 full semester of notes Anth 457

Marketplace > Towson University > Liberal Arts > Anth 457 > Anthro 457 full semester of notes
Ariel Kamen
Advanced Crime Scene Analysis
Dana Kollmann

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About this Document

Notes that I was able to take throughout the semester.
Advanced Crime Scene Analysis
Dana Kollmann
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This 0 page Bundle was uploaded by Ariel Kamen on Friday February 5, 2016. The Bundle belongs to Anth 457 at Towson University taught by Dana Kollmann in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Advanced Crime Scene Analysis in Liberal Arts at Towson University.

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Date Created: 02/05/16
Deduction general to specific top down approach Theory gt Hypothesis gt Test Inductive specific to general bottoms up specific then detect patterns gt hypothesis ulian System used to number cases ex 152841234 gt number of calls for the case year of days 1 st Degree Assault hospital 2nd Degree Assault bandaid Robbery strong arm force fear of your life or serious injury Burglary don t see the offender 1st degree burglary of a home 2nd degree business 3rd degree something detached from your house Rape 1st full penetration 2nd touching 91415 Crime Scene Investigation Photos 3 types 1 Overall depict scene in entirely 4 corners additional places maybe ceiling and the floor points of entry points of exit 2 Midrange focus on an object perpendicular take pictures with and without a scale footwear and fingerprints should be taken in black and white Notes when making corrections you must sign name number and date help you to remember little things you might forget not meant to be a report they help construct report location where lights come in fromsources take note of check 357 book for what you need for notes Absence of evidence is absent evidence ex of car Nissan Maxima 43 blue in color MD ABC123 vin 12FGABCD123X don t use first person you use the term undersigned m 1 Type of sketch plan view bird s eye profile from side 2 Type of measurements triangulation next page CC address date and time name and ID sketches not drawn to scale North gt offense use field 3 do not confuse with evidence 3 field 3 are temporary smarkers of things that can t be see evidence 3 and field 3 don t have to match up and probably won t if triangulation doesn t work use baseline coordination baseline coordination measure from corner of wall to spot from ground and measure up from where you stopped measuring 92115 Anthronometrv 18791903 precurser to fingerprinting started by Alphonse Bertillion fingerprints were used as early as 246 BC distinguish classify identify height stretch bust headlength headwidth width of face length of right ear width of right ear length of left foot length of left middle finger left little finger distance between elbow and tip of middle finger Because of the West brothers that is why fingerprinting began Dactyloscopy is the scientific term for fingerprinting 1850 William Herschel 1880 Faulds studied fingerprints and published in nature Fauld s cousin Charles Darwin and him try to create a classification scheme Sir Francis Galton 1892 publishes classification system 164 million chance of 2 people having same fingerprint this included loops whorls and arches Sir Richard Henry takes the classification system and refines it Henry Classification System Vucetich first case when fingerprints are used in court 1900 Argentina requires everyone to put their fingerprint on piece of paper that is the first source of ID Henry System Primary Secondary Subsecondary Major thumbs Final Key 92815 Notes from Speaker on Latent Prints a latent print is a reproduction of fiction ridges found on the underside of the fingers palms or feet latent prints are reversed Scientific Basis Permanent Uniqueness form on the fetus different growth around 105 weeks of age path and shape stay until after death Level 1 is type of pattern that the print is Level 2 is the ridge type Level 3 is the shape of ridge Methodology ACEV Scientificmethod analysis data collection comparison testing phase evaluation conclusion verification peer review Analvsis Distortion substrate what the print is lifted from L matrix natural oils that are on your skin also gt dirt blOOd water development medium excess powder pressure can cause gaps in print Analysis a target group is a unique group of friction ridge details that stands out Identification prints can tell you that a specific person touched a specific item What Thev Cant Tell when print was left physical description of individual if they committed the crime you don39t always leave a print when you touch something you can leave a fingerprint even if you are wearing gloves as long as you are wearing gloves you will not interfere with prints on substrate even if a scene or item could have been contaminated it can still be processed items smaller than a fingerprint is too small to be processed for prints all prints recovered are not sufficient for evidence 102615 Pronertv Sheet Drugs Money each one gets their own property sheet Guns Shoes Drugs CDS sheet controlled dangerous substances plain view or search warrant drug description on property sheet must match description on CD8 sheet Money bills on the property sheet must be xeroxed except change should be able to see serial number Quantity 1 ten dollar 1000 bill USD total 1000 1 KPak containing one ten dollar bill 1000 three five dollar bills 1500 1 one dollar bill 100 one quarter 025 three dimes 030 and four pennies 004 total USD Guns this includes guns projectiles etc goes on its own property sheet with only gun stuff Dusty impression positive leaves dust negative lifts up dust Electrostatic Dust Lifter place thin sheet of foil on top of paper with print lay the antenna next to the sheet pick up a probe pute probe on the edge of the foil once the foil sticks to the paper roll it do not touch probe then use flashlight so see print 11215 ACEV Footprint Impressions Class 1 Design characteristics patterns Class 2 Physical Size overall dimensions of out sole Class 3 Wear erosion of out sole or the tread Individual 4 Accidental characteristics When footprint impressions are perpendicular they must be photographed perpendicular 111615 Forensics of Hair Analvsis Tricholoqv know that keratin and melanin are the basic chemical components of hair know that the hair above the epidermis is the shaft below epidermis is the root humans have medullary ratios less than 13 while animals have medullary less 12 50 head hairs and 24 pubic hairs must be collected from all parties for controlreference nuclear DNA nDNA come from both parents mitochondrial DNA mtDNA only comes from mother Hair Forensics one of the most common is hair evidence helpful in demonstrating physical contact with suspect until recently comparison microscope was considered only reliable too Basic Hair Structure think of a yellow number 2 pencil Hair basic components are keratin protein melanin pigment and trace quantities of metallic elements hair that was forcefully pulled out will have root come out as well hair cuticle translucent outer layer of hair scale 3 types of cuticles Medulla central core in an individual hair thinner in humans than animals in animals its continuous not broken hairs found on a knife or club may support a murder andor assault weapon claim questioned hair specimen can be compared microscopically Human Hair vs Animal can be determined by medullary ratio characteristics of medulla Black Ancestrv cuny dense pigment distributed uneven variations of diameter of shaft fragmented or entirely missing medulla cross section is flattened 119W4 W WMW MW 70 omaWQoQwu wbag mm Wngaoo I I L 3 089275 WWCampMWW WW WCLOLD jnwem rb ed aw QW AW WWW mm g WWaMwam quot aw iW WWMWW 3MWWWWW WMO 83295 Wye mm 39 My xz mlemwx M MM W g m g WWJM W W frayed Asian Ancestrv coarse and straight shape little diameter vana on con nuous medulla round cross sec on White Ancestrv straight to wavy evenly distributed pigment moderate shaft diameter with little variation cross section is oval Collection Can use vacuum tape or forceps package hairs in pharmacy folds areas of hair where they are covered by clothes are 112315 Commonlv Marked Item stereos computers vehicles televisions and almost all electronic equipment have serial numbers Tvoes of Methods stamped serial numbers if there are metal shavings in the base of the stamped number can use ultrasound and electrochemical etching Head and Tail Lidht Exercise manufactorers info identifying info physical appearance Normal AGGd Lamp 4 j iquot quot gt v V M 39 7 bright luster of filament quot r t evenly spaced coils 14 V gt 39 wkwmmw n VWgt W39 rough pitted filament u W T I quot6w 739 pf 11 39 pOSSlble downward sag 391 39 39 possible darkened glass possible discolored base


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