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Week 1-5 Notes

by: Shane Ng

Week 1-5 Notes PSY 201

Shane Ng

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About this Document

These are the notes from week 1 to 5. This is helpful if you are interested in reviewing.
Psychology 201
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This page Bundle was uploaded by Shane Ng on Sunday February 7, 2016. The Bundle belongs to PSY 201 at University of Oregon taught by Sereno in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.

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Date Created: 02/07/16
1 O m I c o u a o O I x t k NK r x u E x O tk 5 b k v a h l 3 1 yr N M I t x I 39 I m f U h II i k h f A u i m N ox It o L t K A O k y 39 K S k H i Z i I N D i xwrkv I I WWW uwmhkwuwmmwwymwwwwbwwwwkwmwumwmmux 1 l WI 1 i s l l 5 x x xxx I 1i b1 A fl 1 4 I o x 1 1 Pm ia n ELK HSM A x rsKF l K l c p x MDU K l xx x A hi 1 if I x L 11 INMCR amp bi E V x XU 1P XL ts 13 x S 3 3 l I f 1 k Q 39 gt5 ix Kit 3 1 P33 5 an 5 HHU w l quotIND SK R A b n it n v xL k Qa p m N xpn v v l tlu h LrtILuaLV lrli ll 9 A 3xiampvlw q mmw wwwwwma d I 1 7 m an 1 39 v l x S 1 AI x v y mwlmmeEu h I39A x 51 m I u m A a l S l I I i 1 KA y b I x l 15 3 L l A L i 391 Kt l i J nylhtfmnm U r 1 W www mu x l k tuk5 a y V 39 u 1u in K r kw u a M P k ht k V V t 4 a LO gt A A x i t h v I k 39u l 5 t a a C C mi snwa mm lm N r r7 51 1xth E VMbeMkp RWSQ Em A x k IQ n u 0 LI A ber V kn o x v 5 tbmxx wmx I 9t hll it i k k Prlk N ID o t K x l bl GWK I I 0 v I39 o a W p o x39 P H 4 vNN 5 IA IPP nk i 1 x Li A b a Wk in l 394 I gt r MWkkkkWVMMhWM l0 ll 12 r 41 4 4 A JJ 17 r 1 7 59W I 39 39 x 39 a p y r 1 A e x r zvlifggl I h a u 39 4 a I 4 41 quot4 mg I 4 4 make A quot gen D L 39 4114 M quot 4 jg J b w r s ery l J 9 39 4 quot Jmio 7 I 3 7Ze MtgA0 31 Farm 4 E a n M AMA DJ g z m m 9g 1 411 1 1 1 39 D I I MittZ i 39 4 gt rum quot lt Wu aLAr quot 39 O 44 m ll I I Z V 3 l 44 ALil g4 XORfwd I MM 4 MEXWQWW w M o ka k MMkmhkkU UNVM 39739 WWWVMM 39 I 39 39l L 2391 39n39Ay g W quot 39 I A u 44 I A 394 A J A l I 39 u a I 7 1 I quot539 393quot 4quotquot Tgquot 2gt I I 0 39 D 5 39 quot 39 A I f l Aquot k l 1 W A 4w kmm jay x I 19 I 1 a Q l cVLua M 3J4quot I a LEA I 4152 4A 6x um L011 or U J f ObS er Va 3241 39 Mar 4 a mermm V Qt a W apec SM 4M maagm wwagaz Quagr I ngJLZ n QW 39 00 VMLhAQQW 4WampWJJA 5 NJ gmM 39 O amg mg wwgkp h amp mMonamp4 boa 0M vuz39sAwgaeam c342 an 47mm 1 nga aam Q0 Vaa ec 2 one Mape A mqmg wggzi a 0 f my Qb l Mimi I gbmwkg gm wamp DAM UMquot AM we AAAW zz Mege V 39 A A Vim 7 quot Wane 11 F MWLZLMCW r971 JWMMM Ir l n 3944 c A39 M I g 44 A I I a M 1 i Qjm fan Bite quot 01 m x f 2 Z aquot 7 39 I 4 i I g I 39 3939 lt 4 39 II 4 4 u I m H v4 S v Q c n 0 I i gt H 9 A 4445 A 41 4 44 CI 4 4 A V r 5 39 4 1 It 1 4 3 A 41 quot 39 397 4 4 394 I ampQQampMEQJJL MZMA Mwaa r r b 39 Ali E 39 14 39L 9 4 anquot A A 44 r 4 f g 4 I L 1 39 A A a V o 4 1 11 39 puc m paj me M MLDLWMLa kiokzZ ve 466M 5 atww it can amp aura 434 greWWm z waxwednae mdnnar A 4 z 1 44quot 1 W WWWMRR r 7 quotvl 5 4 k 7 i i 5 3 1 L WWW A J is x mk K L RQKngAa RNS bmwuuwbbphmbwubbmmmwm KN FNKRN ampWW PK MNP akSNm Ki n Eggth QDQDNQJ Lg a p I D K v x l Lxn v 39 xx K Mbwwuubh k Mkkp rwuuwm a 0 g b l t bk 3Vle m s 3D h A tL k L Lb x L bx I bull 1 p N U I KSMN gmu MEPKE r I a n g In Q L a 0m 0m TJ a N riw l K Is km 93 m V Lav P x R EE quotW q q a 2 a a n u x vaut r vaww I L Nh y i gt 6 1m lt93 H M mmm J km M A l 3 Naquot4fg ram Duf e r 4 Q kquot quotW 0 090970 9 A I 395 f lt 3 mmhpw wuwuwmmm J I r x 144 a A4 a 44 A Aag I I gt Vquot 3 I Iquot vl l39u39 39rl w 39 r A V ryrr l I I I I 39 AIn39Ai39Am IA39WAM AA A 4 1 A 1 V I 1 39 4 A A A I r A 4 I 44A 4 l A w d K A 4394 I d A A W p 4 A o I 39 KL 447 M4 A 14 AA 44 47 A HM b I T f E k Q 0 b P 1 t XL N MMMMhMWWMHMMWhMWW II K x k k kt NA 1 I illtstas r 39i n w u ivg kltiwlur I 3 Jq ll ll wig r 364 i I quot 39 7 AQ A rw T x I r rmv a aayg mxd j39Aztlz ua gt 7 amp 4 7 39 S SRIs IV u Q t 39 V A v v 4 I n t 4 39 AM 4 A A4 4 41 A l P 4A4 A y 44w I L m A 39 A 39 39 39 52 M x4 h t glarede anWMJ J Si ll 1 1 3914 o 44 gig c an 4 TK Qnfhl a 4 I Mowi etaWW axon gigth Mean 7 J 1 y I39 h I h quotquot H m k gtA1 n 4 aquotquot q w I hint 8 1v It I 4 39A w am l I l I A 4 gnu dad Ag g AACA W 39 894990 13911 Corfu z l z I I 39 u39a unu H 44 4 v u wuzairSJ IJH39 mmw m w mh wwm w 44 me gg L4 444 444 4d I W DW UIDUEWUMTWU lka K I Aw lwpuuv Aw d I mmkhmwwxmb fthQara o e 39 aqsz II Slb n Av M629 50W U l p hoax64A 11 I 4 V Wt 39 1 7 MH H b j AJMMAMQAa gghhkmw mmw Kanes QWWAampAQJMJQA A I 39 quot 4 424 I m d J ggfav I J oweWu U 442 y a m 274 gm 625 3 a J away by MWWLZQngg for x744 n mlwmuJ AdJQM I WWMHWWMbuquhuhhph d d t A M lb39lelMWb I m if a 1 Amhmj ll I


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