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Semantics notes (first 4 weeks )

by: Davia Love

Semantics notes (first 4 weeks ) English 3822

Marketplace > Temple University > Foreign Language > English 3822 > Semantics notes first 4 weeks
Davia Love
GPA 3.54

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About this Document

These are notes from the first four weeks of class, up until our first test.
Dr. Muffy Siegel
english, semantics, Linguistics, siegel, muffy
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This 7 page Bundle was uploaded by Davia Love on Tuesday February 9, 2016. The Bundle belongs to English 3822 at Temple University taught by Dr. Muffy Siegel in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Semantics in Foreign Language at Temple University.

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Date Created: 02/09/16
Semantics- English 3822 01/12/2016 Linguistics- scientific study of language Semantics- scientific study of meaning Phonetics and phonology- sounds Morphology- putting sentences together Lexicon-attaching meaning in mental dictionary Syntax- sentence formation Pragmatic- context Competence vs performance Descriptive vs. prescriptive 01/14/2016 “Beautiful dancer”- double meaning Adjectives have two different meanings; only applies to nouns with suffix ?? 1. The abstraction or concept used to represent object- sense or (intention) 2. Referent - thing you can point to in the world that means or relates to the word (picture). Thing you can refer to. (extension) Bachelor- +male, -married, +adult, +human (we need all these features) When describing, use most simple and general words, but just enough words to apply to the referent… 3. connotation- Associated with the referent… socially shared sometimes, personal, subject - in a relationship, +educated or wealthy, +promiscuous?/”gets around” cat: sense= +feline and mammal connotation= +4 legged and furry order (1,2)= doubling function input-1, output 2 same way in speech take object (picture of cat, T) t=true (book (planner), F) false January 21, 2016 Girl +human, -adult, female Boy = +human –adult -female Sense- if you take any away, it wouldn’t be a cookie anymore… Cookie- +edible +flat +sweet +solid +dough +water +flour+ baked +dense +individual unit Referencial- Rsc, A, D Non-ref- G, P, L  R- reference, S-sense, C- connotation- you can tell what it is  A- anaphoric words- depends on another word  Diectic- if you get your referent from another word or sentence… outside the sentence (I, You, sometimes ‘that’)  Grammatical- means nothing, but stand in for grammar Ex: I told her what to do  Logical words-mathematical effect, but nothing on its own. Ex- all, if, or, some, every, same, each, and, few, many (and when things depend on each other  Presupposition word- don’t refer to anything, don’t do mathematical operations, don’t change what sentence is saying, but you can’t use them unless you and he person talking know what you’re talking about. (the). YOU can’t challenge a P word or say is not true (like “every”…l bc The baby is crying… the- presupposes that there is a baby we both know about. Words with presuppositions means something whether you need them or not The word “but”. *bring in meaning that speaker and listener have in common… sentence sounds weird without it Carol had dinner after she came home (She= anaphoric) That was the time that Mary really Lost her money D g p rsc g A p rsc Every   child managed   to     eat        their    cookie   immediately. L         RSC     P              G    RSC      A         RSC       D/RSC Each   group   actually   expects    to   perform its    work   at       the    festival     here L RSC P rsc g rsc a rsc rsc/g p rsc d The crisis in flint raises questions about how those state appointed p rsc rsc/G rsc rsc rsc/ rsc/G P A rsc rsc emergency managers should intervene rsc rsc p/L rsc/ Metaphor: “my love is a rose” Weiner’s theory- any feature can transfer, as long as they transfer to similar features that were already in topic Williams- only connotation features transfer February 02, 2016 Garth opened the door Agent theme X leaves passable/see through space X (agent) causes y (theme) to leave passable/see thru space Williams- only connotations transfer (go from the vehicle to the topic) Weiner- features in vehicle can only raise the salience of features already in the topic Metaphor isn’t claiming that fog is alive Cat feet- connotation silent (sense=+cat, + alive) Fog- water, connotation- quiet (transferrable) Not trasnferable… so - alive Prototypical wagon- medium red toy wagon Unprototypical- neon green triangular wagon with 5 wheels “blossom of fire” Blossom + concrete Plant, flower, opening Fire -mature +concrete +heat +light +consumeful Connotation- beauty, growing, youth, spring Connotation- danger, pretty Transferrable- growing, spring, beauty You can even shake some recruits but do not break them D g/rsc p rsc L rsc P/(L) G L RSC A In Philadelphia, Amy brought meals to seniors with health problems just because the food cheered them up Criticize- x indicates fault of Y Praise- x expresses admiration of Y Criticize- X communicates Y to Z (y is negative opinion of W) (W is sentient) Praise- x communicates Y to Z (y is good opinion of something connected with W, (W is sentient…alive) 2 words:homongyms 1 word/slighting different: polysemy Bank: ambiguous Machine- Business- Running- vague Athlete- KEMPSON do—so test “my computer is running well today, and so is my business” (running is vague) “ “ “ “ “ brother (less vague) Run1=person, run 2=business, run3=machine, run4=campaign (2&3 are the same) If it’s a pun, it proves it’s ambiguity Grasp (idea/thing) Sick (ill, good)- “The patient is sick and so is his playlist” (still very punny) “Telly The teller works at a bank, and so does Ron the rower.”- too punny… works


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