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Geography notes from lectures pre Exam 1

by: Billy Hampton

Geography notes from lectures pre Exam 1 GEOG 100 - World Regional Geog

Marketplace > Kansas State University > Geography > GEOG 100 - World Regional Geog > Geography notes from lectures pre Exam 1
Billy Hampton
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

Notes cover from in class lectures and readings.
world regional geog
Xiangxing Max Lu
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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Billy Hampton on Thursday February 11, 2016. The Bundle belongs to GEOG 100 - World Regional Geog at Kansas State University taught by Xiangxing Max Lu in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 181 views. For similar materials see world regional geog in Geography at Kansas State University.

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Date Created: 02/11/16
Geography Week 1/2 (Lec 1)  Why is geography important? -integrated: various parts or aspects linked or coordinated -interconnected: relies upon one another to function. -interdependent: relies upon one another to succeed.  Ways the world is connected. -Trade, business corporations and people traveling. EX: sales and use of the IPhone.  Linguistics translations around the world vary and some time can be wrong. -This is due to the literal definitions used when translating sentences.  Implications of an Integrated world - Depending on how the economy of other country affect our own. - Chinas rice distribution and our rice intake. - Infections and disease spread world wide due to the advancements in fast travel. - Oil and our gas price.  To understand Geology and why it is important you must view the entire world. - Helps to understand other cultures and why they do what they must do.  There are 201 countries in the world today. - only 193 UN memebers.  To gain membership must receive recommendation br security council and 2/3 vote.  How to define country or state? - State: politically organized. - Country: Politically orgonized territory in diplomacy. (Has states in it.)  Smallest country in the world: Vatican City. - Based on Iandmass, - .02 square miles. - Land locked by Italy  Compact States: Land locked - Easy and quick travel - Spend less money on roads.  Prorupt: 1-2 Narrow extensions - Water access - Have a barrio between other states (bodies of water like rivers or canals.)  Elongated States: change in climate, Longer, higher diversity, good econ.  Fragmented States: broken up, islands< Hawaii  Perforated States: Surrounded by states they don’t own.  Dr. David Norman’s Insight: People have very similar ideas but live in different areas; agriculture will never not be a necessity or have a field to work in. Geography Week 3/4 (Lec 2)  Europe - Major Characteristics: West of the Urals, western extremity of Eurasia, Really big peninsula, 3% of the worlds land surface,. - Latitude/Location: High up, 41 degrees N, close to the sea, helps with ocean trade = good economy.  Political Divisions - 25 countries - Highly fragmented - Be_ne_lux: Low countries in Europe. _ Belgium _Netherlands _Luxembourg  Andorra is land locked. -Self-governing Independent nation  Kosovo: Territory partially recognized state in Southeastern Europe that declared its independence from Serbia in February 2008 as the Republic of Kosovo. - 1.824 million (2013) - Capital: Pristina  Agrarian Revolution - 1750’s in Europe - Agriculture Innovatioins - Industrial Revolution 1750-1850  Mediterranean Climate – South - “Dry summer” - Clear, dry, hot, sunny - Great for growing agriculture innovations.  NW Highland: Scotland, Sandinavia, lots of volcanoes’, Lakes, fjords, small ag. Has lots of minerals  Great European Plain: Pyrenees Mt. – Urals, lowlands, large rivers and streems, has many and vary resources, good ag, large population.  Central Uplands: Hilly, high up, many minerals (not as many as European Plains or as populated)  Alpine System: Realy high Mt. high up on the map, many famous routs (The Matterhorn) , newly formed (geologically speaking) needs more minerals, limited ag, low population.  Why the French flag is tricolored: Multicultural with Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Blue: St. Martin, White: St. Mary, Red: St. Denis(death in French the revolution)  European Econ. Unity - Barriers to protect their trade and industries. - Often to small to compete. - Don’t have the econ or market for larger activities. - Goal: get rid of barriers once econ is big enough, to increase trade and growth.  Stages to show this growth and unification - Pan-Europe - Benelux - Marshall Plan - Council of Europe - The nine: UK, Den, and Ireland joined - Inner 6: treaty of rome - Outer 7: UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, - The ten: Greece Joined EC - EU: 10 new members join; Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovaki, Hungary, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta. - The twelve: Spain and Portugal - The fifteen: Austria, Fin and Sweden join  Supranationalism: 3 or more nations working together in econ, politics and culture.  E Pluribus Unum: Latin motto, meaning; Out of many, one.  The guestworker problem: how to intergrade foreign workers into a larger society around them?


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