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Midterm Study Guides

by: Sarah Notetaker

Midterm Study Guides LDA 030

Sarah Notetaker
History of Environmental Design
Elizabeth Boults

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About this Document

These guides cover prehistory, ancient greek and roman, medieval Europe, Islamic, Chinese and Japanese, humanism, renaissance, french, english, colonial and federal america, 19th century urban desi...
History of Environmental Design
Elizabeth Boults
LDA, landscape, garden, LDA 30, Architecture
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This page Bundle was uploaded by Sarah Notetaker on Wednesday February 17, 2016. The Bundle belongs to LDA 030 at University of California - Davis taught by Elizabeth Boults in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see History of Environmental Design in Ecology at University of California - Davis.


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Date Created: 02/17/16
Midterm 1 LDA 3O WINTER QUARTER 2016 INSTRUCTOR ELIZABETH BOU LTS VOCAB CARYATID a stone statue of a female figure used as a pillar in Ancient Greek architecture CENTURIATION a system of land division in Ancient Rome CHAHAR BAGH an enclosed paradise garden divided into four square parts usually with a water source in the middle CLOISTER GARDEN a garden that is usually square and enclosed by colonnadesaercades HORTUS CONCLUSUS a walled in garden 0 MENHIR a stone standing alone 0 KIVA a circular sunken formation used for ceremonies by Puebloan people such as seen in Casa Rinconada FAUBORG a falsefake town that exists outside of an existing towns borders these suburban towns existed outside of France to escape taxes DOMUS a roman single family house KARE SANSUI a dry garden seen in Japan such as Daisenin MIRADOR a belvedere exterior porch usually on an upper level conecting you to the outside OTIUM the Roman pursuit of leisure also revived in 15th century Italy Humanism PERISTYLE GARDEN a courtyard garden with columns surrounding it such as the House of Vettii in Pompeii POLIS Greek city state QANAT an opening in a sloping underground channelirrigation system ROJI dewy path part of the tea house garden eXperience in Japan SHAKKEI the idea of a borrowed scenery practiced in Japanese gardens as seen in Shugaku in TRABEATION beams rather than arches when constructing as seen in Stonehenge a rock lying across two standing rocks is a form of trabeation in Stonehenge WADI a reservoir created through damming a gully IDEAS urban form in the middle ages EARLY COSMOLOGIES A Interaction and perception of the landscape in prehistory B Evolution of the concept of sacred spaces 1 the cave 2 the mountain 3 the sky 4 the tree C Spatial constructs of axis mundi D Landscapes altered to re ect the idea of an ordered universe the cosmos FLYING BUTTRESS Flying buttresses and clerestory windows show new emphasis on verticality the heavenly realm above GENIUS LOCI the spirit of place an idea that in uenced ancient Roman landscape GEOGLYPH a large design on the ground that is only visible from an aerial view such as the Nazca lines in Peru It is created by overturning gravel and exposing lighter colored earth below HEIAN STYLE a garden enclosed by a shinden style courtyard that creates a U shaped enclosure It is a paradise garden that is picturesque and usually has a water feature HELLENISTIC STYLE is characterized by a dramatic architectural style The Pergamum in Turkey is an example of a hellenistic style city SHINTO SHOINZUKURI SHOIN PLACES Alhambra Granada Spain including courtyards Athenian agora Casa Rinconada Chaco canyon Chang an China Xi an today Chehel Sutun Isfahan Iran Cortile del Belvedere Vatican Rome Daisen in Kyoto Japan the kare sansui dry garden is metaphoric of the journey of water from the mountains to the ocean Forbidden City Beijing China Florence Italy Patio de la Acequia Generalife Granada Spain Hadrian s Villa Tivoli Italy House of the Vettii Pompeii Katsura Imperial Villa Kyoto Japan is an example of the edo period stroll garden Kinkaku ji Kyoto Japan New Grange Ireland Orto Botanico di Padova Padua Italy Pienza Siena Italy Pont du Gard France Pueblo Bonita Chacoan city St Gall plan Tempietto Rome Italy Temple of Fortuna Prirnigenia at Palestrina Italy Villa Medici Fiesole Wang Chuan Wang Shi Yuan Garden of the Master of the Fishing Nets Suzhou Yuan Ming Yuan Garden of Perfect Brightness Beijing Follow this link to practice slide ID httpsquizetcom213qu Midterm 2 LDA 3O WINTER QUARTER 2016 INSTRUCTOR ELIZABETH BOU LTS VOCAB BOSQUET A wooded grove in which trees of the same species are grown uniformly and orderly CHINAMPAS oating island formations implemented by Tenochtitlan to grow crops evidence of sophisticated cultivation and irrigation systems FERME ORNEE ornamentation on productive farmlands An element of English gardens HAHA a trenchditch dug to keep animals away from the house while maintaining an undisrupted view of naturethe garden used instead of fences MANNERISM an artistic style that emerged in the late Italian Renaissance era that involved exaggeration and bold design OTIUM leisure The Roman ideal of escaping social city life for leisure in a country villa to cultivate the mind through scholarship ie Villa Medici in Careggi where Cosimo enriched his mind and soul PARTERRE DE BRODERIE lowlying plants and gravel arranged to resemble embroidery This is an element of the French formal garden and displays power as the design is only discernable from the upper levels of the palaces PATTE D OIE goose foot three streets radiating from a central point an element of the French formal garden TAPIS VERT lawn or green carpet an element of the French formal garden I D EAS CITY BEAUTIFUL a comprehensive social reform program inspired by the World s Columbian EXposition of 1893 to beautify the city through Civic Art sculptures and ornamentation Civic Design large urban open space ie public parks 3 Civic Reform slum reformation and public services ie trash removal 4 Civic Improvements improved infrastructure p k middle class standards of beauty imposed on urban population E evidenced in the McMillan Commission s plan for Washington DC 1901 same team of designers responsible for World s Columbian EXpo hired to restore L Enfant s plan for mall ENCLOSURE ACTS OF 1660s the parliament mandated private land owners to enclose open fields which gives more land to the rich landowners and displaces peasants HOGARTH S LINE OF BEAUTY favored the scurve over straight lines and aXial relationships an element of the English landscape garden LAND ORDINANCE OF 1785 Thomas Jefferson established a system to survey plan and settle land acquired into townships It imposed a grid system onto the land and ignored the natural topography and natural features of the Earth The landscaped patterns still endure to this day LAWS OF THE INDIES King Philip II established parameters for Spanish settlements in the Americas that included central plazas and a grid system that still endure to this day The settlements followed three different forms Presidios defensive military bases Pueblos towns for settlers to cultivate and trade goods Missions settlements to convert natives SIXTUS V PLAN OF ROME a comprehensive urban plan that increased visibility of Catholic churches by connecting the major churches by straight roads and emplacing plazas in front of them Aqueducts were also restored P E O P L E J EANCHARLESADOLPHE ALPHAND standardized urban design and french design terms LANCELOT CAPABILITY BROWN He saw the possibilitiescapabilities of the land and believed in improving the landscape rather than imposing on it and controlling it He planted in dotting clumping and belting formations created lakes using dams used hahas and favored sloping planes and curves over straight lines and geometrical features ANDREW JACKSON DOWNING the tastemaker believed in beautifying residential homes and made gardening accessible to the middle class He also advocated for a central public park in New York BARON GEORGES VON HAUSSMAN implemented public works to improve transportation with large boulevards recreation parks and sanitation The improvements displaced many poor people to accomplish his plans for paris wide boulevards allowed for crowd control showing Napoleon 111 s control over his Second Empire THOMAS JEFFERSON had a neoclassical and picturesque landscape design aesthetic He established the land ordinance of 1785 ANDRE LE NOTRE believed that nature should conform to human ideals He believed in large scale thinking monumental scale and one point perspective FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED believed in public parks to bring the community together He was a scientific farmer and traveled and wrote about many different environments PALLADIO believed in proportional order PLACES Anet France Renaissance Birkenhead Park Liverpool 11 Campidoglio Rome Renaissance by Michalangelo L Enfant s plan of Washington Haussmann s plan of Paris 19th century Second Empire Style Shows control of Napoleon III Monticello Virginia Thomas Jefferson s home with a neoclassical design aesthetic and picturesque landscape style Mount Vernon Virginia the home of George Washington Its design elements include a kitchen and ower garden symmetrical forms and a circular road Philadelphia PA a grid system with uniform streets and planned public open spaces parks much like London s residential green lots Prospect Park Brooklyn NY designed by Olmsted Savannah GA English colony a neighborhood system with tithing Stourhead England nature unleashed with scurves and an undressed design aesthetic characteristic of an English landscape garden Stowe England an English landscape garden from the 18th century and redesigned by Brown Teotihuacan MeXico earliest city in N American with a monumental aXis and grid system VauXleVicomte France designed by LeNotre Versailles France 17th century designed by LeNotre for Louis XIV Villa d Este Tivoli Italy Renaissance analogies of hercules in uenced by Villa Fortuna Primigenia Palestrina Villa Lante Bagnaia Italy Renaissance the idea of wilderness vs order Villa Rotunda Vicenza Italy Renaissance designed by Palladio World s Columbian EXposition Chicago designed by olmsted and inspired the City Beautiful movement Follow this link to practice slide identification httpsquizletcom 213fhi


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