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Linear Algebra: Unit 1 Notes (Sections 1.1-1.5)

by: Austin Jackson

Linear Algebra: Unit 1 Notes (Sections 1.1-1.5) MATH 2114

Marketplace > Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University > Mathematics (M) > MATH 2114 > Linear Algebra Unit 1 Notes Sections 1 1 1 5
Austin Jackson
Virginia Tech
GPA 3.08
Intro To Linear Algebra
Dr. Galinaitis

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About this Document

This set of notes covers everything in the first Unit. Examples for most concepts are included and are explained thoroughly.
Intro To Linear Algebra
Dr. Galinaitis
75 ?




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This page Bundle was uploaded by Austin Jackson on Thursday February 18, 2016. The Bundle belongs to MATH 2114 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University taught by Dr. Galinaitis in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Intro To Linear Algebra in Mathematics (M) at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.


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Date Created: 02/18/16
Section 11 Notes W dn g ay F bruary 17 Z 16 1 52E83 PM 34 g Con FlS S mc w J 0M S or airwayts a39 ct 559 h anxf eul lcro Q J an art 221 1wa as well as A 74139 95 ux 4 unknown W Duu Mg 2x 3963quot 39 151175 114er F5 M Hindud 53 Jeanna M0wgt W nquot arr 4934 A wJ a c at 2 22 5 5 I 14 16 4w unknown vu dleS 3 TJI M rrcchul evanrh EPA Mem claw 75 invaHWlg a 5m 1w mu 4 3 m M LAW 4 rainfquot Emma gt Mac c3ow an For 3 2 9 mac TS 4131 1 A Ca ruorWc 44m abuseHm soakLack T Hquot 5414de 9quot g a bow bowHan 311l w xw 392393 Al 1 391 j 39B V 43975 l g Er a haem bobban aunt A kazs Ut 40H LLquotSolv hM gt HMS eBowan us an arcld ed 3 m n Hunt 3mm 1 shim Mew e vcdqm Linear Algebra My Notes Page 1 39gt ForJJos Saxlam 1quot SoloHon 7 am Oralqu Tans Haw be an 3 13m yuan04 QM Hm ecbu why atxax gtInar 1 r 47 Jack a 2mm o mum eqowAmno amfxfg HugV MM 52mm Ha slaw sew 4 39m ow cm lt3 camz ms on of mod haw ood180 Emmi Hw Same WMLILS 39539 F6 6 WM o 2w agreahong PM 91 R an 9th far 1004 347445905 4L 7W5 h mk m 1 3 OM SubAMA 0de gr rmw 51f ans is 39HM vasH H39Hsn manJ Ew 1 seraM 3 V4 9 F3 3 olw on 560429 inor cr 4 clawFer bm of anrva sz 1P5 gt sumhh H1 9ran nggt My Jrk 9amp4 abomm gt 3x1339x39l Cgt aws 2v a quot Ll x 39 H gt E3ltgt 1391le We mam sum 6560me a HP 3 gtEI gtgt 9 44 olU39HOn Sequot 145 SmI39U bsHNL vm 5 rs 4am mind flquot In ng 66 4 Linear Algebra My Notes Page 2 UAVV V STfBaZn rs xaverclolrz 441 in 9593 9 OVLcoutha U gt Any 30w C U 0 quot7 One umch soLMm No solwhm gtIn nic SOAu m39s TAus case WK 16 WMMO Exam39lec 705m M La3Q g gt 9m wzve so39rwmaquot 9Tb km W gtgt D rs mam W quothoa QIWvHxQA MW 4 excurc on om commm mm mama m 9quot N6 Sowa quotquotgt Parallel aim Tv w W may M lU C 73 W a Comm Sodwfim WAN Sw x e lsmLm bulams L mc SDLwHens gt ha ear bud aims uska Rllou HALch Vow mm Mr 591m 3w Sw quca 604 shunHons 4 514841 is 905de QWW 4 548 Km om er mm 501 th mm W519 WW 0 e bowHDnS QTMCFN CJ 6t 3438 44M M m SoMl m is 5x 4399 Ac o nwwslmrvh Linear Algebra My Notes Page 3 w ownm 802 gt35 Snow 305 333 93 a 2i e wmu gredssi ww I nulxwvxu JSJQIT Qrfd A 13 35 Rib 24 9738 ADV AVIJ cis o i 5 32 TE 411 31gtJJ 97 635343 MJ Cam EX 6 8533 mo ESQ EgmmnAw and 6 x w ACVABoLdo Add 5 MY 0 6 Nmsz gqsqo mh M Ed Saw mw Q gt M 240me 384 96454 119 0 32 fie 325 56 QSAIJ 3w Jo EMT 55 R743 Fph31aj4 l j 111M 6 MM vab mnggm 41 mgw 3 WLD W va 43wa gawkn gtgt Ehmm i39m va Paw We E706 W0 raw g c Wklan W Iquot a cm 444 00 W3 9 Pch W WM 150 us 29 9 m PONY 15w E W39 durum mtvl x 45m m 2130 9v L I l 901 le2 I 2quot 2 1 2L 349414 row I w and row 1 2 l L I l l O QJ mw rm P39ILuS J7quot l 2 ML 99 9quot gt 6 39f v wt Car MW Re uxWu 0443 W 007W ltst efzqu mI 13M xu l X39Lz39J Linear Algebra My Notes Page 5 2 30 Hm 541m wk 40423 SW 7841 OFdU39l M 4i 6 gmu Hm whiva 9139 15W WNJ HM 0 4 UMUWL 5W y Linear Algebra My Notes Page 6 Section 12 Notes Thwgday February 18 2 16 1228 AM Gtmm CJMAP L quot 1quotquot Jada a matrix ClbUfL F JquotC J Adm rm gtuVWVCJ mu 74miaol773 4w w quotP vo Beau Varrwut Irv VarJail 39Euk Subs HM Gazacl Soluwow gmm Z Mel A014 FS l quotquotJ Fakcbm Em 1 a gt GMURL gran 7gt 0 C l nenm rams m a ovc all39amrnms 6011 01 row 35 N2 f39wv PM a ow 7 I D gt U401 S can t mgful Fax041 ewrlcs quot39 Hl enrJc3 him 0 Mn Mir an Earns 5 Eth for 7S ahqu w ae V91 Oawhnns Linear Algebra My Notes Page 1 R600 RCJUCQJ 0 lt5 9 3 Guya1 RM 0 x o a 0 O l gtQf swu w Ia col 1M 17 9 ama Mair ka a m 9 a Wine en rma M08 be 203 a Scam a mamkm we m RAMA and gum is M a HAL ham murach 47gt Aderm m 2ole we re 3 SW Linear Algebra My Notes Page 2 Section 13 Notes Thursdayp February 189 mm 337 PM Vedbr Eva 1 m 2quot Va ammo A 60491 5 239 MW wwwmk lw LAJ 02 VOJ EWQ lvlvss Mass 2 Veda Emmrh Wu WW 9 us 11 3 a 343 2 lmy vfuv a of 3 gtASM39M u via an all vwv39ar n 75 gtCJcl are Scalar urv t Vru gtQI39VLJ Ui39Lv rw quot 3 U0U 7 UL u 0 Linear Algebra My Notes Page 1 a CCUH 39 LoI39LV OLclu Ah 4 19m Com ha 203 7gt ssumP39HonS39 u Vquot a t b 3 c4 39239 J Q lmw amlinwlm 4quot K CUIJV axe Vw br Eat GDquot W quotgt tad39 1A LLW 0 any 9 E 3 17 AJ a are VM 1 n 54 5 A a vwlv 7n Rm a X 39 n J x 121421 ng Ck gt V g Kama Linear Algebra My Notes Page 2 Ema gt 1c so gt 1 3141 x g 0 21 4r 4 39 H 7 31a 1113 3 234 139 5761 Fly 39 g 7 c H lt n 1 1x We grip 391 IaHm y I 33 39 S t q tm T53 93a 1315 x35 Razz134 ml TJL vaar e UwHOo is p a sy om o bnw ecbuwhon k Linear Algebra My Notes Page 3 Section 13 Notes Cont Thwgday February 18 2 16 415 PM 1 75i sew4a 44411 13 aZIfAPneu 71mm jigbaa 6347 Ff S mlpar kV t you V0 99mm HAMquot em y 5JOI1 warm M yau a M13 75 39Hw mhd39l39 garnag 5 In dark 11 Bmvca S 0P wolves w can 3 6 HM Huff 304 I rw l vrs 9 76 9 K9 1 AmH cu 0 Jimcn M 93P119u art ajvbw at Hul 190 m warm M 4 Jump c mms mml Sful e ENS 2 gt 67 60M ax lo W u m Jams MW 0111 IQ is A mum LombM hnn of 1 and v2quot 9quot t b 75 n F U 6E iv V33 gtgtTmrogrt F aws MAJ srm mpgVP 2 L 1055 0 Ab u wlw m HILQPOLLL W quot NA V3 D W M WM 5 6W leah 1660M bkpilmz Linear Algebra My Notes Page 1 gmw Wm 7f 7 m 10 7M a aswm f H v 935400 AM a SJWM in ma rNx 3 2r Pktr gt o H 3 T r l lt LI 2 3 O Tl Linear Algebra My Notes Page 2 p H 2 A 4quot l39 2 H 7 gm He 31W La 0 salw bm b 8 Nvi p t sz 0 Linear Algebra My Notes Page 3 Section 15 Notes Thursday February 18 2M6 719 PM In previous topics all systems have been in the form of AXb where a system of column vectors is equal to some quotbquot in the span of those vectors This is technically known as a non homogeneous system In this section we dive into what are known as homogeneous systems In the case of a homogeneous system the general form is AX0 Graphically AX0 is an arbitrary system which passes through the origin E39 ns LonSE xn auamw ltc rawT7 wyM km a ms quot0 Jot HcaJn39lmsf almmn l L 1 70 l 3 S I O A vma39u eou 1S Ngvor h cons aw I LLCUU 3 ls ros w 0 AcUZ a awb IR HV NcGJMI39M l39 almn a lL wygm kcl MatHm 6 17 A O C9042an galwfion 01 0 t gt39 nctzm is a 1 CV mm whims Q MD we vanIdle 25ng sawn 0qu one W ng Satyr4m 3 0V vaahwrow O is quotHI mar LLSL HNL l quotpivots MLP V QK WM General Eula gr E2 armzwl w 9 Hrs4 caner an MXH mark h M 4 omes n H oi UOLWAS Linear Algebra My Notes Page 1 Q m4 9Mak mm W 9401 w more viz a l Hmu erbucul imS moiwa mum 4qu1 WWW c lllw om fag va wbh 7391 6vb SagW c M 3X a QLQ FOM Fuvu a ka Safes tom ak Engmk SatayHons Emir g Nu HAL 3W F 5 TY1MLTCIM3 O 39 VS a 1 I x 23 24 yz39xo Moiuwvg 11313 ltde S qu 6 Mb gm 5 391 a i o I Q 02 l o SwH n I LMA l FL L 9 D lt 5 7Dr q 2 O Er 4 I7 Q gt I A e O O 393 35L O x r t 7 v amplt 3 r3quot ill 1 o l 3 0 3 mlib 73 00139 o Twa l fos g u whenL so 76 is W tam w L a W 9 My 3PM Kw m ni c salmlidns Linear Algebra My Notes Page 2 m ownm 802 gt35 Snow Eon Amew L5 3 si g Em fag H z wg x L LN 0 MI 0 JP AH O Mun O O O L i n T O or W M2 5 xx H 900 H 8 q l N WV TAXMUX ll O O O O A I Q w V nLlldL 1 Cal MI 0 3 on u o M J 3556 sv ras giua 25 5 Sing 23 3 A i km ampr 45 cfgam Jr 33 wao w ww E ot ii


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