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Optimization II first month note (14)

by: Erinn Liu

Optimization II first month note (14) ORIE3310

Marketplace > Cornell University > Business, management > ORIE3310 > Optimization II first month note 14
Erinn Liu
Optimization II
Prof. Williamson

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About this Document

This bundle of note are taken from Feb3rd to Feb 22nd. I will upload the future notes in the future
Optimization II
Prof. Williamson
Optimization; Operations and Research; Math
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This page Bundle was uploaded by Erinn Liu on Tuesday February 23, 2016. The Bundle belongs to ORIE3310 at Cornell University taught by Prof. Williamson in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see Optimization II in Business, management at Cornell University.

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Date Created: 02/23/16
I Eg V Q9 3 r4 1 1A 39vquot JQ mecogrk low IwaL Jgt15 3C7tltquot3q I WJ 5 N J E 39fampgt3amp 6512 a 16 p C 815 Mumsb1 E H Edam COMGMM H9 Mmim Q geg gXU o E X ELK95 2 xivE lbw Ir CDp E J mix 1 th 4 aw CUVISLWNDN fmrk Emmy 32gtva Hug amp 1 cm Mai Ln v W 22 e N Than Timre 13 an r M gulubwt 3 3g gt5 weequ 43 ah OUJJGEQPU 39 I j WWW ow WWW 1er Dmctw v mqh 5305 z anrIQSW a mw Cape JaumsgN 9 N 03 Sula SNZS ow 0 gt I UaKu 39 all gEQ 450 33365 I f WU ma a quot WWI 39 CTCJnXE 39WOVGF I in 0 WM 9f 1405 X 5 Mi ow HM smk t m 101w ou 2 gt06 JCTrU E 350353 J Wm WM mm W aw tb a S pea amp Case cf Moms Low er m LCM KJFVWampPC ta Jeoer 4 Can ch 330 WWW quotm h 2 I 39 TE 6 x 7 Awd e 5 ng E0 r U Wags an L2 65 s I v S Gjrro for LU Cw c tI WLQ t Ctg fry 39 I I 5an L39tf 3 w SAM Sufiq 763 HUQ 392 044ng Maggy14 51 13 30 1 70 W 40 x 620st W4 om QM amp J I 39 2 Hquot wequ Kl 767 r I Ll 6 E the 2 Y5 39 jQIt E d g kg radar Co km d 7 39 OWWOW CJMWW W M h x n M wage 39 L Neal MW 919tstqu at as I 511 wwwm 9 x3 39 39 v70v3v 3 er wa X X3 6X0 Cow mtrmmjc vng WSQTYW bj ecbtm VQEIOS 5 SOL1amp wv aggNr WW 4 2 W ix XEST Ea Xv ax3 39 quot 39 mpch C J J w Jj ye E 095139 Wig Mh wquot395 0037 corr g mdjm t I to 1 Wax 3 Val RJr M fw W1 PST Wr gma g 70 0W Fab QR 6 isquot g m m7 quotw quot gag 9 amp 52 53 gt t g g I r I I 3 I 39 quot gt 515 5 3 g 2 y a g y it 5 55 a 8 RES 5 g in Mag j m i a a mm mm a ngwi 3W 3 am quot 12 3 I I quotifquot WW xquot i i KN Q k w air k ff W8 ts m i F I39wquotf if may C 391 ng 39is jw 39 a 513 g E 331amp1 mm M 4 a hit E4 aw amp 5 1 9w 2 g an E 2 N 3amp3 r 9 I 5 g I 5 I 39 2 2 E 9 3 71quot 39 r I if a 5 h I i quot 3 E f r r7 m ii quot In E 5 3 k W gg gii 7m xmyw Lag 3i 3 m A Qi Q 469 62 333 f EEQE gift n m Elfw 39y 393 I 39tquotquot W f quot f M3 M 19 mam m3 3 f 36S 3 1 f w 1 39 m I Km a m 53 MMQS 5 0 r x i 5 r E 39 quot quot 3quot g 39 ww I mi 52 CM 3 u r 3 E H39 r r I 395 j I r quotM f am 5 m yquot gm m m A f a gt W E a Y jg f 3quot 39 a i a w y z i 4i 55f In a g i j I L RI 5 In lid I quotquotE g 7 x W Wa W E aquot w I 0w 5 II P 1 H I 39 f 55 2 32 m a I i w its EX i E L in k x n xii u T i A i RE 3 I if g 35quot Kg 39g 39 39 2 6 WM f 39 41 f if i w E a iigig H f quot I 39 quot39 g 5 quotquot I cf w 4 37x rrfgi if gimgxw w H r w g N A m yww i i 635 5 m I W a 3 g m I y f q 3 I Mg quot9 quot 1 M 2 fme K Wquot f ax E A E I 5 I39 m 393 39 11 39 F f 41 a 139 WW I 391fo f 4 m Mg 39 i cf mvb quot a l 59 U E 323 g I 339 g k f 39339 i 2 39 r M g 399 P a I 3 i 3 22 m quot2 WC 392m 2 i i Mm M 39 FWM EB EM 2 5 3 3mm L H him 5 Mica 2mg 2 3a gw 3m 4 z 503 9 7 r M M 3 s a 2 a j 3 g g w s w 2 52 r 2 i H m g 43 m ii H 5 a 4Jffm Tgf W154quot mg am W 33 3X X293 i I I p gm g g a39 22 2L Emw aiQ g g 2 E 35 g 233 gi 3 g 3 f m g an m snag a a x g m Wm 237 1 in s


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