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COM 331, week starting 2/22

by: Bradley Johnson

COM 331, week starting 2/22 COM 331

Bradley Johnson

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About this Document

These are the first notes for the second exam.
Human Communication & the Aging Process
Dr. John Baldwin
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This 2 page Bundle was uploaded by Bradley Johnson on Wednesday February 24, 2016. The Bundle belongs to COM 331 at Illinois State University taught by Dr. John Baldwin in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Human Communication & the Aging Process in Communication Studies at Illinois State University.

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Date Created: 02/24/16
Chapter 11: Health and Health Care (2/22/16)   Health differences:  Some health conditions are cross­age consistent  Others are age­linked  Chronic and acute are dominant illnesses   Illness vs. social processes of illness  Illness is biological  How do people communicate in ways that intersect with aging and health   Characteristics of physician communication:  Can be demeaning or dominating if the elderly person is not seeming to  understand  Psychosocial behaviors: ask how the patients mentally feel o All doctors tend to do this  Spend less time with older patients and don't address on important  issues  Authoritarian language  Provide less information about particular mediation/treatment  50% of the time, patients talk about important issues   Physician factors:  Geriatric training is lacking  Ageism: may hold same stereotypes as general population  Cannot translate technical jargon to patients  Little communication training in general and particularly in dealing with  older adults   Patient factors:  Authoritarian orientation toward physician o Ask fewer questions because doctor is authority and will tell them  all they need to know  Not used to "managed care system"  Ageist attitudes toward themselves o The sickness is natural  Stubbornness  Multiple medications for combined health problems  Can't hear the doctor well  Gender dynamics or the dyad  Gendered history of health care   Companions:  40% of visits involved companion  Positive functions o Provides information that older adult cannot  o Encourage participation from older adult  Negative functions o Physician­companion alliance o Communicative disenfranchisement o Patient talk time reduced o Conflict with patient over companion's   3 roles of companion o Watchdog: verify information o Significant other: provides feedback regarding appropriateness of  behaviors o Surrogate patient: answer question directed to patient   Social Structures:  Move from private care to managed care  Move from private insurance to medicare  What role, if any, do sex/gender, race/ethnicity, or socioeconomic status  impact health and health communication  What impact might political processes at local, state, or national levels  impact health/healthcare?              


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