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by: Ann Carter Herbert

SurrealismAAH.pdf AAH 20560

Ann Carter Herbert

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About this Document

Surrealism notes
History and Theory of Art 2
Andrea V. Feeser
surrealism, Art History, Surrealists
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This 1 page Bundle was uploaded by Ann Carter Herbert on Thursday February 25, 2016. The Bundle belongs to AAH 20560 at Clemson University taught by Andrea V. Feeser in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see History and Theory of Art 2 in Art History at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 02/25/16
Art  History  Lecture     2/  23/2016     Surrealism   • The  catalyst  more  many  types  of  representation  today   • Andre  Breton  –  one  of  the  founders  (first  a  literary  movement)  (The  “Pope”   of  surrealism)   o Wrote  the  manifesto   • Started  in  Paris     • Art  and  literature   • Imagery  is  usually  fantastic  (fantasy  and  dreams  a  big  part  of  this)     • All  about  the  subconscious  or  what’s  below,  automatism     • Largely  between  the  two  world  wars  (primarily  France  and  Spain)   • Wanted  to  create  and  “absolute  reality  or  Surreality”  above  and  beyond     • Most  Dada  artists  became  surrealists     • Freud  was  a  really  profound  inspiration     o His  ideas  about  dreams   • Young  (studied  with  Freud)  became  influential  also     o As  important  as  Freud’s  ideas   • The  artists  role  is  to  bring  an  inner  and  outer  reality  together     • Very  active  politically     o Their  interest  in  freeing  people   • Never  dictated  style  and  content  that  should  be  represented  in  surrealist  art     • Surrealism  proclaims  the  revolutionary  power  of  the  imagination     • Sex  and  violence   o Things  that  are  taboo  in  western  culture  are  the  keys  in  exploring  true   freedom   o This  becomes  a  major  subject  matter   • Women:   o They  idealize  madness     o They  want  to  unleash  the  irrational  to  create  a  revolution     o Most  controlled  during  this  time     o Example  of  the  oppressed  murderers     • Psychoanalysis:   o We  have  a  conscious  self  and  an  unconscious  self   • Very  interested  in  created  implied  physical  experience  (using  sand  on  an   image)   • Dali   • Hans  Bellmer  dolls      


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