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ochem Chapter 14-16 book notes

by: kathleen Dunleavy

ochem Chapter 14-16 book notes CHEM 241B

Marketplace > University of Arizona > Chemistry > CHEM 241B > ochem Chapter 14 16 book notes
kathleen Dunleavy
Organic Chemistry II - Lecture

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About this Document

Organic Chemistry 4th edition 4e Smith
Organic Chemistry II - Lecture
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This 11 page Bundle was uploaded by kathleen Dunleavy on Friday February 6, 2015. The Bundle belongs to CHEM 241B at University of Arizona taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 155 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry II - Lecture in Chemistry at University of Arizona.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
CHM W 4 NM 5 cc rroxco if pook m m M U chic tom nuclei quot odd mu Ah or odd Home iv J39wc 11 0 NM Jidmll XIH39UC39HF B Y CX 1HII4N 391 mm Jgedmm W W 39 t lL lLA A 1 L J L q tr L 1 r all I L I MAM m I Jamaal j uyncu z A 9 quot T IWJII exjmmmmmsmrem 39QL DHz WW J meTm M Um MHz m W 35 1 s m U m MHz L t 9k 0 NM mm W49 0 M Nu hr PULLWPL m mmm Yohhf 3m an J4me MAR 31h aL I H u mag b1wa 4 1 E I K I 1 C W3 Jrquot z39CT l WH39JCH H u u lquot I I 7 W M mu 1L Mm tr mm W g I g Hia m CRT W gi GIL m ec h CAR 39 J39rC C 0 Li 33 BI T 5 W H a CH H quot f 39 if L 39 LL H Hut 0 mm L m g w 3 a W Siam 333mg 3 3k m submfu m H 1 Hnhm Ly 1 mm mammm M in Malawi 1 am a Wbmwgml Hm m cullul tmnh oforjc Blr 5quot Br 7 a quot39 v Hquot ruquot 3 Hr C INHIHL mlquot I lt CW v 3 2 CH3 J v39vvvvvvv vvv vv rvvvw rvvvr Inih ig pew sumwrion 1g 2 H n 1 form T t mm x 3m Me an mm J w WWWWM 0 c 3 quot c L39 H HM Wit It Z H1 at J M 39I lr H39 luf ol J ledimni H quot ELM V 139 Bl 3 Eur 5 th nth gum WWWQM c39 X U 239 I k g cvu c C A L is 3 on sum C on lucn r C ex 94 Cljquot H 1v U W 39 k p HLI1 ltI Li J 39r x Ht ILL ulfmn r al mn r 1 39 IL CH7 H 1l393mh l 9 1 1 Hl39 1 uki g a 5 mm H H quott 1 HM L 3 39 yupminimi L cH om CH L S i w 3 l 3 1 I I2391 312ILIL Warm 15 mm KXNI Monk mm Mimi 39 39 H mm lmwl mm radial p JF39W RI 39 39 u h u WM jbv anML Du W t P 0 m1 iach Rat 139 139 339 D in M Mu 4h W 1w 39 L W I M Mi 39I39L 1 3 7 I I H Mu C m Mk adieu Wm h mm mm radical MMmWMlMW mm 1W 4 mg rm 1 W 69m tr r M rm WWWL km 469nm zLach T A I V DA 39139 6 oA Aquot 39 IA39ILILAA AMA LAIALL LAXquot b 39ILMAAAA LL L n Mind mvmcm 39 mm In a n n y quot7 U u u H 32 0 MT A ALL momson mm of mm mm m m JAMS quot Mcmm Ff A 1 Thg39Hhu tWm c1 mumq for Hm Mn 3 2 ihHH e rm 3 M rmranacmtnh m Mrch ymurnunnuL1L31nMn1 mvx WW Ma11mm Le u 39 39 39 39 L nukdwc WA KN un tth mmmm g2 3mm 4 3mg 1 man me mwcnu umlc m endomrmic mm 5 W in W W n I I W In an u I n u all Mu A MJ yLMh39dt a l 39 a J acmmammg mmwnmm ggra LR u Cvdh ggtgLngt I1mun e nua141 a cbmxxag ti 2r1 ea4411rk x n AIMuA1metLDntVb poluzgggg143z tip meku t I quot L 0 MW mm Cquot waitL Pm MW 1 WW tr Wattrm mu W 0 T WHY HAMEMAWWPW W 1 A39 Huntuuh lug 3A 39 ll 394 a Al 39139 1 Mil mg I H y a H Jl39i ad 7 I w H 2l 2 cu EH2 CH3 95H3 ca H Avth 145311124 uidlc 397 L CH LH j 4 quot V b 4 HQ Gm 111 L mummy SA L39Edfm do u oh G M yHC fM Lbh Wyammw Mimi L m WKWC H Irv Mt QWrr Lw M39qui km W WM CvH MAM 51 mjlyLiuicnl UAW aLlc Mn 01 339 Mia l 2 3C WmMWWWmh Jam L 8 339 4 2 CHCH cu 39 LH39CHCH1 cucHgtcn 39 CH WW WSP W tH u 39 C Lfeltdivch Lnlg cd LNW w WI WV L7 WW4 mam BMMMHM mm H my owmc 39 r 391 mumml I A 1391391LA JA L h 5 IAIA 4L 39 W m viJ quot I l INN h Hum I E E S Jmk Wm H v WNJMGAH ON RHONANH V MENU W 011 mum Wm gym 4 Lam C I undilnnitMb Wmm new mWnZn WW mm 1 are m am am mm mm klw 1 p39n m M c39 Hu 4 bt ih 39 on lulyuni mm 1M A 13 13m a con39w mi Jymm J a N397r mill in U A Dh quot M Inga1 4 u 1 JUL 3 C118 y 0 1L6 C W W 1M an amu39n gun W 1 nu W A rnlrim quot I Q i 3 LyLlidi ll CH CH CHL W rm 7 l39 U g 3 MM 939 39 m I g pithm quot L Mme 39 MW cal3 c tin H Eli cu mi MS W P a Chg3 CH CH dclmlii mq JIMb0 Mu MOM NRC M at W l39 0quot O quot f q 39l i39 4 quot 4 39 CH3 lt mi 5311 3 cHcuEHlt 0 momci ma 2 quotquot 3 w W r Llnlinumtm mm more Hum 1 mm ngvm an L2 1mm E j3dmlmayuf3w mg X39s Mi quotllulpvrdntd 1mm X57 H XquotIi gig 41 631 LilmLugdLL WA WI 03992 I 3 W441 WW W f HCH CHCH2 H AL CHHHj z H H v v I 17 3mm iii LH CH u u 439 1 47 4m 4 39 Am A hull AIM 1m UuJAul 4 I v v A I quot 3 z 3 quot39 z ammxma mamwmmmmm 41WMWMn51mmm bw 39MMLVM llm A ICHA 5 cu H I IL12 WW CH3 CH3 quot WWW Kmmmi yhiL amtm mm mm m Mmmmm La Mo 0 hr Lal39 aw 39 trimaw 362 quot quotquot C t R A I r 171mm I w in squot Lyw orLiiul CHz EH LH CH 8 a A I quot s is Hn39 ize uni tradich ani m k 3 gr y rm39lhq t qr vorriw of 7 c 1 e34 Wm MJMJ LL rm 3WP39W E v 0mm makc Hm I 1 A quot 4 a 439 5 3 anion coh39ujdcd mggqg Ming 1CC Whi jml I 13 U I u x R quot ng Mgzm m mmmmbogmgh w lb 14 H mlluLL L vuu u II M DJMWa rjquot a L 141mgnmm MAW 12 LL4W quot411 IL44 m 39 1 l l uh 39 I 39 I e 5quot W l mm D l f f mum mm m mk W 111 2 Li ajxk oa 0 quot quot 163 439 W 1 Mo 39 kmc z Mud 3 quotquot 1 wgt ECLI B r ummeH wmxz M 39a cw w m M in W a a mm I ame 0 a 3MMM1LWWW WWWMWM J U l VRQM MAUtj mlibpv C 111M humuwul M gilwlm u LA A411 39 MU r t 11 l4 lL 1l 4W 39WMWWRWMAM WritMW LahrmLm mmcmmmm 39 t 39 I 39 I 39 Ln A 39 V 39 7 39 J um AJAA 41 m uni


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