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AAS 213 Notes

by: Robbie Molina

AAS 213 Notes AAS 213

Robbie Molina
GPA 3.03

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About this Document

These are notes from taking the Class of American Ideals and Institution dealing with Asian Americans.
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This 10 page Bundle was uploaded by Robbie Molina on Saturday February 7, 2015. The Bundle belongs to AAS 213 at San Francisco State University taught by in Spring2014. Since its upload, it has received 94 views.

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Date Created: 02/07/15
Asian American Studies 213 April 152014 Race relations models Assimilation 1 Anglo Conformity 2 Melting Pot Acculturation 1 Cultural pluralism lnternal Colonialism Blauner 1972 1 forced 2 racism 3 dual labor market 4 legalpolitical manipulation 5 cultural destruction Conflict Stratification hierarchy Independent kingdom Land Magna Carta 1215 due process rule of law Feudal British Parliament John tax farmers Masses free speech gentry Protestant repru king merchants John Locke natural rights IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE H Rituals Culture Kidnapping Fumiko Suzuki April 22 2014 209 1996 Race is not a preference criteria in admissions amp employment Asians increase Whites increase State can legislate Ignorance of the law Freedom 1St Amendment speech press assembly petition religion Popularity Separation of Church amp State Religion gt antiestablishment gt Freeexercise Derrick Bell Faces at the bottom of the Well April 29 2014 Constitution Is it democratic Is it a blueprint for democracy If notwhat is it Checks and balances Separation of Powers Executive Enforce Legisative Make Judicia Interpret IRS 1st Amendment Speech Vote Not popular and electoral vote SedMon LaissezFaire deregulation Shay s Rebellion Atampt was the only telephone line Baby bells ConstitutionArticle Section 8 race distraction a society divided by race is easier to control than society divided by class Defense Spending Cold War 25 million halfa million people Un nished Business Steve Okazaki l 986 Gordon Hirabayashu Fred Korematsu Minoru Yasui 0 Three men resisted against an act and faced against the US government 0 Japanese government helped the Buddhist community 0 Union expelled Japanese wield workers in Oakland 0 There were so much racial hatred toward the Japanese 0 Citizens shouldn t be discriminated by race 0 Idealism and realism aren t different 0 The J apaneseAmericans had three days to leave San Francisco Executive Order 9066 packed only in two suitcases 0 They were relocated at a prison camp in the desert called concentration camprelocation camp 0 By nature the Japanese are disloyal to the US 0 August 1945 bombing on the Japanese 0 Government does not want to confront any of the issues dealing with J apaneseAmericans SI Hayakawa o J apaneseCanadian 0 Always said Best thing happen to the Japanese 0 protected 0 Young adults 5 0 Changing family roles National SecurityThe Battle of Midway June 2nd 0 Hawai i Martial Law the imposition of military power over designated regions on an emergency basis Martial law is usually imposed on a temporary basis when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively e g maintain order and security or provide essential services when there are extensive riots and protests or when the disobedience of the law becomes widespread Fundamentally it is a requirement put on civilian government when they fail to function correctly 0 Mainland Intemment Confinement during wartime o 1875 Page Law 0 First restrictive federal immigration law and prohibited the entry of immigrants considered quotundesirablequot The law classified as quotundesirablequot any individual from Asia who was coming to America to be a forced laborer any Asian woman who would engage in prostitution and all people considered to be convicts in their own country 0 Dewitt Japanese are disloyal and uses negative evidence 0 1943 Military recruitment Hawai i 100 Mainland 442 o Issei 0 1922 Ozawa v US was a case in which the United States Supreme Court found Takao Ozawa a Japanese man ineligible for naturalization In 1922 Takao Ozawa led for United States citizenship under the Naturalization Act of 1906 which allowed white persons and persons of African descent or African nativity to naturalize He did not challenge the constitutionality of the racial restrictions Instead he attempted to have the Japanese classified as quotwhitequot 0 Naturalization the quality of being brought into conformity with nature 0 Petition was denied 0 A perpetual foreigner 0 Citizenship registerdualassimilation o Tule Lake Ca 0 J apaneseAmericans were passive resistant majority weren t American enough minority weren t political enough 0 ABC List FBI J Edgar Hoover o Naval Intelligence passively loyal to US Critiques National Security 1 Timetiming 61942 The Battle of Midway 2 National Security agencies Doing their jobs 3 Hawaii 4 CWRIC Commission on Wartime Relocation and Intemment of Civilians 1950 Race prejudice Wartime hysteria Failure of leadership Government president December 1944 Governor Earl Warren 1943 military service young adults Mid1943 Liberal ACLA BNational FBI ABC list A Local Economics Alien Land Laws 1913 1920 1790 Naturalization Status Free 2 years of residency Proof of government character Civil War North vs South Industrial Agricultural e Free Laborers e Need Consumers 14th Amendment citizen of birth Whites and persons of African descents Thind V US 1923 E Indian Sikh Oregon Caucasian Ethnic geography Civics Structure Executive Enforces the laws Legislative Make the laws Judicial judge the laws Roe v Wade Construction Limit government action Adapt to values of the host group 1960s7 Os dysfunctional deviant y Premeditation and Deliberation 2nd Degree Unlawful killing of another Pending on Act and Intent Mental State What even happened around 1982 that made these white people mad There was a lot of people being laid off for the automobile industry in America Lots of Japanese people were making cars instead Also Energy Crisis 19731974 No one was selling gasand everything was being rationed White people making Chargers while japs were building motorcycles and lighter cars How does law affect Asian Americans Well what are stereotypes Assumptions of certain people Generalization of a group What are some common stereotypes kung fuetc PASSIVE What happens when stereotypes goes into institutions People will be blamed for things that they did not do ie Asian girls are passive and rich Its okay to rob them because they can just buy another we June 1982 Vincent Chin At Detroit MI Chinese American about to get married He has his bachelorette party at a place called Topless Joint Ebenz Nitz comes over whose white btw Went to Chin and said Its coz of you Jap mofos we re out of a job Ebenz Nitz charged for murder Chin threw the first punch Judge Kaufman called it Imperfect Self Defense He believed Asians have a cause What is considered murder Two categories 1st Degree Death Penalt In terms of Economics People regarded Asians as escape goats ie people blaming Chin over the actual Japanese people taking his jobs Film Unfinished Business Focused on 3 Jap Americans HirabauashuH KorematsuK YasuiY Dec 7 1941 Pearl Harbor Roosevelt claimed Day of Infamy Frank Knox Says it it weren t for the spies then this wouldn t have happened Given propaganda that the Jap Americans are spies and against the US He did thisand got for it Every Jap now a suspect Feb 14 1942 Executive Order 9066 Martial Law All of west coast became a military district Late March 1942 Jap Americans given curfew 8 pm Travel restrictions given to citizens Late April 1942 People were being sent to temporary sites People sent to Tanforan Track Now Tanforan Mall in South SF June 1942 People were sent to more permanent sites Total 10 sites 2 in CA Arizona Arkansas etc Even if you are 116th Jap you gotta report and out Breaking of the 14th Amendment 14th Amendment made in 1865 Equal Protection for all people Its applied to all people Due Process 1895 Wong Kim Ark v US Parents born in China but the gov tried to keep him in China He himself born in US Supreme Court decided to side with him because in BOR doesn39t say that parents have to be born here Commission and Warfare relocation and internment of civilians Concluded national security will not hit Wartime Hysteria Race Prejudice Failure of Leadership Gordon Hirabayashi or H Fred Korematsu or K Min Yasui or Min issei 1st generation Immigrant generation nisei 2nd generation lnternment of Jap Americans These 3 men charged Min raised in Oregon Officer in the Armylawyer and immediately resigned after Pearl Harbor Brought up with American upbringing Wanted to come back to war but rejected because of race FBI claimed him to be dangerous The Gov would come in the middle of the night and take people away from their homes and bring them to these internment camps Gov watched and followed every Jap Gov made them turn in all forms of communication When they made a strict curfew for Japs Min knew this was wrong and purposely went out and tried to get arrested on March 28 1942 K was taken to camp and held at gunpoint by the military Court says Japs are against us Why Because he resisted a draft But the government didn t want to deal with a the issue because then it would be admitting that they were wrong June 2 Battle of Midway Left of the American fleet Encountered Hap Fleet at midway islands lf Jap really wanted to attack mainland it would have been impossible after this Pearl Harbor was in Hawaiiwhy did they put regulations on the mainland It can39t be National Security because when you move a portion of the population it would have lost production and slow down the economy For National Security you would want them here DeWitt the guy in charge says loyalty of the Japs are uneasy That if they don t do it they eventually will 1922 Ozawa vs US Born in Japan Wanted to become a citizen But will not because he will always be considered foreign How do you prove your loyalty You can t because they will always ask questions to the point where you ll never be loyal Critiques National Security 1 Time and Setting of 1942 Battle of Midway 2 National Security Agency doing job Race relations in Hawaii different than mainland These are my colonial boys In Hawaii people are softer on them Still harsh but nicer Commission on Wartime relocation Civilians happened on 1980s said informs that its not national security but race prejudice and wartime hysteria and failure of leadership Why did the Government fail 1943 People were being drafted into the war Those who didn39t go to war went eastward so long as they can not come back to the west So who39s in the camps at this point Just old people and kids Roosevelt39s cabinet that they should let the people go but he wanted to wait Why So he can keep CA s vote so he can keep another term for presidency in dec 44 Who was the Governor at the time Earl Warren Later Chief Justice of the Supreme Court What about liberals ACLU bw national and local chapters Notion of Citizenship 1790 people came with naturalization statute 1 free white contrast 2 2 years residence 3 proof of good moral character Michi Weglyn Born in CA Got accepted to Wesley


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