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by: Sean Quinn


Sean Quinn
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Sean Quinn on Sunday February 8, 2015. The Bundle belongs to a course at University of Miami taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views.

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Date Created: 02/08/15
Exam 2 Text Study Questions 110 Text Study Questions Chapter 12 1 10 Define the following temperament character personality introvert extrovert central traits source traits cardinal traits factor analysis archetypes social reinforcement trait situation interactions What leads to high self esteem in Japanese and other Asian cultures What is self esteem based on in individualistic cultures Is an individual s taste in music related to her personality Describe the 5 factors in the big five factor model of personality What are the inctions of the id ego and superego in psychoanalytic theory Your answer should include the terms pleasure principle libido and reality principle According to Adler why do people strive for superiority Social learning theory emphasizes the psychological situation expectancy and reinforcement value in the understanding of behavior What do each of these terms mean What are the characteristics of someone who is selfactualized De ne incongruence and congruence in terms of the ideal self true self and selfimage Describe the differences between someone who experiences conditions of worth and someone who receives unconditional positive regard 11 Give an example of a critical situation from Miller and Dollard 12 Describe the differences and similarities between the quotJim twins and the identical twins Carolyn and Pamela from Critical thinking The Amazing Twins 13 Is personality affected by the environment 14 15 16 Describe what a projective test is and give two examples of this type of test What are the characteristics of shy people What is the difference between private selfconsciousness and public selfconsciousness Which type of selfconsciousness is associated with shyness Text Study Questions Chapter 11 1 De ne the following terms genetic sex hormonal sex gonadal sex genital sex intersexual person gender identity gender role socialization and gender role stereotypes What would develop a female or male in terms of reproductive organs from an embryo that has the XX chromosome pattern genetic sex but was never exposed to testosterone According to the textbook nature s primary impulse is to make a female Explain this assertion in terms of the role of testosterone in the development of reproductive organs in the embryo 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 What are the effects of being born with an extraX chromosome called Klinefelter s syndrome or only one X chromosome and no Y chromosome Turner s syndrome What is sexual reassignment Use the case of Bruce or Brenda as an example Is it possible to change a person s sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual What percentage of people regard themselves as homosexual or bisexual Do hormonal imbalances during adulthood cause homosexuality that is do hormonal levels of gay men and lesbians fall within the normal range Hormonal variations during pregnancy may alter areas in the brain that orchestrate sexual behavior What area of the brain is involved and what differences among heterosexual and homosexual individuals have been observed in this area What is the role of parenting in the development of homosexuality Do heterosexual individuals discover their sexual orientation earlier in their development than homosexual individuals Are homosexual individuals more likely to have emotional problems than heterosexual individuals Is it possible to convert someone with a homosexual sexual orientation to someone with a heterosexual orientation Females exposed to androgens before birth show tomboy behaviors during childhood What is the impact of being a tomboy as a child on female interests and female gender characteristics as an adult Discuss gender differences in math spatial reasoning and language skills in terms of the amount of overlap in the normal curves based on averages that show differences For example is it reasonable to say that most men are better at math than women are Boys are encouraged to engage in instrumental behaviors and girls are encouraged to show expressive behaviors What behaviors do the terms instrumental and expressive refer to Describe the differences in pay between men and women European Americans in the professions as well as differences between men and both African American women and Latinas Describe gender roles in the Tchambuli people of New Guinea Give examples of gender role socialization That is how are gender role differences created What percentage of people fall into the traditional female masculine and androgynous categories on the Bem Sex Role Inventory BSRI Compare the performance of people in the three major categories of the Bem Sex Role Inventory BSRI traditional female masculine and androgynous with respect to the following adaptability emotional intelligence exibility in coping with dif cult situations life satisfaction What are the characteristics of people who have high scores on the masculine trait and what are the characteristics of people who have high scores the feminine trait on the Bem Sex Role Inventory BSRI What are the roles of estrogen and testosterone in the strength of the sex drives in men and women 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Would castration be effective in lowering the sex drive in sex offenders Compare the scripts friends with a benefit and hookup script With traditional sexual scripts such as ones involving courtship Compare the human sexual response in men and women with respect to the amount of time from the excitement phase to orgasm and in terms of multiple orgasms Characterize pedophilia in terms of married versus single father versus not father relationship to the child friend acquaintance relative and how frequently rape takes place Are exhibitionists harmless Describe their typical family background and marital status What is the impact of sex education on the age at which young people rst engage in sexual intercourse What percentage over one year of married people have sex partners other than their spouse in the past year Describe the viewed expressed by the authors of the textbook regarding child beauty pageants Discuss rape in terms of the relationship of the victim to the rapist Describe the motivation of someone who forcibly rapes a woman that is way they do it Text Study Questions Chapter 16 1 Describe the results of the study conducted by Zimbardo Haney amp Banks 1973 in which male college students were paid to be inmates or guards in a simulated prison What do the results tell us about how powerful social roles are What do the studies using the autokinetic e 39ect tells us about social in uence What is attribution theory and what is the fundamental attribution error What is the actorobserver bias Give an example What are the three components of an attitude What is selfhandicapping and why is it used Give an example Do men selfhandicap more than women What is the role of situational demands making attributions Describe the attitudes of adults who watch TV violence frequently What is cognitive dissonance Give an example Discuss the ndings of Festinger amp Carlsmith 1959 study in terms of cognitive dissonance theory Subjects in this study were asked to lie about how enjoyable a boring task turning wooden pegs on a board was 10 11 12 13 What is groupthink and why is it important to the understanding of international crises such as the invasion of Iraq by US troops De ne and give examples of the following doorinthe face effect and the lowball technique Describe the procedure and results of the Milgrim obedience studies What percentage of subjects delivered the maximum amount of voltage 450 volts to the learner What was the effect of running the study in a shabby of ce varying the distance between the teacher and learner placing the teacher and learner in the same room Describe the techniques used by leaders of cults to covert prospective members Is brainwashing used Chapter 9 Text Study Questions 1 Define the following intelligence operational definition aptitude reliability validity working memory g 10 11 12 13 factor psychometric measure test standardization performance intelligence intelligence quotient IQ deviation IQ uid intelligence uid intelligence crystalized intelligence normal curve Down s syndrome fragile x syndrome phenylketonuria PKU microcephaly hydrocephaly cretinism eugenics metacognition skills Dove Counterbalance Intelligence Test What are the ve cognitive factors that make up general intelligence What are the similarities and differences between the StanfordBinet Intelligence scales and the Wechsler Adult Intelligence scales De ne intelligence quotient IQ in terms of chronological age and mental age How old does a person have to be for his intelligence quotient IQ score becomes stable What percentage of the population has an IQ between 120 and 129 What percentage of the population has an IQ over 130 Do males and females differ in intelligence What is the role of age in uid intelligence and crystalized intelligence How do IQ scores relate to success in school jobs and other endeavors Describe ve misconceptions about gifted children Describe the characteristics Kim Peek the individual with savant syndrome om Meet the Rain Man What percentage of adult intelligence is thought to be hereditary Why do psychologists compare the results of fraternal twins with identical twins when examining the in uence of heredity on behavior 14 Compare the correlations of identical twins raised together and raised apart What does this tell us about environmental influences on IQ 15 Compare the characteristics of modern video games such as Call to Duty and The Sims with early video games such as Pong and PacMan What are the implications of these observations 16 Discuss the results and implications of studies of the relationship between a mother s IQ and the IQ of her biological child and adopted child 17 What is the Flynn effect and what does it say about the role of environment on IQ


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