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Gateway Notes

by: Miranda Jacoby

Gateway Notes J205

Miranda Jacoby
GPA 3.2
Gateway to Media 1&2
Sung Park

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About this Document

Gateway to Media 1&2
Sung Park
75 ?




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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Miranda Jacoby on Monday February 9, 2015. The Bundle belongs to J205 at University of Oregon taught by Sung Park in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 128 views. For similar materials see Gateway to Media 1&2 in Journalism Core at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 02/09/15
Wednesday April 1 l Operation of the world Wide Web A Operation of WWW and your web browser Browser reads interprets and displays HTML CSS and JavaScript Displays results independent of source of code Write code and display on local machine FPONT Move code to server display on local machine ll File Systems on Local Machine and Server A Folder structure on local machine your computer or lab computer B Directory structure on UNIXbased server shelluoregonedu 1 Once everything is right in your own folders move into the directory lll SSH secure shell Interacting with the server A OS X built in 1 Terminal App in Utilities Folder B softwarecarpentryorgv4shelindexhtm IV Tranferring Files A Want to move files from your local file to the server B For both Mac and PC use CyberDuck 1 Open Connection a SFTP b server shelluoregonedu c usernamepassword duck id and password Drag and Drop files into CyberDuck 3 Disconnect V Referring to External Resources A Remote Resources 1 located on another machine or another website 2 must use absolute references include host name and file spec B Local resources 1 created on or copied to local system same machine as current file 2 typically use relative references a makes sense because it is all on the local machine b relative references stay valid c This class all local resources Vl External Resources A B Absolute references Relative references used in this class 1 mycodejs A JavaScript file in the same folder as the HTML file 2 jsrandomjs A JavaScript file is the js folder library file 3 imagesstargif An image gif file in the images folder Always use relative references for local resources 1 lose points for absolute references Many web sites use the Apache HTTP Server software 1 U0 Web Server uses this software 2 On a site which uses the Apache server all Web pages stored in a user s publichtml directory Vll Accessing Student Web Pages A B C If the file is located at 1 shelluoregoneduhome10holleranpublichtml111examplesdemo7html Address Web page at 1 http pagesuoregoneduholleran11examplesdemo7html Eliminate the publichtml and change shell to pages CIS 111 Hypertext and HTML History and Hypertext and HTML A B C first concept expressed by Vannevar Bush in 1945 Article As We May Think in The Atlantic magazine The Memex 1 instantly bring files and material on any subject First commercial application Hypercard 1987 Apple Computer E Bill Atkinson Set of cards with information clicking on one card would bring up related cards and bring you to related stacks HyperTalk language 9953 Problem couldn t jump around to different computers Tim BernersLee at CERN 1 created first Web client and server in 1990 2 specified URL s HTTP HTML 3 First Web Browser WorldWideWeb early 1990s WWW was popularized by Mosaic Web browser from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications NCSA at the University of Illinois ll HTML and Web Pages A B Browsers read interpret and display Web Pages Web pages contain 1 text images videos control elements 2 formatting information using Hypertext Markup Language HTML 3 formatting is specified using tags a words or symbols surrounded by angled brackets lt gt Start tags end tags and text they enclose an HTML element 1 lttitlegtDemo of DOMlttitlegt D Elements can be nested inside one another E All elements are nested inside the lthtmlgt lthtmlgt tag All HTML documents have two separate sections within the lthtmlgt tags 1 ltheadgt section info about document 2 ltbodygt section most of the content lll Text Display and Layout A B White space multiple spaces tabs blank lines not displayed by browser to set off paragraphs use paragraph tags 1 ltpgt text ltpgt to start a new lines use break tag 1 ltbrgt To force use of space use nonbreaking space character 1 ampnbsp E To draw horizontal lines use horizontal rule tag 1 lthrgt F various text sizes 1 lth1gt lth1gt lth2gt lth2gt etc IV Comments A comments may be used to communicate to the programmer but won t appear on the web page V Formatting Text A Old style 1 bold a ltbgt ltbgt 2 italic a ltigt ltigt 3 underline a ltugt ltugt Vl Hyperlinks A by default shown in color and underlined B specified using anchor tag 1 ltagt ltagt C Use a target to attribute to open in a new window Vll Display images A ltimggt tag B lmage that is displayed is located in a local or remote file 1 typically jpg gif or png file C Use src attribute to specify the location of the image file 1 ltimg src imagesstarpng gt D Always be in an image file never directly from the website VIII Displaying Lists A Unordered List 1 ltulgtltulgt B ordered 1 ltolgtltolgt C actual items on the list 1 ltIigt ltIigt Tables A table tag 1 lttablegt lttablegt B table row tag to set off rows 1 lttrgt lttrgt C table data nested in rows for cells 1 lttdgt lttdgt Divs as containers A other items can be places in containers called a ltdivgt B attributes set for div applied to elements contained within it


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