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J 100

by: Shannon Keener

J 100 geol 201

Shannon Keener

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Intro Pre-Journalism Class
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This 34 page Bundle was uploaded by Shannon Keener on Wednesday February 11, 2015. The Bundle belongs to geol 201 at University of Oregon taught by in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 38 views.

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Date Created: 02/11/15
Geol 202 note 8 Glacial System Exist when more snow accumulates than melts over an extended period of time 1000 s of years 2nd largest reservoir of water at present Main sculpting agent of the continent when they are present Periods of Glaciation Ice Ages 0 At least 5 major glacial periods or Ice Ages that are recorded in Earth s History 0 Pleistocene 250 ma w major advances amp retreats last extent 14000 BP 0 End of the Paleozoic Era 280 ma 0 End of the Proterozoic Eon 700 ma Snowball or Slushball Earth 0 Near Beginning of Proterozoic Eon 22 Ga 0 End of the Archean Eon 27 Ga Glacial vs Interglacial Events Glacial Event time of global cooling when glaciers are in advance and ice sheets cover the high latitudes generally last for 90000 years Interglacial Event warming trends within an Ice Age that fall in between glacial advance events last approximately 1020000 years Formation of Glacial Ice Occurs over a matter of years as snow is buried compressed and recrystallized into ice slowly eliminates most of the trapped air remaining trapped air bubbles are a record of past atmospheric compositions Advances and Retreats Advances accumulation gt ablation Retreats accumulation lt ablation Stability or Stagnation Stability accumulation ablation Movement of Glacial Ice 0 Movement occurs because the lower ice is a plastic material under pressure and ows under the in uence of gravity The rigid upper ice and snow moves atop the plastic lower ice Ice moves at different rates within the glacier The ice along the base and sides moves slower because of the friction of the solid ice against the bedrock Motion is by plastic of viscoplastic ow in the ice and by basal sliding when the entire mass of the ice moves over the bedrock Rates of Glacial Ice Movement Common rates 13 cmday Exceptional rate 3 mday Surges 100300 mday Exceptional surge 12 km3 months Temperate vs Polar Glaciers Temperate Glacier moves with basal sliding and plastic ow Polar Glaciers frozen to the bedrock and only move by plastic ow Erosion bv Glaciers Plucking Glacial ice is frozen to the sides and base of the bedrock and as the glacier moves it plucks out or rips rocks from the bedrock Abrasion The ice along the base and sides of the glacier is embedded with sediment rocks that act as an abrasive when the glacier moves very effective erosional agent Results of Glacial Erosion Rock Flour Finely ground rock clay size particles Glacial Striations or Grooves Scratches or deeper grooves carved into the bedrock by the abrasion of clasts embedded in ice Glacial Polish Smooth polished surface of the bedrock produced by long periods of fine rock our moving across the bedrock surface Roche Moutonnee Small landform produced by glacial plucking as ice moves over a bedrock that contains a weak set of structures like tectonic joints andor bedding Transport by Glaciers Nonselective transport all sizes of particles boulders to clay Distribution of Sediment Transport Transport mainly along base sides and surface but sediment may be found embedded throughout the ice Cause of Deposition Whenever and wherever the glacier melts generally during times of glacial retreat or stagnation Types of Glacial Deposits Glacial Drift any sediment deposited directly from the glaciers of melt water streams Till poorly sorted boulder to claysize unstratified sediment initial sediment deposited from glacier Erratics large isolated boulders Outwash sorted sand and gravel stratified reworked till by meltwater streams Loess wind blown silt and clay deposits produced by cold winds blowing off the glacier picking up the fine particle in the outwash Transporting them further away and depositing them when the wind slow down Alpine Glacial Erosional Landforms Cirque Horseshoeshaped basin with steep headwalls and relatively at oors They are formed by plucking of the headwalls by the glacier and by abrasion by the sediment as the glacier ows out of the basin They may be recognized on maps by the steep walls close spaced contours at basin oors widely spaced contours and horseshoe shapes Arete Knifeedged ridge between the headwalls of two cirques or adjacent glacial troughs Glaciers eroding the ridges between adjacent glaciers and mass wasting of the oversteepened slopes form them They may be recognized on maps by closely spaced contour lines on opposite sides of a narrow ridge Horn Coalescence of three or more cirque walls leaving a spireshaped peak resembling a horn The glacial erosion by plucking and abrasion in three or more cirques eroding toward the shared peak creates this landform They are recognized by generally closely spaced triangularshaped closed contour lines Glacial Trough Ushaped valleys Flatbottomed valley with steep sides produced by the erosion of the oor and sides of the valley by an alpine glacier as its sediment abrades while the glacier ows downhill On the topographic maps they are recognized by closely spaced contours along the valley sides and widely spaced contours on the valley oor Hanging Glacial Troughs Formed when the downcutting erosion of the main valley glacier exceeds that by the tributary glacier The tributary glacier ows onto the main glacier and thus has an erosional base level of the elevation of the main valley glacier After melting the lower portion of the tributary glacial trough is then left hanging above the main oor of the glaciated valley On maps they are recognized by more widely spaced contours across a stream in the upper portion than in the lower portion where the modern stream cascades into the main valley below Alpine Glacial Depositional Landforms Lateral Moraine a linear ridge of glacial sediment till deposited along the sides of a glacier As the glacier is moving it is transporting material along its base and sides In the alpine regions after a glacier has melted the steep valley walls of the glacial trough will have lateral moraines marking the elevation of the glaciers in the valleys Where the glaciers exit the mountains they will mark the edges or sides of the glacier End Terminal Moraine Curved ridges of glacial sediment till at the terminus of the glacier Produced when a glacier stagnates melts as fast as it advances and the glacier drops its sediment as it melts Some terminal moraines may act as dams blocking the stream drainage Many terminal moraines are eroded away after they were deposited since the valley oor is now occupied by an active eroding river system If present they may be recognized as a ridge with generally moderately spaced curved contour lines Medial Moraine ridge of sediment located on the glacier where two tributary glaciers merge They are combined adjacent lateral moraines of the two merging tributary glaciers Continental Glaciers Large thick ice sheets formed on the continents in the high latitudes during glacial advances of an Ice Age Glaciers can be upwards of 2 miles thick in the center of the zone of accumulation Formation of Continental Glacial Topography Continental glaciation tends to abrade the surface into low relief and leave behind numerous depositional glacial landforms as the ice sheets retreat Continental Glacial Depositional Landforms EndTerminal Moraine Curved ridges of glacial sediment till at the terminus of the glacier Produced when a glacier stagnates melts as fast as it advances and the glacier drops its sediment as it melts Recessional Moraine Curved ridge of glacial sediment till that is located behind the terminal moraine During glacial retreat the glacier may remain stagnant for a period of time and deposit another moraine that is now behind the end moraine There may be several recessional moraines associated with the overall glacial retreat Ground Moraine The glacial drift till behind the terminal andor recessional moraine This is the sediment that was in transport beneath the glacier and is left behind as the glacier retreats or melts without a stillstand occurring They are characterized hummocky topography and numerous depressions and a lower elevation than the ridges of the terminal and recessional mora1nes Esker Deposition of sand and gravel in meltwater streams in subglacial tunnels beneath a glacier produces eskers The topographic form of an esker is a serpentine ridge a few tens of feet above the surrounding topography of the ground moraine The contours on an esker make a long sinuous path across the map Drumlin Drumlins are elongate ovalshaped hills resembling inverted teaspoons Their long axes are parallel to the direction of ice movement and their surface tapers in a downice direction They are formed from till along the base of the glacier being mounded up and then stretched out as the glacier ows over it Since the long axis is parallel to ice movement the direction of ow of the glacier is readily determined from drumlins On topographic maps they appear as ovalshaped contours roughly concentric to one another The contours are more closely spaced at the upper end and are farther apart in the downice direction Kettle lake Melting of blocks of ice which have been buried or partially buried by glacial deposits produces a depression They are common both on moraines terminal recessional and ground and outwash plains They may be recognized on topographic maps by closed contours with hachures Outwash Plain Outwash plains consist of gently sloping surfaces made by deposition of sand and gravel from meltwater streams As such the glacial drift is stratified and sorted and is termed outwash Their at topographic form contrasts markedly with the hummocky elevated topography of the terminal moraines Effects of Continental Glaciations Eustatic Sea Level Changes Worldwide sea level changes by as much as 100 meters of sea level drop during glacial advances and sea level is neat the continental shelfslope break Isostatic Adjustment of Continental Lithosphere Mass of the thick ice sheets depress the continental lithosphere into the plastic asthenosphere Continental lithosphere rebounds or rises after the ice sheets melts Slow process some areas are still rising today from the last melting Modi cation of Preglacial River Drainages The large Laurentide Canadian ice sheet covered the northern half of North America disrupting the initial pre eXisting river drainages that has owed into the north and into the Arctic Ocean Characteristic topography of the shield 0 The alpine glaciers never reached the Willamette Valley but their in uence modified the Willamette Valley River 0 The melting glaciers produced large melt water streams that transported outwash gravels and sands to the valley oor to be deposited as outwash fans 0 The outwash fans forced the Willamette River over to the west side of the valley Pluvial Lakes 0 The large fresh water lakes in the intermontane basins of the Basin and Range Province are formed during the glacial advances when the climate of the region is wetter and cooler 0 During these pluvial climates more water is added into the basin then evaporates so the lakes enlarge or expand 0 Stand lines former lake levels can be located on the slopes of the ranges indicating the height of the former pluvial lakes Local In uence of Winds 0 The glaciers create their own climate zones 0 The cold glaciers cool the air above the ice making it denser so that it sinks and causes winds to blow off the glacier across the outwash plain 0 The winds pick up the silt and clay from the outwash plain and transport it further south to be deposited as large loess deposits Oversteepening of valley walls in Mountainous Regions 0 Walls are created by alpine glacial erosion and lead to the rivervalley systems that are out of dynamic Migration amp Selective Extinction of Plant and Animal Species 0 Climate swings from glacial to interglacial conditions force plant and animal populations to migrate 0 Stress of the climate changes leads to extinction of some species Formation of the Channeled Scablands Glacial Lake Missoula A Cordilleran continental ice sheet rom Canada came and dammed the river creating a growing lake it would have been the size of like Erie and Ontario combined When the dam broke it ooded the area that we now know as the Scablands At the lakes maximum it held 500 miles of water The lake sediment deposited in the valley is another piece of evidence that proves the lake The failure of the ice dam allowed water to drain westward across the Columbia Plateau to carve the Scabland Channels Scablands The origin of the Channeled Scablands has been controversial J Harlan Bretz first hypothesized the idea of a single catastrophic Spokane Flood He later modified his ideas to 7 or 8 oods as more recent evidence came to the surface Recent workers have suggested upwards of 100 oods over a period of 2 6 million years Evidence for the earliest oods has been nearly obliterated by the more recent oods The water that came through here was 500 feet tall creating very steep cliffs in the valley Coulees dry river channels that were left from the ood Potholes Coulee a dry fall is where the channel spilled into the Columbia River channel Dry falls with giant potholes at the bottom of the falls created by a vortex of gas bubbles that surged through the ood as it was pouring down 5X larger than Niagara Falls Touchet Beds temporary lakes were deposited some of the sediment eroded from the channelized scablands This sediment is known as the Touchet Beds Giant Ripple Marks 2030 feet high and within 100200 feet in wavelength All journalism students are story tellers no matter what department they go into communications advertising journalism etc Cat Videos 0 No words 0 Both stories are driven by the audio 0 When something bad happens in the rst video the cat video shows up then the replay the bad part in the rst video again in slow motion Dog Talking Video 0 The person who created the video went back over the images and insert the words Tells a simple story with cameras that aren t expensive Easy to do at home videos Connecting with Culture Aware of your surroundings Interview questions about your culture 0 Important to know current events Portfolios 0 Includes story telling skills designs writings videos photographs and experiences from study abroad 0 Even if you are not a speci c photographer you will have at least a little bit of photographer practice and this will show in your portfolio 0 Belief in what you are doing and writing about will push you to going further than you thought before Real life experiences may provide you with unique experiences that only you can describe and share with the world kathrynkbbgmailcom Sophomore at UO had her rst internship at road trip nation involved in Ethos magazine as a photographer cofounder of Envisions photo editor of Flux magazine internship with OPB From Long Beach California Went into a design class even though it wasn t fully focused on photography she knew that she would need a variety of skills Created DriDown a different kind of material used in sleeping bags and other downy objects Created a video and two different iers to promote the DriDown product Joined Ethos and a freshman and created Envision environmental journalism with a copartner Story of the kayakers who went down celestial falls She followed with them to the falls and incorporated their story into their lm What happened was unpredicted Blue River video incorporates the music and tone into the lm Video on the 70 year old gure ice skater Jennie Sekler motivates students to push their limits and keep trying Tips Take initiative Go to Allen Hall and use their resources Get to know your professors Fully experience your college life Offer your skills PR you need to know how to use social media Videographers need to start their own projects and create a portfolio Do what you love and have fun doing it Make connections and keep good contact with them Storytelling quotJournalism is storytelling with a purposequot Kovach amp Rosenstiel The Elements of Journalism Fairytale starts with quotonce upon a timequot Sailors tae much more brutal Storytelling should include story arc irony is key paint words to the corner of the pictures tes both sides Documentary Takes dirty plastic and turns is back in to it s original form then into gasoline o The gatekeepers wouldn t let them interview anyone but Steve got around it Takes many many years for dirty plastic to degrade in the land lls o This cean oil is shipped to Tacoma and then is made into the oil that fuels your car Follows the story arc Took Steve a lot of rewrites in order to keep the story going with peeks and valleys and suspense Situational irony ex rst day of class professor said to go out and make a one minute video on campus with a mission impossible theme No grad just team building His team put 40 story boarders and 19 shots into this 1 minute video with corresponding music They didn t necessarily take the easy way but they enjoyed it and were changed from it There was only 3 sentences included The full irony is that the muf n wasn t where he thought it would be no matter how much effort he put into nding it The most important person in the world is the person in front of you Tips on Interviewing 0 Listening is the key 0 Practice your listening 0 Don t prepare your questions go off of what they have to say and have a true conversation 0 Tell me more Tell me about it 0 Stay neutral 0 Never interrupt unless you are on live TV 0 Open ended questions Broadcasting Worker Worked for abc parmount cnn tbs etc Teaches students here at the University of Oregon 18 months old and his dad was the rst African American to be a pioneer in the eld ofjournalism 30 years in media 22 years in LA founding producer at CNN Projects for Paramount Disney MGM New Line ABC CBS AampE Visiting professormedia partnerships Went to undergrad in Boston After graduation went to LA to join the Mike Douglas show and did que cards for the show Decided that he was done with LA and came to Eugene for a project for AampE top ten college towns Moved to Eugene three years after his rst visit Top journalism school at UO so he joined the graduate teaching staff The quotFifth Screenquot TV connects our world and other worlds Its an experience that is prominent that we can all share The 3rd screen became the imitate with new games and devices The big clunky TV sitting in your living room can now be taken anywhere with you the 4th screen so that you can go on living your life Advertisement for Nokia Broadcasting News Timeline 0 Nov 2 1920 rst radio broadcast of election returns 0 May 10 1928 rst TV newscaster broadcasts farm and weather reports 3 times weekly 0 April 1948 rst network netcast Edward R Murrow quotRed Scarequot concerned about communism most known for taking on senator McCarthy fascist Murrow refused to compromise and raised an attack Saved lm of McCarthy for over a year and proved how he would take words out of context and change their meaning He wasn t afraid of speaking his own mind when most were in this time quotGoodnight and Good Luckquot were his signing off words Walter Cronkite Reported on events such as Kennedy s death and the rst man on the moon Walter interacted with his passion and his career The audience connected well with him Tim Russert Crossexamining style of interviews Worked to reveal the secrets that our world deserves the right to know Commands authority while with his interviewees With that authority he gained respect From upstate New York It was believed to be a right off passage to be questioned by Tim Russert and sit across from him Ann Curry Anchor of the Today Show ABC since 1987 BroadcastJournalism in the Digital Age Grew up in Ashland OR Big debates around the dinner table this grew into her education about the world around her The Watergate scandal sparked her career It also encouraged other journalists The truth is what she was seeking Graduated at the same time as her father Went to the University of Oregon Not being accurate is the biggest mistake one could make This misinforms the people quotIt s not about you it s about your part in the futurequot Don t listen to people who say that you can t accomplish your goals Determination and hard work is what lead her to the top Multiracial women was a big hurdle that she conquered Care about the people who read and watch your work more than yourjob Apple s iPad Gutenberg Printing Press 1400 s Television 1928 Internet 1980 s Social Media 2003 Rapidly occurring products on the market OR Magazine was the rst magazine in the world to be designed solely on an iPad people including writers photographers designers OR Magazine wanted to capture the movement and nature of the world around us in Oregon The emotion and concepts found in OR Magazine captures the sole of readers Jazz Festival Students were matched with artists and hung out with them and got to know them to create a pro le Limited time to create a product for these artists 3 person team and the tasks were divided up and challenged students Being adaptable to the environment was a key Working with people on the spot at venues proved to be a new factor Planning ahead and organization skills help 0 Documentary lm making 0 Works on science environment and lm making 0 Has working in many different varieties of journalism except advertising 0 Freedom to work on the stories that he wants so they are interesting and what he likes to do 0 Other stories he is expected to do for his job 40th anniversary of the clean water talk 0 A story about storm water Many people don t know the issue of storm water In places Seattle when it rains on the streets it has to go somewhere The rain water catches pollutions and carries it into the fresh resources 0 Maybe shoot the story from a personal view who has been effected by it 0 Interview someone who might have a solution researcher scientist Goal is to bring in the audience and get them interested Laura James has been diving for 20 years to learn more about under the ocean She witnesses the decaying surfaces at the bottom of the ocean Trash and coffee cups are laid across the bottom Saw a ow of storm water that was owing into her region and she has been scared ever since Laura James sees this as a conduit of our humanity Oil petroleum zinc etc are some of the chemicals that cant be seen that are in the storm water Every time water rushes over the surfaces like concrete and tar a little bit of the chemicals are taken away with it Macintyre has been working on a new science called Green storm water infrastructure trying to mimic owing free vegetation near roads and highways Little is known about this science and not a lot of people know about them so the limited use and not enough information is still in progress Within 12 hours of 10 juvenile salmon being in the storm water they all died While the same 10 sh that were in the green storm water infrastructure were still alive Dif culties nding the right person to talk to right images for the screen nding a counter getting past authority making sure that it is all creditable scientists are mostly reluctant to talking with the media Native Americans and the Dams o The dams block the salmon from going up stream 0 Most dams are within 5 ears of their life expectancy The natives have been living their way of life around these dams The question is rather to modernize the dams or tear them down and make new ones When approaching an elder in the Native American customs you have to follow their cultural rules Work your way up by talking to other members of the community Find someone who will introduce you and vogue for you in these communities and you will have a much easier time Listening to the 93 year old Smith for hours letting her tell her story is what made them gain her trust The dams brought electricity but these tribes could not afford to hook it up in their home Today there are fewer than 4000 members of the tribe Smith became the heart of the whole story Small Agency with some bluechip accounts Strategically focused Highend design Specialize in both print and web Advisor for Flux magazine Former editor 0 the Emerald Runnerup SND College Designer of the Year 1st place nationally for overall newspaper design winner of best show Gold Grown Peacemaker Youngest person to design on desk by 15 years Hired to design the local pages 3 years later he became front page worthy Specialize in advertising and marketing Aesthetically driven Ads for spine surgeon plastic surgery La Perla Sixth Street Grill Beppe and Gianni s jewelry exotic houses luxury cars pesticide orthodontists wineries 5th Street Market Kendall Toyota operas looking Glass helping troubled youth Eugene Magazine Open for Business magazine Lynden Tribune quotShall We Dancequot book Oregon llasik Eugene a gogo Mix 945 radio Junk it Store it Twin Rivers Plumbing Noprofits ecofriendly publication design logos website design Typography is key in any kind of design 20 Tips 1 Keep a portfolio and improve it constantly 0000 O O 10 examples of your most outstanding work it needs to be in a nice presentation you ll be judged by your best piece and your worst piece of work have someone else at least 2 people edit your work and tell you what is your most outstanding work have both print and digital copies also have BUSINESS CARD RESUME PORTFOLIO 2 Never miss an opportunity to market yourself 3 Make contacts 4 Show what college work that doesn t look like college work 0 Designers show maturity O O O O Videographers and photographers show work that can work in the corporate world Creative directors and editors show moments of brilliance Writers show that you can do the difficult stuff Public Relations show that you can be trusted with a company 5 Use social media wisely 6 Learn grammar 7 Understand that you are producing for an audience not yourself 8 Check your ego Come to learn or go home 0 Employers don t want a knowitall 9 Drive can beat experience 10 Dress for success O 0000 0 Men not cotton pants Women appropriate and earls always dress it up classy Use an iron Requires polish Everything should t well Look at Brooks Brothers and Ann Taylors for inspiration 11 Make sure your professors know you 12 Learn how to take directions 0 Wok in group projects well 0 Take and give feedback 0 Seek honest feedback don t resist it 13 never bring quotdirty laundryquot to a job interview no matter how bad your last job was 14 Keep up on the industry 15 Develop your people skills 16 Learn the software 17 Learn HTML 18 Get faster 19 Work on Flux or the Emerald 20 Get an internship Twice weekly fresh media group Fit how jobs will look in the future New internships in the Emerald for fall term Making contacts Helps build your portfolio It can be that one thing that gets your foot in the door Looking for driven students Bringing your way into the real world Internships preplacement Your internship preparation begins now Realize that it is a crucial part of your educann What s inside your dash 20122016 Seek informational interviews as many as you can nd and arrange Most internship require you to have an interview More info interviews you do the more likely you ll be comfortable with the real ones First rule in all communication Know the audience Read Trade journals case studies blogs books magazine features relevant to your career niche Understand the difference between the resume and a cover letter Practice writing a good one Research the employer company culture clients and the competitors Research or study their work it ll give you a avor for who they are and what they do Ad agency is not an ad agency nor are newspapers magazines TV station etc the same Rehearse Do mock interviews Reference letters Relationships Good references started yesterday Forget last minute pleas Be professional Dress Voice Speech It s your culture get it Suck up as much as possible Film novels music pop culture trends etc An interview is a twoway conversation Have 1012 questions Make them good ones If you can make inroads with the secretary of your contact Do a good job that person will remember you Be prepared Attention to detail Assume nothing Social media Keep it professional Write smart short letters and follow up but be patient and persistent Forget email they won t read it On the ob That is exactly how you should be approaching it just as you should your education It is a job 0 Make yourself invaluable rst in last out Enthusiasm Stay busy Establish a positive reputation Positive Establish a positive reputation If you compare yourself to idiots that s not saying much 0 Grunt work might be part of the deal Not so intriguing Brand you are your own brand What s yours 0 Meet and greet everyone you meet Networking starts immediately 0 Have big eyes and big ears and use your memory 0 Be observant Don t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help where warranted they don t expect you to understand everything it s an internship Find a mentor Learn from those you admire and realize are the aphas and most creative and thoughtful Steer clear of office politics gossip boss stabbing etc 0 Be willing to make sacri ces not just for your internship but for your entire career Success come to those who re willing to do whatever it takes to realize dreams 0 The ripples make you who you are intelligent trustworthy professional diligent good attitude creative competent gregarious a good person with good social skills 0 Communication people advertising journalism PR photography broadcasting marketing communications etc are incredibly connected Portfolios are ongoing You should be able to walk with clips writing samples published or produced work Save everything Keep a journal Works for National Geographic Works all across the board for journalism Graduated from the UofO in 2007 Mostly lm maker Works freelance National Geographic doesn t let hum put his stuff online and most of it hasn t been released yet Sent to the Congo River South Africa to shoot a lm Professional kayaker Has spent time in front and behind the camera Shoots and directs lms Nonpro t American Rivers Grant from Patagonia to work on a project Kayaking video scienti c researchers kayak through whirlpools to gain their research Ambushed by tribal warriors and they ee back out to the river 20 miles left to go until they meet up with the rest of the team Collecting depth and water velocity data is what they are collecting So many different species in this particular river because of the different level of depths Spirit Bear Scene Excerpt personal commentary videotaped action scenes as well added commentary over action scenes photographs and video of the bear just feet away from them Marvin has known the spirit bear since he was a cub The bear trusts Marvin and it got within 2 feet of the photographers Dam Film white salmon weren t moving upstream and that is illegal so the dam had to be removed Rivers carry the sediment Mobilized the sediment by letting the river do the job and carry t down stream as the water moved The natives locals and the salmon lived by this river and the recovery project is still going on Dam removal project took 17 years overall Sugar Wheels local relaxed feeling the owner wants to bring back what people used to have in the 70 s getting around on her shoes and bike is how she wants people to see the world Cocoa Life from the eyes of the locals bringing new opportunities to the community growing the people in the community the voice of the locals Elephant lvorv Proiect feeling the lifestyle of the people backpacking and rafting through the area biology research elephants are bing poached for their ivory which is illegal DNA matching helps track where the majority of these elephant populations are so they can stop the poaching VH1 Video music heavily involved baseball eld scene Oakland CA Nike adverting product placement Brett Dennen Comeback Kid That s my Dog The Blind Pilot The script had to be made ahead of time Some researchers were from Chico CA First kayaking expedition Steep slippery wet jungle The team had to climb through limestone caves In these caves they are searching for the pande water ows The Papua New Guinea people have over 300 languages and still practice the same things as their ancestors The crews work paid off the kayaking was amazing This expedition took days to complete Music is incorporated into the video The locals give them gifts of food and nurse them back to health after their exhauonn HGSO Apple Boys amp Girls Club 0 Meeting with the governor and became his public relations director 0 Work focus 0 Marketing communications brochures annual reports viewbooks posters books outdoor trade shows point of purchase materials 0 Planning 0 Writing editing across media 0 Photography scripting PR Tool book that was an archive collateral materials letterhead event planning mailers press release multiple events tournaments celebrity visits book release party time capsule media liaison Problems there was no art or resources had to joined at the hip with writers clients celebrated stories and characters committee syndrome documentary random access full color The book was full of color and interactions The world has been bombarded with messages from twitter about tragedy s News Spreads Fast April 15th Boston Marathon bombings 39saddest day in 5 years Twitter data New public website shows daily global mood swings as expressed on twitter by English language tweets After the New York Post reported that a Saudi national was being held in custody Twitter exploded with hate messages Poorly sourced tweets and speculation fueled paranoia and illuminated cultural ignorance Legions of Web sleuths cast suspicion on at least four innocent people spread innumerable bad tips and heightened the sense of panic quotA lie can be halfway round the world before the truth has even got its boots onquot Change in Communication The traditional media professional is no longer a gatekeeper who can systematically admit or deny information Consumers are now their own editors downloading what they want to personal devices 0 There is a decline of TV news 0 Daily newspapers have decreased as well 0 1960 reached 28 of people 0 2012 reached 11 of people Decline of radio news 0 With the strong exception of public radio and a handful of allnews local stations radio has largely gotten out of the news business 0 Local talk programs that once made it easy for a traveler to gure out their location without ever glancing at a road sign have largely disappeared o The rise of online news 0 Yahoo News 0 CNN Digital Network N1Timescom Fox News 0 Today 0 USA Today Often the same news sources they have read for years are now online and some new ones 0 Portable people access news on their phones 0 Personalized internet users customize their home page to include news 0 Participatory Internet users contribute to the creation of news via postings on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter Caveats circulation data now include digital subscriptions as well as other branded products such as commuter community alternative languages and others 0 rules allow publications to count the number of people who view their sites newspaper readership decline among as age groups 0 losses in print are nowhere close to being replaced by digital gains 10 Tips 1 know social media 2 Linkedln resume 3 Know how to write 4 Know how to speak 5 Put yourself out there network be professional 6 Join PRSA IABC 7 Do informational interviews send thank you notes 8 Know the company or organization 9 Apply for internships 10 Anticipate never ending change Marine for 4 years and traveled around the world Went to school in Texas to join journalism Worked in 56 different countries Learned how to write magazine article style and became a one man crew Deadline pressure is important for keeping a job Participates in every section ofjournalism Still shoots photographs and helps students with their projects Quit magazine work and began teaching Tracked elephants that were going into Tanzania that were being killed Negative lm black and white cameras for effect Fourteen year old boy as a gorilla warfare soldier Action shots nature shots cultural shots 450 word articles for magazine People who go through the internet act like they have ADD so you have to have a designarticle that catches their attention right away Multimedia projects about strange EugenePortland fairs Still shots from the strange events are turned in as well These days you have to be able to deliver the whole package 0 Photography 0 Multimedia 0 Writing 0 Designing PR quotIt is possible to put an end of a form of human behavior which has existed throughout history by means of photography The proportions of that notion seem ridiculously out of balance Yet that very notion has motivated mequot Personally adjusting the lens 0 Graphic photography and multimedia People lives are destroyed in areas such as this 0 Warphotographer Peter lndergrad Studies photographer on his own while he is in the marines 0 While he is out in Afghanistan he photographs and remembers the horror 0 Always works on his own and is completely single minded Kosvo after the war Starvation and ruins ll the towns Hamberg quotStern magazinequot for picture editing Follows people daily lives after the war to see how they are effected DriDown Campaign Goal to introduce DriDown material to the present and active outdoor community Strategy we plan to create awareness for the revolutionary material by creating a buzz within the community We will create this buzz with a DriDown persona quotThe Surviving Guyquot Meet Brock Grizzlv 39The Surviving Guy and the face of DriDown failing outdoor enthusiast has a Facebook twitter How to make a re facing conditions one man one sleeping bag Willamette park unpredictable weather create a re with simple tools re doesn t work so he must rely on his sleeping bag Oregon Coast tough to stay dry sun to rain to snow in a matter of minutes shelter in the sand dunes material like drift wood to build a shelter insulation with grasses rain destroyed shelter but his sleeping bag kept him warm and dry ls a copyright with conscious driven advertising Intercultural impact agency One on one Impact intercultural mentoring program advancing community ties o A peertopeer mentor group for underrepresented students 0 Offers staff and campus resources for a smooth social and academic transition from high school to college Vision for Lodos handwriting is individualism map showing people from different backgrounds typography with peoples different impacts in the i you don t always need a computer to create your designs relationships with mentoring jigsaw puzzle because you are a piece of the whole cross word puzzle explaining impact Stickers to spark curiosity and spread the word about IMPACT while emphasizing individuality diversity and expression while coming together in a uniform group Video a playful creative video exploring the key aspects of IMPACT transitioning into college developing relationships receiving guidance and support views of individual people information from personal students feel more involved as a freshman helping transitions by creating friendships student unions for ethnicity reaching out to students to make them feel at more and involved the opportunity to give back to people broadening horizons meet new people that you wouldn t have otherwise learning how to adapt in different situations learning how to interact in a multicultural environment Takeaways 0 Plan for the worst hope for the best 0 Don t circle your wagons on the rst good idea 0 Let go of your ego recognize you re working for a client not for yourself 0 Recognizing and taking advantage of individual strengths to form a collaborative whole 0 Be proactive Dive in Loves advertising 90 of ads are boring or a waste 10 actually access the good parts Talk about the Idea Industry Idea producers Creative economy has the most possibility about nding a job in the next 20 years A profession based on making new ideas on a daily basis book A career based on generating developing transforming ideas into values book How idea industry professionals visualize their creative process book If creative students are doing it we should talk to creative teachers Visualize your process and give us info about it Logo on Sharpie 83 were returned People own their creative process quotWouldn t you want to crawl into their brainquot The Creative Process Illustrated is lled with creative ideas done by students Her 1st grade son 39the man that brings thoughts Chris Adam s sh picture Steven Johnson s 39where good ideas come from 0 Creative Better ideas More innovated What spaces lead to creativity and innovation Reoccurring patterns Slow hunch take time collision borrowing 39wows favor the connective mind Advertising means a critical conceptual creative skills to solve problems for brands and issues in a global economy OOOO Writers art directors brand managers designers strategists digital producers interactive writers account planners content specialists cultural engineers media planners producers interaction designers Our creative strategists model everyone is an idea person everyone solves problems we re excited about what we do ldeasCreativity your ability to generate develop and transform ideas into value will be your greatest asset Pattern seekers orytellers Cult 5 Never have an excuse to not do work 5060 brand work 5040 personal work in your portfolio Lifeform Positioning Matrix categorizing people into asshole saint idiot and genius quotWhat s the Deal about Coffeequot Cargo Collective portfolio website Things to do 0 Be an exceptional thinker and problem solver Write well Be a design thinker Tell stories of meaning Make something interesting Be interested in the world Craft a portfolio of your best work 0 Be indispensible Contact debmoreuoredonedu debkmorrison 221 agate hall Ad agencies aren t really ad agencies anymore OOOOOO Jobs within an ad agency Creative director Designer creative Billing manager Social media manager Advertising account executive Web programmer Copywriter Public relations manager CDNOWU39lbULJNH Sasquatch started 17 years ago 0 Work on a lot of vices Working for brands that satisfy these vices loves passion escape relaxation fun


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