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January Notes

by: Juleah Aiken

January Notes ECO 441

Juleah Aiken
GPA 3.78
International Trade Theory
Iraola Guzman

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About this Document

Detailed in class Notes over chapters 1,2,3, and the begining of chapter 4.
International Trade Theory
Iraola Guzman
75 ?




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This 14 page Bundle was uploaded by Juleah Aiken on Thursday February 12, 2015. The Bundle belongs to ECO 441 at University of Miami taught by Iraola Guzman in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 147 views. For similar materials see International Trade Theory in Economcs at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 02/12/15
Jamal1 mm m w w W quotb 39 Kamamcm MM a H 20 W f QM ck W Wm Pmtmivrq 3 F W5 Nquot 7 FF aid 1 w u 15 at i I H1 332x LOVL waqh Mm aumf ptn ooquot a MCva 1L Vows 0 L UWOI in wmvx F Mr acquot WW NWm39mk 7 W ampb WM new of39 Ki 7 E k m M M quot in I waiwf a h 39 r39 339 mm mf39 zitharir39 Jr39 n r H UP quot how539 9 W w i m r a V WEE 3quot I 7 139 any W1 my mm awarewka W nil NW 09 My 49 SWMLA Wt I i 39 W 0 i4 14 lt QLMWW W W Yle OCcJOchcu Jomquot aVsoLMCz i Lompr Mtmech 9 W dn Lquot K GoadIL msmw MUM HA W w 9cm 2 00wquot L wwpmw Munoz m ltw woman amv m1 9 Mde 39 V0 vb w mm W A m m T a J 39 L X WthW Cwemv W m M mam 5 w ADM kw kw NM MSW 9 myquot m mortme m 9quot W m L 1L M kw11 WK 5quot Noquot thywr V i ar futMW HA W WWW Gmuwm W quotm WWWquot W x q i L39 a i nfm a ra r 939 h v m 5 WWW m Mva MTV 232 5 NN rquot B 339 E3 Ki quot1 0C 7 Kan 4w Q N aw V 74 r Ale39 u A V up Awwhamw quuwm39 Eggggf f QM er mmmgwwmg wamt hw l 3990 memaes 0 pg yMM j LDamp quot f awsotu re MWWVF oww com pcumh vc admwm W t m Fmdwo an p058 FWVLHCY kala vc pm In apth quot foImNJuM 0Wc WM a Comparath adv m mandiij 1mm to r39 Pbyalmm AUKS WC Wuammqa m mime w T239QAw a OISMMC 40M voww s WNW To cumuqu w 393 fN W WWW amount 0 W41 WWL 15qwmwmww d glwmwxampmwwh I M Mkw 36 Mewx tumFM m 1 mt our P 1 Gin WM 3 339 w WW1 Ff mild W aw 0k W m 0v WWW W W MIXx ac 4 a aw at WLEW W PMquot N yaw x L m NM Ava z lt If In OM 0 Ma Comwc39nt stow 0 his 1quot a 62 0 I Q Hi war FPF C 392 PM 4v F to it 4WQ L H WL 39C N KIM 0 B LM owk in MC a oor mumu W r 1 6K bod MW quot L 39 QM T L mom OWN 30mm um r aw aw m We WM V a WWW WM WINS mm was vs O u JS r ummrm w adv m mmp um pg Us awMW WNW m 930W quot UW win vmL QL A wom 9H1quot WONl JUW l ma FNMCS 2pm g 8W Am U S L 1 39 f o 2 739 m e Qcc rtlrc39quot C15 quot of oVth wth o r W W 3 me r mu ma WWW WWW UM WW Emma yew W W A WW grew 139quot 39m Wm M QW 4 W 09M sebumMr W WV 0W M w E c w ow L F R 7 y quot WWWw 4W cm W 39 WM Wiqu quotWUWW prod Mai U j W W EMMA W W 901M 63Wwa WJMQ W m WM 9 WW W A M 1 an M o Livm WC w W aw W 0 fe j l DL 7D A Q64 39 r r a a V H Lar gt r gt Iquot V 39 7 39 7 39 77 cpT A m d i ir39 DLSSUmZ mom a m QC m H 9mm EHTIM WW 3 4 wn mdm m 4W6 quot H In L W 39J39m wah 39gt 0M Wa m s quotPL P Hr mm 05mm EX wovws m M WWW 4 as wWdejm vacuum We amp 301mg m manqe 7 39 W1Cd 5 W961 OCH f Q L V114 394 39 P W quotYi Kiiay Lwn i WW Xj z L U L i333 e a Mr 1mm 7 Ra tiring r IQ 0Q L L wCNV Wm E an by gm 39 A Pi E n u quot 39 7 4 VD gm l 1 sz107 MeiWox mm L mkmm t mm 0 b Lowm g WKLVWQ a L by hayxyfo k Jc OWN2 1 F 3 FF mvTTLD WP Eloy NE 5 r 7 t


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