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by: Megan Foy

Speciation/Biodiversity BIO 102

Marketplace > Washington State University > BIO 102 > Speciation Biodiversity
Megan Foy
GPA 3.57
General Biology
Dr. Storfer

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About this Document

Full lecture covering all of speciation and biodiversity. Including 'Organisms of the Day".
General Biology
Dr. Storfer
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Megan Foy on Friday February 13, 2015. The Bundle belongs to BIO 102 at Washington State University taught by Dr. Storfer in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views.


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Date Created: 02/13/15
Speciation bio diversity Wednesday February 112015 1017 AM February 11 2015 Organism ofthe day Pistol shrimp bubble bullet 60mph 2types o Allopatricmostcommon 39 Geographic separation 39 No longer interbreed o Sympatric 39 n same area 39 Common in plants 0 How fast is speciation o Gradualist slow gradual change vs punctuated equilibrium long periods of stasis followed by rapid speciation 0 Darwin thoughtgradualist o BUT fossil records show 39 Mass extinctions followed by rapid in geological time radiations 39 New species often appear more abruptly that gradualists predict 0 Do species always evolve 39 Not necessarily III Stable environment natural selection may not change drastically through time Example coelacanth fish BIODIVERSITY Numberofspecies in a given area aka species richness 2 million described predicted 520 million total 0 Why so many species 0 Rise in oxygen levels due to increase in tree populations 39 Aerobic and anaerobic respiration 0 Plate tectonics generated lots of geographic separation and allopatric speciation occurs 39 Case studyAustralia III 65 mill yearrs island separation III Many endemic species 0 Climate fluctuation 39 Glacier advances and recessions ADAPTIVE RADIATION evolution of ecological and phenotypic diversity within a rapidly multiplying lineage February 13 2014 Organism ofthe Day Jesus Christ Lizard basalisk walks on water due to light weight and flat feet 5fps Finishing diversity lecture Animal classification 0 Eukaryotic o Multicellular o Heterotrophic 39 Obtain nutrients from eating 0 95 invertebrates Why so much animal diversity 0 quotCambrian explosionquot 545 MYA 39 Radiation of most modern animal phyla Why an explosion o Hypothesis 1 complex predatorprey relationships 39 Lead to adaptations forfeeding and protection III Arms race 0 2 evolution of genes that control form 39 Ex Mouse and fly share same development genes III Insert mouse genes for eye in fly get functional fly eye 39 Homeobox hox similar genes that are conserved


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