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from war of 1812 and precursor to civil war

by: Bryanna Lipscy

from war of 1812 and precursor to civil war THIST 212b

Marketplace > University of Washington Tacoma > History > THIST 212b > from war of 1812 and precursor to civil war
Bryanna Lipscy
University of Washington Tacoma
GPA 3.54
Military History
Flyod Churchill

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About this Document

notes continuing from the war of 1812 to just before the civil war
Military History
Flyod Churchill
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This 6 page Bundle was uploaded by Bryanna Lipscy on Saturday February 14, 2015. The Bundle belongs to THIST 212b at University of Washington Tacoma taught by Flyod Churchill in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 156 views. For similar materials see Military History in History at University of Washington Tacoma.

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Date Created: 02/14/15
Jay39s treaty naval act 6 ships 3 were actually built 1798 British vs France over Prussia 1797 XYZ affair to prevent American ships form French capture 1798 Quasy war navy verses French napoleon takes over French military America creates 5 armies The old army The new army Exploratory army Frontier army Prevention army 1800 PresidentJefferson small army Wanted a small professional army Militia and volunteer Volunteer army Arsenals re arms and coastal forti cation Small navy Protect goods coming in and out Tripoli cuts down the ag and takes over ships Sells soldiers Creates political pressure and addons to military Gun boats 711 cannons Minimum cost 263 boats by 1807 mosquito navy Ineffective 1807 Chesapeake affair Fidgets ship of the line 7Zguns battle ship National water power 12 miles off the coast President Madison was a weak commander Weak taxation system No one wants to work together on a national level Didn39t notice we were at war 4 theaters to the war Northeast Lake Champlain North West Lake Erie and heron Southeast Seaboard and coast First goal take Canada Failed Three pronged attack Detroit Niagara Mountrail Fail to coordinate troops At sea Naval captains and ships Captains were good due to experience British learned quickly Embargoed American ships Tightened economics noose 17 of what we did came through the sea 1813 still had initiative Lake Erie We defeated the British Built ships on the lake just not bi ships Rami cations Cut supply to Detroit Us forces under Harrison kis proctors army Native army falls apart We control of Lake Erie Pennsylvania Ohio New York Battles in Niagara 1814 war ending Napoleon has lost his war Elites arrive British try to come through Lake Champlain Fleet quotbuild offsquot Split decision Washington dc attack We escape British burn down dc British move to Baltimore Fort mc henry Bombard for 24 hours Last battle New Orleans With natives we win Pensacola stop British New Orleans 4 battles Chapter 5 Military cuts in 1819 due to fears of the military 1820 Military plays a role in Industrial revolution Post war military professionalism Aid in expansion Explore wilderness Built transport networks Fought Indian wars Madison wants a strong military Strong navy Substantial arms 1816 Plan to build navy stays into 1819 Takes 20 years to complete plan then put into a moth ball Squadron no particular size For every 1 war ship there was 23 smaller ones quotStationedquot geographically Navy often used as a tech leader Coming out of 1812 Not organized Personne people Logistics supplies Resources Navy protects the merchant marines Distance force not trained for combat Technology Big 3 Mobility Fire power Command and control Mobility Steam power Trains railroads extend ability to move Steam boats lron boats Battle elds expand Rail roads Moving people Moving supplies lron clads steam boats Fire power Tactics don39t cause technology to create technology causes a creation in tactics Flintlock to percussion caps Breach loaders and repeaters Most appear in 1863 Breach loader open back end of the weapon Both individual and artillery Bullets replace the lead ba minie bullets Ri ing accessory Smooth board ri e 10x as far and accurate Machine guns Richard Gatling Gatling gun 6 barrels Ammo stacked Command and control Telegraph Combined with train was very useful What do I need to send and where to send it to Expands communications to aid to troops Naval warfare Steam and iron Screw propeller 1843 steam driven ship Ammunition Bullets of iron Exploding shells shrapnel 3 classes Guns range by velocity First iron clad ship French iron plates Battle of armor vs penetrating it Ships now travel in lines and increase in speed Easier to maneuver in shore and speed in now an important factor Training schools for military Prussia and France Military professionalism Schools Prussia technology and relationship with politics France engineering forti cation tactics Us engineering West point 18120 Civil war 76 Navy academy Annapolis 1850 Military subculture Staff schools Essential of cers n core concepts duty honor commitment discipline Distinct from civilian world Army Indian removal Guides gaurds enforcement


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