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Socratic notes and Crito

by: Kylee Wilkinson

Socratic notes and Crito 79131

Marketplace > University of Arizona > 79131 > Socratic notes and Crito
Kylee Wilkinson
GPA 3.0
Mind, Matter, and God
John Maloney

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About this Document

This is the overview of Socrates and the Crito!
Mind, Matter, and God
John Maloney
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This 2 page Bundle was uploaded by Kylee Wilkinson on Tuesday February 17, 2015. The Bundle belongs to 79131 at University of Arizona taught by John Maloney in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 65 views.


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Date Created: 02/17/15
Philosophy Mind Matter and God Socratic Notes and the Crito Charges against Socrates Early rumor Aristophanes Makes false appear true Socrates gt proclaims to know hidden and profound truths Current formal charge Meletus Anytus Lycon 39 impiety 39 practices new religion does not recognize the state s gods 39 corruption of the youth Exiled to Sparta gt out of Athens Accused of religious crime impiety Claimed by Apollo to be wisest human being Socrates making the youth think the religious leaders do not know anything Apollo s favorite so how can he be impious if he is favored by the gods Impious charge shows lack of knowledge Enabling the youth that leaders should not be in power Socrates Defense Against corruption of the youth Socratic Paradox as defense all normal humans are rational 39 rational creatures are designed to seek only value only what is good or right Rational creatures can t be bad intentionally Rational creatures are robots of reason not emotion only a corrupt person harms others Prey on the innocent to give yourself benefit Would a rational person harm himherself He cannot corrupt Plato and be rational Apply rationality to overall experience Rationality comes from knowledge Socratic Paradox beyond belief To corrupt the youth is to make them evil Evil youths would harm Socrates No rational person would intentionally harm themselves Since Socrates is rational he either Did not corrupt the youth or Did so unintentionally If he did not corrupt the youth then he should not be punished If he unintentionally corrupted the youth then he should be educated not punished Therefore Socrates should not be punished Rational persons act deliberately 39 Deliberation the use of reason to select what is judged to be the best alternative Are we Rational Antecotal examples of our tendency to reason poorly 39 Gamblers Fallacy 39 Salience and selecting a car Failures in deployment of knowledge The Crito 39 Should Socrates ee prison in order to escape his unjust condemnation 39 Crito s 4 reasons for escaping Socrates replies to Crito 39 Socrates children are better off by his death than exile absolutism We do not know whether death actually is an evil Hence we can t appeal to the evil of death as a reason to escape 39 What of the injustice of the death sentence Is civil disobedience just Civil Disobedience and Justice 39 Why does Socrates oppose civil disobedience His implicit contract with Athens 39 Promise to obey all laws regardless of how they are enforces Is this a binding promise 39 Stability of Athens as a condition of Socrates happiness throughout life Life s overall quality and the nal act 39 To have lived well Socrates must accept execution now Compare the artist s last brush stroke or the parents dying act 39 Too much is too much Just as moderation in eating is better than excess so too not living too long is better than living too long


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