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Chapter 5: Analyzing the Marketing Environment

by: Andrea Lopez

Chapter 5: Analyzing the Marketing Environment MKT 301

Marketplace > University of Miami > MKT 301 > Chapter 5 Analyzing the Marketing Environment
Andrea Lopez
GPA 3.8
Professor Kettle

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About this Document

Chapter 5: Notes and Questionnaire. The notes are formatted nicely to make them clear and simple. The questions attached, are all answered in depth.
Professor Kettle
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Andrea Lopez on Wednesday February 18, 2015. The Bundle belongs to MKT 301 at University of Miami taught by Professor Kettle in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 157 views.

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Date Created: 02/18/15
CHAPTER 5 Analyzing the Marketing Environment A MARKETING ENVIORNMENT ANALYSIS FRAMEWORK IMMEDIATE ENVIRONMENT Company Capabilities o What are our own strengths Competitors o What are their strengths 0 How do those strengths differ from ours 0 Strength is relative to the competitor Corporate Partners 0 How can we leverage the strengths of our partners MCCAFE Company capabilities 0 Efficient processes low costs 0 Buying power low costs 0 Locations Competitors Starbucks 0 Brand reputation 0 Quality 0 Atmosphere Corporate Partners suppliers 0 Access to great products MACROENVIRONMENT Culture 0 Shared meanings beliefs values customs morals Can be national regional or local 0 Example November 11th Veterans Day Demographics 0 Characteristics used to identify markets Age income gender education ethnicity 0 Mix of demographics is important Ex Miami vs Other US cities 0 Importance of demographics varies Ex Gender in NYC vs Omaha Social Trends 0 What is generally seen as good Saving vs Spending Being economical Health 0 Organic food Environment Carpooling public transit Pdvacy Health Trends O 0000 Cross Fit Paleo Diet HighFructose corn syrup Atkins diet South beach diet White Bread vs WholeGrain Bread White bread dates to the early 1800 s Re ned wheat was used 0 More expensive 0 At firs was for upper class Whole grain bread Unrefined Healthier Whole Foods Economic O O O O O Unemployment Interest rates Economic forecast Consumer debt Retirement savings Consumer Debt 0 US consumer revolving debtquot 800 Billion 98 credit card debt 0 50 million US households have ongoing credit card balances 44 of all households 15000 in credit card debt per household 45 credit cards Technology 0 Amazon vs Retail Amazoncom founded in 1995 lnternet Information systems Tracking technology Shipping costs 0 Cost of new technology 0 Dissemination of technology India China Politics amp Regulation 0 Governments react to pressure Sarbanes Oxley Act Truth in Lending Act Federal Trade Commission 0 Advertising regulations Pdvacy Steroids 0 Regulations affect your options IRS Automatic Tips Marketing Study Guide Questions CHAPTER 5 Analyzing the Marketing Environment 1 What are components of the immediate environment a Company s Capabilities b Competitors c Corporate Partners 2 What are the six key macro environmental factors Culture Demographics Social Issues Technological Advances Economic Situation Political Regulatory Environment 3 Differentiate between country culture and regional culture a Country Culture the visible easy to spot nuances include artifacts behavior dress symbols physical settings ceremonies language differences colors and tastes food preferences The other nuances are harder to spot it is best to establish a universal appeal within the speci c identities of country culture b Regional Culture has to do with the fact that the region where people live in affects many aspects of people s lives like the way they might refer to a particular product category Ex soda coke pop 4 Identify the different generational cohorts a Cohorts a group of people of the same generation They have similar purchase behaviors because they have shared experiences and are in the same stage of life Baby Boomers 19461964 people born after WWII Generation X 19651976 Generation Y 19772000 aka Millennials e Generation Z 20012014 aka Digital Natives 5 What are some important social trends shaping consumer values and shopping behavior a Thrift American society has become a consumer society and yet the economic impacts of a recession and housing crash have prompted many people to embrace the idea of spending less as a virtuous pursuit Consumer expectations hrD goom 106 of what constitutes a good deal have changed rapidly over the years which means marketers need some new ideas about how to appeal to them Health and Wellness Concerns In the past few years obesity and health concerns have sky rocketed New advertising guidelines require marketers to produce food in reasonable proportioned sizes This has also helped the sales of yoga and all the health tools it offers Greener Consumers lncludes green marketing involves a strategic effort by rms to supply customers with environmentally friendly merchandise Greenwashing exploiting a consumer by disingenuously marketing products or services as environmentally friendly with the goal of gaining public approval and sales Privacy Concerns More and more consumers worldwide sense a loss of privacy At the same time that the Internet has created an explosion of accessibility to consumer information improvements in computer storage facilities and manipulation of information have led to more and better security and credit check services A TimePoor Society Reaching a target market has become more difficult because of people s business Marketers grab consumers attention by adjusting


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