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by: Kayla Rosado

AMH2041 AMH2041

Kayla Rosado
GPA 4.0

Professor Kirsten Wood

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About this Document

Professor Kirsten Wood
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Kayla Rosado on Thursday February 19, 2015. The Bundle belongs to AMH2041 at Florida International University taught by Professor Kirsten Wood in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 109 views.


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Date Created: 02/19/15
March 17 2015 Jeffersonian Vision Federal government Economy Politics The Jeffersonian Vision A Farmer s Republic Small and cheap federal government Agricultural economy Thinking in a small r republican mode Thinking of farming as one of the most widely available themes of selfemployment Selfemployment seen as the foundation of political and economic independence Manual labor is virtuous Fear of urban disorder and poverty Relative equality Farmers are moral people Jefferson Political harmony Agricultural economy and small federal government Jeffersonianism in Practice at Home Federal Government Huge cuts in the military specifically in the Western territories Cut back size of American Navy National debt cut significantly Built up a surplus Kept federal government relatively significant in daily lives Territorial expansion Louisiana Purchase 1803 Multiple benefits for the US Control shipment up and down Mississippi River Louisiana Purchase acquired by treaty Decline Federalistsi Decline Factionalism No organized faction to oppose Jefferson Republicans built on Federalist practices The Western Front Native American Resistance to American lncursions Tenskwatawa cultural separation Tecumseh resist natural expansion by force forms alliance with British Goal for peaceful expansion compromised by Native American resistance March 19 2015 British Maritime Interference Foreign Policy under Jefferson and the Republican Congress 18061810 Jefferson s Philosophy Congressional Action War of 1812 Aftermath Western Expansion British Maritime Interference The Leopard Incident HMS Leopard attacks the American frigate Chesapeake prior to searching for deserters Foreign Policy under Jefferson and the Republican Congress 18061810 Jefferson s Philosophy of Foreign Affairs Congressional Action NonImportation Act 1806 Embargo Act 1807 NonIntercourse Act 1809 The Jeffersonian Take on Native Resistance To promote this disposition to sell landwe shall push our trading uses and be glad to see the good and influential individuals among them run into debt because we observe that when these debts get beyond what the individuals can pay they become willing to lop them off by a cession of lands Jefferson 1803 War of 1812 War Hawks Sens Clay and Calhoun Pattern of War New England Federalists resist USS Constitution defeats HMS Guerriere 1812 Western Expansion Cultural Regions Missouri Compromise Monroe Doctrine


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