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civil war

by: Bryanna Lipscy

civil war THIST 212b

Bryanna Lipscy
University of Washington Tacoma
GPA 3.54
Military History
Flyod Churchill

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About this Document

from the beginning to the end of the civil war
Military History
Flyod Churchill
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This 6 page Bundle was uploaded by Bryanna Lipscy on Friday February 20, 2015. The Bundle belongs to THIST 212b at University of Washington Tacoma taught by Flyod Churchill in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see Military History in History at University of Washington Tacoma.

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Date Created: 02/20/15
Military history 7 Civil War Started at 430 with an artillery attack on sort Sumter Ideology over civil slavery and slave states Von clasusuates warfare is extenuation of politics The attack on fort Sumter only cost the life of one horse but is separated the south and north to exclusive ideas Ships were sent to Charleston due to need to sustain the troops in the fort The belief from the south that there were weapons on the ships where what caused the motivation for the attack North wanted union emancipation South wanted their independence Financial structure South could not raise money they possess more land wealth for crops and these funds were not liquid and could not be used North was able to gain money through taxing and borrowing as they were an industrial base Rail roads and telegraph Transition from Napoleonic to communicating wars Observed by other countries of what works and what does not The south was ghting for their state rights lnterior lines Fighting inside and out of the land Defeating the other side in their detailed plans Transportation Northern advantage South used to being in the wilderness Wagons and horses Calvary Wagon pulling Dividedness of the south Mountain whites hillbillies withdrawn from society didn39t support the plantations State rights enthusiasts militia refused to band together in an organized fashion West point academy produced the majority of the of cers Political Tied the army to the people A necessary evil Union Abe Lincoln was the best war president Suspended habitus corpus to hold back riots Arrested corrupt leaders Suspended elections Blockades on his say so Debated real commander in chief Morale had its ups and downs Populous was inpatient with the war wanting it to be over Most thought the war would be over in one battle National policy Geography dictates what you can do Politics public opinion Military theory and tactics Resources and logistics Foreign opinion Antietam Geography Eastern theater from Appellation Mountains to Atlantic Pennsylvania to Maryland and Virginia Western theater Appellation Mountains to Mississippi river Trans Mississippi opposite side of the Mississippi river Seas and coast line navy control Union strategy exhaustion and annihilation Anaconda Plan Plan of exhaustion defeat by blockading industrial bases Revised as time went by attack at multiple points at the same time and army sized raids on logistical points rivers Control the Mississippi river deny access to resources Conduct operations from Tennessee to block access to resources Activity in Virginia Union tighten blockades and support amphibious attacks Should south attack north and stay on offense Both sides relied on volunteer armies Militias of volunteer armies replaced trained men States not nation controlled movement More troops rallied to colors than needed 1861July bull run junction Rail road junction often battles took place at junctions as it was easy transport North wanted to march to Richmond South won as reinforcements arrived Border States Maryland leaned to the south tobacco and slavery but contained the north capital Lincoln suspended habitus corpus and papers to control the rioting Kentucky has southern horses that could have pulled wagons along with holding many river heads and access to Tennessee Missouri site of many bloody battles All these states remained northern states which allowed the north to spread the southern force thin and over take the Mississippi 1862 Shiloh south nds where the north is encamped waited till morning to raid the northern into a Malay the north was saved by reinforcements 1862 New Orleans northern blockades open Baton Rouge making Vicksburg attackable It held primary southern industry and ship building 1862 East peninsula campaign south creates a divisionary attack but there are no decisive battles because northern general McCullen foolishly thinks the opposing force it signi cantly larger 3x more Robert E Lee takes control of the southern forces He was closed minded on the war and often pursued too far in attacks He failed to understand problems other forces faced 2nCI battle at Manassas Bull Run Antietam serendipity a horse man dropped the plans for the southern attack on the north which happened to fall into union hands by chance The battle was meant to the south to convince Europe to aid them in the war but instead platforms the northern pre emancipation proclamation at the end of 1862 Chattanooga natural river access to industry agriculture and war effort The nal emancipation proclamation was announced Black army troops are used People begin to embrace the draft Continue to suppress civil liberties The Emancipation Proclamation Copperheads northerners who had mixed opinions they did not want to split the union but wanted to continue with allowing slavery The proclamation did evoke more resistance 5 good reasons for the proclamation Reduced European support for the south as slavery is gaining negative opinion of Europe Reinvigorates morale in battle as the northern troops had begun to be sluggish and it gave them a cause to ght for Helped news spread and an increase in black armies blacks would escape to the north and join the army National draft more people accepted the draft to ght and even volunteered Women appeared on the front lines to ght 1863 Chancellorsville lee divides his force and becomes a poster child for divisionary attacks Lee headed north with no clear meeting point with the north but ended up in Gettysburg Gettysburg lee confronted the union forces as Longstreet tries to convince them to move between Gettysburg and DC With the union in prepared positions the ee39s forces try three time to attack and fail all three times Vicksburg grant union attacks Vicksburg surrounds the city cuts it off and wins Chattanooga gateway to the south is fought in two battles Kings Mountain and roclq top Navy Primary function to blockade harbor in the south but also ran amphibious attacks second goal was to stop blockade runners Battles March 8 1862 Howe imposes his will the monitor had a revolving turant and the union gained the victory Confederate navy and 2 jobs Break the blockade Blockade runners were small ships that smuggled goods around the northern blockade Attack commerce for the north As the navy was the leader in technology many things were created by the navy David long boat with a pole that had a bomb at the end Submarines css hunlee Final campaigns March 1864 grant becomes general in chief general halic becomes chief in staff Wilderness campaign Straight infantry battles spanning from the northwest to the southwest Gold harbor grant succeeds on the right ank and digs trenches 9 month siege Atlanta general Johnson confederate vs Sherman union Exhaustion part fall of 1864 union circled Atlanta and starves it allowing Sherman to at Atlanta Overall the north had won the war It had screwed up in the beginning but had gathered and became very pro cient at gathering needed supplies


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