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by: Eliza Lavine

Scrapbooks GEOL1005

Eliza Lavine
Environmental Geology

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About this Document

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Environmental Geology
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This 15 page Bundle was uploaded by Eliza Lavine on Monday February 23, 2015. The Bundle belongs to GEOL1005 at George Washington University taught by Pauli in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see Environmental Geology in Geology at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 02/23/15
Eliza Lavine Waste Management Scrapbook Article 1 Recycle unwanted electronics at free ewaste dropoff What happened and why The city of Ann Arbor held their annual free ewaste recycling events to keep potentially harmful materials out of theland Hs What was the outcomeThe donated ewaste is disassembled destroyed and recycled in a special facility Why was the outcome what it was Ann Arbor has been sponsoring this event for the past 7 years The electronics recycled at their event helped keep 1374 tons of electronic waste out of the land lls Link httpwwwmlivecomnewsann a rbori ndexssf20l4O4recycleunwa ntedeectronicsthtml n l E 39l n 1 39eIm E 7 a u 39m nE at 39ll 5 l haw 7 l cc 1 1 1 I D r a Article 2 Lowe s to pay ne for improper disposal of hazardous waste What happened and why 118 Lowe s stores unlawfully handled and disposed of hazardous waste materials for over 6 12 years The waste that they were disposing of included pesticides aerosols paint and colorant solvents adhesives batteries uorescent bulbs containing mercury electronic products and other toxic ignitable or corrosive materials What was the outcome Lowe s Hone Centers LLC has been ordered by the California Superior Court judge to pay a 181 million settlement Stores are retaining hazardous waste in separate labeled containers to minimize the risk of exposure to employees and to ensure that it gets disposed of properly Why was the outcome what it was The employees were unlawfully sending hazardous materials to land lls that were not permitted to receive that type of waste They are paying money that will go toward their civil penalties and to fund environmental projects and hazardous waste minimization projects Link httpwwwrecyclingtodaycomlowescaliforniastoresfined haza rdouswastedisposalaspx E l iiiEa 1 Ewanquot us wilting Eliza Lavine Earthquakes Scrapbook Article 1 Earthquake Preparedness Training What happened and why February is Earthquake Awareness Month in Tennessee Of cials are educating the public about earthquake safety What was the outcome Emergency Management of cials met and went over the proper safety procedures in case an earthquake happens along to New Madrid fault line Why was the outcome what it was Local leaders are expecting an earthquake in their area very soon so they want their community to be safe and prepared if it happens Link httpwwwwbbjtvcomnewsocaEarthquakePreparedness Training247400941htm 39jquot39 titt t39m a magmanett a 1 mamj e HEEEE Av 39339 in j HurfFE39Estor39o 1 a desksm V hn n F H Hemphjg 3 1quot Eleveland quot39 Article 2 Los Angeles Earthquake Today 2014 Strikes Southern California Valley What happened and why A 28 magnitude earthquake struck the San Fernando Valley on March 22014 at 216 pm What was the outcome There were no reported deaths or injuries There wasn t any signi cant damage to properties in the area Why was the outcome what it was The earthquake was very shallow it started only 4 miles below the ground so it was only felt by the people directly above it It was not very strong and it didn t travel very far Link httpnewsaatecom20140302losangelesearthquaketoday 2014strikessoutherncaliforniavaIley i an a I i ll 3 r 3 E wgn EIID 39 La H 39 ilf l T J r 2 L 39039 1 an guru 1 dj 17 l t i ziui l t 1 1w NE E i FLI i 4 s a 7 a 7 Jab H 2 1 c n pr 7 quotEu JH 9 L n a El gt1 An 39 ik t m 21 kip T m A PL 7 ml H n r 75 V r n39u r r a i j x J Eliza Lavine m AiI Pollution Scrapbook Article 1quot Smoke from New jersey forest re hurt air quality on Staten Island What happened and why The smoke from a brush re in New Jersey has spread to Staten Island and caused the air to have an AQI air quality index of 100 the higher the AQI the higher the risk What was the outcome The air in Staten Island has been deemed very unsafe by the DEA and residents are being advised to stay indoors as to not breathe in the contaminated air 3 Why was the outcome what it was With and AQI of 100 and particles in the air breathing this air can cause irritation to the eyes nose and throat coughing sneezing runny noses and shortness of breath especially in children and elderly people Link ling Hi f E 3 mm l i m Article 2 Chinese citizens are given bags of clean air to breathe Whathappened and why The citizens of China39s most polluted city Zanghou were given bags of fresh mountain air to breathe The ai r was given as a PR stunt from a travel company that was trying to promote travel to Laojun Mountain Zanghou has an AQI of 158 on an average day What was the outcome The citizens tried to suck every last drop of fresh air out of the bags they were given One Pregnant lady even claimed that her unborn baby kicked when she was breathing the fresh air Why was the outcome what it was The air is so polluted in so many Asian cities Travel companies are trying to take advantage of this by promoting travel to places with fresh air like mountainous regions so the citizens can breathe real fresh air for once Link Eliza Lavine Mineral Resources Scrapbook Article 1 South African Mining Law Risks Challenge If Public Not Consu ed What happened and why South Africa s new mining and energy laws which include allowing the state to take a 20 stake in all new energy projects may not be passed because there is not enough time to get the general public s feedback on them What was the outcome The groups that are backing this legislation are trying to organize special hearings and other events so that they can get the feedback from the public they need to pass the laws Why was the outcome what it was The elections are coming up in May so they are trying to get these bills processed before then Link httpwwwboombergcomnews20140320southafrican mininglawriskschallengeif publicnotconsultedhtml Article 2 Indonesia Coal Output May Rise Even as Prices Decline ICMA Says What happened and why Indonesia the world s leading exporter of coal may exceed their government s mining limit which would drive down prices to the lowest level in over 4 years What was the outcome The output of coal from Indonesia will rise to about 425 million metric tones as opposed to their output of 421 million metric tons last year Indonesia is trying to preserve its resources so they are thinking about limiting production penalizing companies that overproduce andor shutting down the largest mine in the country Why was the outcome what it was Falling coal prices are putting a strain on the mining industry in Indonesia so there will be major changes in the near future to ensure that we do not completely deplete the natural resources Link httpwwwbloombergcomnews20140331indonesiacoal outputmayriseevenaspricesdeclineicmasayshtml Eliza Lavine Biodiversity Scrapbook Article 1 Scientists Reviving Extinct Species What happened and why Ben Novak who works with the company Revive amp Restore is trying to revive the passenger pigeon using DNA sequencing They hope to have a pigeon hatch by the year 2020 but it will most likely happen closer to 2025 What was the outcome The process the scientists use called somatic cell nuclear transfer requires the species DNA to be preserved in liquid nitrogen in order to use it in future experiments Because the DNA of an animal decays shortly after the animal dies the scientists will use the genome of the bandtailed pigeon which is a very close DNA match to the passenger pigeon Why was the outcome what it was Novak is dedicated to reviving extinct species After he brings back the passenger pigeon he will breed them a release a million of them into the wild and allow them to adapt to the world Link httpwwwlatinpostcomarticles818820140302scientists revivingextinctspecieshtm 7 39 l r r r 5 39 E rm a ifquot r mg i A 7 he Arti Threat of Extinction What happened and why Lemurs have become the world s most threatened mammal group because of illegal slashandburn farming logging and bushmeat hunting in their home of Madagascar Extinction could be a reality very soon for the lemurs if nothing is done What was the outcome Scientists proposed a plan that could preserve the habitats of lemurs that would only cost about 76 million which is not a very high price to pay to save an endangered species Why was the outcome what it was The scientists who came up with the plan who were from Bristol Zoological Society in Britain predict that one natural disaster in Madagascar could lead to a very quick extinction for the lemurs Link httpwwwtehrantimescomscience1 14247threatof extinction Eliza Lavine Water Pollution Scrapbook Article 1 5 Ways Water Pollution i5 Killing Animals What happened and why Humans are contaminating water systems all over the world and hurting animals in those ecosystems Ingestion of plastic chemical runoff noise pollution cruise ships and acid rain are all large contributors to the killing of innocent animals in these water systems What was the outcome 1 of the 100 million pounds of plastic produced each year end up in the ocean Marine animals and birds often mistake this for food and the I 7 rm 7 7 iii A r J H H w i 7lrl ll vr wry 7 4 V L H M ii i l in u i 1 ll39i39u39m H w l u x quot1 llll E Wlll H39LU7Alp1 llilrlleil NC Va inf H l v7z I 7 7 5 441 a 7 B J 39ampE39I39quot 7 3 l i A A 39 39 39t 39 ll my my 1 H 7 m e V 13 7 LA l H Laj tquot 5 T r d lmHF r W QHW l HF m 7 7me my s on U u my 44 u uju u u u Hg iu a mm m ail31 1 i Lquot Why was the outcome what it was This project will allow the Lawrence County Conservation district to reach 0 Article 2 Water Pollution Prevention Project Funded in Lawrence C0 What happened and why Lawrence County Conservation District has just received some federal money to host a eld day featuring the Penn State Cover Crop Interseeder in October 2014 What was the outcome The day will focus on promoting the use of getting into nearby bodies of water agncul i 4l39ll ik cover cropping to reduce the amount of agricultural pollution that is tural operations in theirareawtg l 7 n n i q 72 H r Hquot u M J A l iiH39 C i llquot l r y it 7 lquot vi ll ii air C wj quotIr rquot 7 39 aquot w z 7 V1quot ylt itlbrindnrij iuju r T39 Lu 7 7 7quot 739 S7 if r 7 3 5 392 j J 39 4 i 7WraumWWW 11 J a n ran 7 r ilk m mi 7 7quot t iiiEi T Li quot m I I Cn 7 5 7 2977 F 243 si g 7 7 1 f1 LJJE n usu i Eliza Lavine Costal Processes Scrapbook Article 1 Folly Beach renourishment leaves h What happened and why The Army Corps were trying to renourish Folly beach by pouring sand on it but they stopped at the line where the public beach technically stops because they can not put federal sand on private property What was the outcome Large sinkholes and pits have been created between the houses and the beach and it it an eyesore to the community Why was the outcome what it was The homeowners pushed their property lines on to the public beaches making those areas technically private property The Army Corps cannot dump federal sand on private properties because it is illegal Link httpwwwpostandcouriercomarticle20140319PC16140319261 Article 2 Exxon Valdez oil spill 25 years later offers lessons What happened and why 25 years ago an Exxon tanker spilled 11 million gallons of oil into the Prince William Sound The cleanup efforts have been doing a great job of helping clean up the oil and repair damage in the effected areas The damage is still not 100 gone though What was the outcome 1300 miles of shoreline were damaged in the spill lt millions of wildlife creatures and harmed the environment Why was the outcome what it was Because so much oil was spilled 17 Olympic swimming pools worth it was able to spread across the surface of the water to reach land harming both land and sea animals Link httpwwwpoughkeepsiejournalcomusatodayarticle6707983


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